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  1. I’m not saying by any means that he was our poorest player that day, but by his standards it wasn’t one of his better games.
  2. Unfortunately for Billy, He didn't have his usual decent game when TT gave him a start, Cant remember who it was against(Possibly Barnsley) but his passing was unusually ragged and he was getting dispossessed a lot. Im not particularly bothered about his size, Verratti seems to cope, although id like to see him put on a bit of weight and bulk out a little, but technically he's a wonderful player for someone so young and a great prospect. Im sure he will get further opportunities.
  3. Who voted for Ziyech? What game were you watching, he was awful. Thought Christensen, Rudiger and Mount all had decent games
  4. Although i thought we looked comfortable against a dangerous Man Utd attack, i was again left frustrated by our play in the final third. One big positive for me was that our play out of defence under a high press has improved radically, players that previously looked very uncomfortable playing out now look a lot happier. We have obviously worked very hard on this in training, what we need to improve now is the transition from when we get out and progress into the attacking third. We often see a careless under hit pass or a pass behind a player that disrupts the flow, or poor decision making that allows the opposition to regain their shape and in a split second the chance to exploit has disappeared. Its so frustrating as we do nearly everything right apart from the finishing off. On the whole i was'nt too disappointed, More frustrated as i thought the game was there for us. KTBFFH
  5. He was Awful today. His supposed greatest asset is his creativity but all he done was lose possession. For me Havertz has looked a much better option, I agree he needs to toughen up but he looks a player and should be given a run in the team. Ziyech is one of these moody players we simply can’t afford, one good game five poor games.
  6. 3-5-2 Mandy Azpi Christensen Rudi CHO Kante Kov Chilli Mount Giroud Werner
  7. But he’s not a good player is he Bob? Let’s evaluate. He’s painfully slow to the point where he will never attempt to go on the outside of a full back unless that full back has his laces tied together. He’s Defensively naive, often the wrong side of the player he’s marking and often ball watching instead of concentrating on defending. Those two frailties alone mean that it’s impossible to play him in a flat four, the only reason he’s played as a wingback is that he clearly understands the position and how to play it. The trouble is, his lack of pace means he’s restricted from the offensive duties of a wing back and he only really gets way defensively because he’s partly covered by the defender behind him. On the positive side he’s reasonable in the air and can put a decent ball into the area on occasions and can be dangerous from set pieces. unfortunately, the negatives far outweigh the positives for me. Chilwell is so much better in my opinion
  8. Well that's something to be grateful for, the fact that you're not Chelsea Manager
  9. I’m sorry I totally disagree, let us not forget that he’s also Currently playing for a contract. Let us pray it’s not us that offers him one, he’s dreadful
  10. I don’t think it’s Negativity. We’ve all seen how poor he can be, there was a period last season when he was costing us week after week. He has the odd decent game in him but we won’t be winning any major trophies with him in the side
  11. I have to say im not a fan of Alonso, I think he's a liability defensively and is painfully slow. He might hold the wingback position well but he's too slow to exploit the width that his position creates and more often than not just comes back inside with a pass. To be fair to him he had one of his better games last night but moving forward with this team he's not for me.
  12. Great result I was critical before the game of Tuchel’s team selection but I’m more than happy to be proved wrong. I’ll be even more content if it happens on a regular basis, Solid team performance where everyone done their bit, I could pick holes but I’d rather just enjoy the win. Only half a job done but I’m confident we can finish these off in the return leg.
  13. Im afraid TT is already testing my patience. If he continues to pick Alonso then he can f**k off sharpish. The Bloke is absolute liability. What's Chilwell done wrong? Did he sh*t on Tuchel's desk on his first morning?
  14. With regards to Havertz, I think this "injury" is a smoke screen. I think TT knows what a good player he is and has seen how he's struggled so far in England. Rather than keep playing him and draining his confidence i think he's told him to work on building his strength up and work on the aspects of his game that have led him to struggle in the Premiership. I was reading an article where TT was speaking about him and he highlighted what naturel ability the lad has but that he cant rely on that alone to survive at his tender age in the English game. He needs to work on his weaknesses. Since that interview he has'nt played a game, so fingers crossed we see a different Havertz when he returns.
  15. Disappointing result today, and by far the worst performance so far under TT. What frustrates me more than anything is when we get to the final third or inside the area, our decision making and final pass is so poor. It does'nt seem to matter what player is on the ball, the end product is always the same. Surely if i notice this then the Chelsea Coaching staff must see it? Im so f**ked off with us getting in great areas only to hit the first defender, or a lazy pass goes astray, or picking the wrong option. Im sure most other teams can only dream of gettting in the areas we consistantly get in to.
  16. Kante for me. Mount was very average first half, Kante won countless tackles.
  17. Agreed, I was glad when i had to miss the second half to go to work
  18. Garbage But a great learning brief for TT as he gets a taste of how poor some of our players are now that his Honeymoon period is over.
  19. I agree, Alonso is a painful example of a professional footballer. Incompetent defensively and painfully slow. People say that he plays the wingback position well, provides width and keeps the shape. That's all very well but his lack of pace completely nullifies the good positions he receives the ball in, he cant go on the outside because he's too slow so unless he receives the ball in acres of space for him to exploit, his only option is to go square or backwards. There's absolutely no chance that he's a better option than either Chilwell or Emerson and the sooner TT sees that the better. We should have put Newcastle to the Sword last night, instead we looked satisfied with an average first half performance and a 2-0 victory. Too many players looked disinterested second half and TT could'nt possibly have been satisfied with what he was witnessing.
  20. For me Alonso is dreadful and a liability defensively. Even going forward from wing back he's very limited because he has no pace and the opposing defender knows that he's not going to try the outside, unless of course the defender is a hedgehog. I appreciate and respect TT for giving him opportunities but Chilwell is a far better option even given his recent poor form.
  21. Still very early days for TT i appreciate that, but another very mediocre performance against a side that offered absolutely nothing. First half was ok, good tempo to the passing, still not taking enough shots on goal for my liking, and our delivery from wide areas in and around the box is still very poor. Second half was just a mess. Highlighted by consolidating substitutions, James for CHO and Kante for Mount. Newcastle were so poor but we just seemed happy to go through the motions second half rather than put them to the sword. Good performances from Kovacic and Werner, thought Callum was lively first half, defensively we did'nt do much wrong against very little threat, the rest were average at best.
  22. He's a luxury Player Does'nt do the defensive side, and furthermore doesn't WANT to do it. His range of passing is excellent but just lately we're not seeing it and he's been very disappointing. You can tell what sort of game he's going to have after his first few touches. Once we see the REAL Havertz there wont be room for him in my opinion
  23. I didn't imply that they all backstabbed him, just that the players ive mentioned in my opinion downed tools, There's a difference. I cant prove that Jorginho was responsible for anything, its just my opinion, so don't piss your pants
  24. Kovacic, Azpi, CHO, Rudiger Although I will say in Callum's defence that I thought on more than one occasion he was harshly left out by Lampard after what I perceived as good performances
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