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  1. I have to say ive had my reservations about Kepa for some time. Yes he makes the odd good save but for 70 odd million you would be entitled to expect that. Hardly a game goes by when hes not at fault for something. For me he's on the small side for a keeper and he Does'nt govern his six yard box with much Authority, he also looks uncomfortable in possession and often puts defenders under unnecessary pressure with his distribution. Its still early days for him and he's young for a keeper so I hav'nt given up hope that he will turn things around. I do think Frank needs to bring another keeper in to add some competition though.
  2. I think there’s a fair argument that Azpi has been used to playing in a solid defence in the past and also a solid keeper. Those facts combined and the changes he’s had to adhere to have in no doubt affected his confidence, but we’re so used to his reliability we’ve almost been spoiled. Kepa fills me with zero confidence with the ball at his feet and Azpi just looks as though he doesn’t want to receive it. Perhaps when Rudi comes back he will settle a bit especially with the promising start that Emerson has made
  3. Agreed big blue, but I think you’re just asking for trouble with zonal marking full stop
  4. Dave has been a model of consistency and arguably one of the best defenders in the premiership in recent years. However his form over the last 6-12 months has left even his most avid supporters doubting him. He looks hesitant and uncomfortable in defensive areas is making mistakes that you would never normally associate with him, and his delivery going forward lately is bordering on being as bad as Brano and Moses. its difficult to keep blaming the transition back to full back but his form in my opinion has dropped dramatically to what we’ve all been accustomed to. I worry for his place in the side if things don’t improve especially with the return to fitness of Reece James. i do hope I’m wrong and we soon start to see the reliable Dave that we are all used to
  5. But the experience that you're talking about are playing poorly, CHO wont weaken the side imo
  6. We all know what side Sarri will go with tomorrow, so i'm not sure how the club expects Callum Hudson-Odoi to change his philosophy and sign a new contract. The fans want him to stay and many see him as part of the future, Willian and Pedro have done very little all season in my opinion to be keeping him out, especially Willian. Tomorrow is an ideal opportunity for Sarri to send a message out to CHO to say, yes I do trust you, show us what you can do, but alas I fear not. Very Frustrating
  7. I appreciate all that Skinnedy, but I seldom see us sell any of these continually loaned players, let alone for a profit.
  8. Agreed BlueDave, but as is the case with most Loans the parent club pay a proportion of the players wages, I just don't see the point with players that have little chance of coming to Fruition at Chelsea. We're not just talking about a few players here, there are many like Piazon. I don't mean to sound callous but it just seems a waste of resources to me.
  9. Apologies if this has been done before but im fairly new. I see that Lucas Piazon is reportedly on his way to Reims on Loan after spending the past 2 seasons at Fulham. Why do the club persist with this policy of loaning players season after season? Presumably it costs the club, as his wages have to be paid and he is still a Chelsea player. No Disrespect to Piazon, but at 24 is he ever going to be a first team regular at Chelsea having made just 3 appearances in the years that he has been at the club? Of course he's not the only player being used like this, How is it beneficial to our Club?
  10. Very excited about the damage these two could cause this season, looked bang on eachothers wavelength on Saturday.
  11. I also thought Barkley done well tonight, and competition for places can only be healthy, be good to RLF put himself in the mix too
  12. Thought he looked real Quality when he came on, looking forward to him linking up with Hazard this season. If we play like we did tonight for much of the season I don't think anyone will have any complaints. Need to Address some obvious defensive frailties but in possession we looked slick and threatening. Very Pleasing.
  13. Love Hazard, but until he can show his form on big stages like tonight, he will always be in the shadow of Messi and Ronaldo. I would have put my house on him having a quiet game tonight.
  14. I remember going to this game, I went on a coach with the Oxford Supporters Branch, I think Speedie scored for us, we stopped off in Ripon for a few beers on the way home and on returning to the coach found that the windows had been bricked in from the back halfway down to the front. F****** freezing on the way home. Great day out though and amazing atmosphere.
  15. Agreed, playing him as a false 9 completely nullifies his threat. Hazard is, and always will be a threat from deep wide areas. Its no coincidence that he suddenly comes into a game(that we've started without a striker) when a striker is brought on and he reverts to his naturel role. It baffles me why Conte persists with this formation even though he has admitted himself that he has made a mistake going with it. Surely the best option against City would have been to go 3-5-2 with Hazard playing just off Morata, as we did to great effect away to Madrid.
  16. For me, everything hinges on the successor to Conte as to whether Hazard Stays. He will be incredibly hard to replace so we need to go to great lengths to try and persuade him to stay, and that requires buying quality players to supplement him,we are a one trick pony, there's far too much being placed on his shoulders.
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