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  1. Although I love my Club unconditionally, The fortunes of our national side is massive for me, hence why im fairly disgruntled at the fact that Southgate remains in charge of possibly the most promising group of players we have had for some time. What are your thoughts of Mourinho as national coach? I feel his best days are behind him as a domestic coach, he doesn't seem to be able to get that week in week out consistency that was the hallmark of his teams. However, his ability to focus on a particular match and get the desired result still remains in my opinion, and given the time he will get to prepare between matches for England I think there could be a good case to argue for him as National coach. Having said that, im not sure the Bullsh*t establishment that has been our Achilles heel for so many years would ever entertain it, but im interested to hear what others think.
  2. Desperate Performance, So many Poor individual Performances Chiefly from Mount, CHO, Kovacic, Giroud etc, etc Not quite sure how Pulisic was awarded Man of the Match. I would be interested to see Mount's pass completion percentage, less than 20% i would say, Dreadful.
  3. No Mercy, keep up this good Run 3-4-3 Kepa Azpi Christensen Rudiger CHO Billy Kova Emerson Havertz Pulisic Werner
  4. Boom What a professional performance, everyone done their job against a tricky, unpredictable outfit. Kante was immense KTBBFH
  5. Devilishly Tricky Tie tonight, Simeone might be an Asshole but he's also a shrewd operator. 3-4-2-1 Mandy Azpi Christensen Rudiger James Kante Jorginho Alonso Havertz Werner Giroud Im not an Alonso Fan, but he holds that shape better and Chilwell has been Piss Poor of late, Also feel its not going to be a night for passengers, Hence no Pulisic or Ziyech
  6. I think you have almost answered your own question Abramovic. I find it so frustrating, we do with ease what most clubs struggle to do, play our way through the middle of the pitch to the opponents area. Then our problems begin, often the final ball is poor, or the decision making is poor. None of our wingbacks/Fullbacks can cross the ball for toffee. None of our offensive players with the exception of mount, can get a shot away, or better still get it on target. It mystifies me because the teams we play have far fewer opportunities than what we create, but the few opportunities they have they seem to hit the target. In Werner's case, he has'nt become a poor striker overnight, yes some of his finishing has been poor but he's also been a bit unlucky, he cant buy a goal at present, a similar trend seems to be starting with Havertz, but im not particularly worried about either, i think both will come good. What i am concerned about is our wastefullness when our good build up play has got us in great areas, we need to work on this in training because it has'nt just been the last few weeks its been prevalent all season.
  7. Perhaps that's what he's missing, some supporters on his case
  8. I agree 100% Longtime I have long been an admirer of players in his mould, stretching back to Tony Currie, Hoddle, Brady even Fillery, players easy on the eye. You can see that Ziyech has the ability, but I feel he needs to quicken up, he has’nt got the the time that he currently wants, especially with the current high press favoured by many teams. I agree his first touch needs to improve but also his awareness, he seems too slow to pick the pass he wants and the time he was probably afforded in the Dutch league just isn’t there in the premiership. Ive not given up but I’m worried he hasn’t got the desire or attitude to work on his deficiencies, I’d love to be proved wrong though.
  9. Poor Today, back to being wasteful final third, the final pass and decision making on so many occasions was awful. Tricky conditions no doubt but we're so much better than that. Too many players off it, Ziyech again, looks as though the Premiership is too robust for him im afraid. Never mind, perhaps it was the performance we needed to straighten the heads for Atletico KTBFFH
  10. I would'nt bet on it Just, Players like Drogs dont come round that often
  11. One of the best strikers to ever play the game. Had everything, pace, almost unplayable in the air, very skilful for a big man and scored goals. Most importantly you could bank on him in the biggest games. unbelievable player and alongside Lamps the best investment we ever made. Enjoy your retirement Big Man
  12. f**king Yes Kai, He's a player trust me
  13. On current form this season he would do well to get in Bayern’s under 23 side
  14. His introduction to the game was to continue the good work Mount was doing, to carry the ball and relieve the pressure, yet when he came on the ball was like a hot potato, most unlike him and typical of a player low in confidence. What i find confusing is why the likes of Ziyech and Pulisic keep getting game time despite their ineffectiveness yet Havertz, who arguably has both their attributes (creativity, energy, Pace) has hardly featured. I am convinced TT is sparing Havertz until he feels he's physically and mentally ready. I have said it before and will say it again, this Boy Havertz is a real player and we have to show patience with him.
  15. What has happened to Pulisic? Looks devoid of any confidence. I thought the arrival of TT would see him move to another level, unfortunately its the wrong way.
  16. Great Team performance, so many that you could vote man of the Match, Mount, Christensen, Kante, Rudiger all stood out for me. Id like to mention Timo as he's had a lot of stick from various Quarters lately, Yes predominantly his job is to score goals, but ive seen better strikers than him over the years have similar Baron spells. He cant buy a goal at the moment but he still works his socks off in any position that he's asked to play, I think he's a great addition to the club and has that one asset that will always guarantee goals. PACE. Ive no worries about him, he will get that bit of luck that has deserted him sooner or later.
  17. Great Victory, Love tucking it up them, Disappointed that Gol cant be here to share it. Argumentative but is'nt that what a forum is for to share opinions? Ultimately we all want the best for our beloved. I would like to see him given a reprieve please KTBFFH
  18. 4-5-1 Mandy James Christensen Silva Rudi Jorginho Kova Mount Havertz Pulisic Werner
  19. I agree sadly, the only way would be if Foden himself grew frustrated and sought a move
  20. 3-4-3 on the left of the attacking 3 and Mount on the other side,either side of a centre forward who can finish, possibly Haaland, Callum and Chilli as the wing backs, Havertz and a decent holding midfielder possibly Rice in the middle.
  21. Well he hasn't played the last 2 as ive got him in my fantasy team lol. Yes I appreciate he does feature fairly regularly but it must be frustrating for a young lad who consistently performs well to be left out as much as he is. Like I said Pep's got a lot of players to keep happy and im sure City wouldn't want to lose him, but we could guarantee him more games than he's currently getting. These are the types of player we should be aiming at, many would consider him out of our reach, but if we have aspirations to be on the level with City this needs to be our focus.
  22. Would give us the energy that Mount does on the other flank, currently playing 1 in 3 games if hes lucky with the amount of options City have. He needs to be playing more regularly and wouldn't be cheap, but would be a fantastic addition for us. Worth an Enquiry in the summer?
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