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  1. I find it hard to imagine that he would want to come to England, Real Madrid will probably sign him.
  2. Can't see anything wrong with this, if you want professionalism this is pretty much a normality. Who cares about who leaked it...
  3. Speaking of tennis, it's a big game tonight, Djokovic vs Federer!
  4. Yea so we will see in that case a pressing game from Man City where someone will need to find an opening with a more direct approach, and we will need to be totally focused on pressing them as soon as they come to our half and not before. If this works then we wouldn't need to change much at, like in the Cup last time, but if they score first I'm afraid it will be up to Frankie to solve the game...Jorghy, Kovacic, Pulisic and even Willian can get an easy assist if things go right.
  5. The problem that can hurt us is that the midfield trio in the last third wouldn't be potent enough. My idea is that we score first and then play more defensive, Mount can do his role in the first half, then comes in Kovacic and we would look more stable with the ball and in defensive tasks.
  6. Kepa James Zouma Tomori Emerson Kante Jorginho Willian Mount Pulisic Abraham /60' Mount off Kovacic in
  7. Along with being the second best scorer so far, he's at the top of the list when it comes to big chances missed, had he scored all of those he would have 20 goals in the league already. Considering this is his first season, he looks like he could explode in the future and become a very consistant scorer with 30+ goals in all competitions regularly.
  8. It was very clear that we got a new star in world football, in the making, a very obvious big talent for the future joined us, it just took him a few months to get into it. This wouldn't have been our reality if that bold transfer move wasn't made at that particular time, now it's some new exciting history in the making. Marina Granovskaia is probably a grandmaster in chess or something because that epic move to sign Christian at the nick of time was amazing, totally out of the blue. I'm very grateful that amazing people like her and Frankie are on top of things, in their respective roles. Without the good things happening in the background, there wouldn't be that much to see on the pitch. In more than 8 years we will know just how much this transfer impacted the club, for now Pulisic has a lot of room for improvement and a lot of pure attacking skills at the ready.
  9. A.Cole is probably one of the best signings overall, not only by looking at the fee but also when you put in context that he was a part of the Arsenal's invicibles, his whole transfer saga and the fact that he's a domestic player. Today to get such a player with/for such a price, and from a rival, simply impossible.
  10. We should focus on full backs and wingers. So hopefully Liverpool doesn't sign him.
  11. Well maybe I'm biased but I would welcome this fella with open arms to the club. IMO Pulisic and him would rip apart defenders, sure he isn't as tall as Tammy but he looks really strong and agressive.
  12. Well, I might be very wrong but they should feel more pressured than we. Another loss would frustrate them a lot and as the back to back champions they simply can't lose against two rivals in a row. We are a bit carefree this season anyway.
  13. Pep shaking his head, Jose thinking how funny it would have been if they canceled the goal and awarded City the penalty instead...

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