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  1. I have been so off on these this season... Chelsea 2 - 0 Fu Pulisic 44'
  2. Have we signed this old, geriatric f**k yet?
  3. Would like to see our typical back 5 start this one... Mendy | James Zouma Silva Chilwell | Kova Mount | CHO Havertz Ziyech | Werner Driving to Montana during the game. Last time this happened we got walloped so you know... blame me
  4. I’m enjoying these commentators giving the referee grief for falling over
  5. Morecambe actually gonna be able to field a squad for this match?
  6. They had no contingency plan for when this was obviously going to happen? They didn't think that a highly contagious virus - with no known vaccine at the time - wasn't going to throw a huge wrench in the operation at some point? I'd like to think that they would have potential contingency plans available, but the talk I am hearing doesn't sound like it.
  7. Don't think Lampard Out is the answer. Can't just fire the manager every time there is a bad 3 week spell like we have in the past
  8. These were the two substitutions I wanted to see... Come on then!
  9. Maybe with CHO and Pulisic back in the team we can see Werner play in the middle of the two
  10. We're a completely different team with Pulisic in the squad. Just need to wrap him in bubble wrap and store him in a cryogenic chamber between matches
  11. We need to take care of these bastards - pressure Luiz and Willian into mistakes. Frustrate Xhaka - if he is even eligible to play - into making stupid decisions and lash out. Let's send these losers into a proper relegation battle
  12. We should probably consider giving the points back to the premier league
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