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  1. His country has probably the best football fans in the world...
  2. Well I think that after his CL game he looks like a nice talent that we should keep. If we are to buy anyone we must sell either Kante or Jorginho, otherwise Ampadu will most likely go on loan again.
  3. He has always played this same position, it's called box-to-box midfielder. Our style has changed, we have a lot more possession and Kante has been running forward, pressing much more in comparison to Jorginho and Kovacic so he's mostly encouraged to play in this way.
  4. There is basically no problem with our midfield, part from Kante having some injuries this season. Next season add Ampadu, RLC...we're fine.
  5. Bayern fans are very confident after trashing all other London clubs they want to humiliate us the most now...
  6. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2020/02/23/chelsea-transfer-news--hakim-ziyech-agrees-personal-terms?_branch_match_id=760419901038994635
  7. De Bruyne is the best midfielder in the whole league, his stats also prove it. But he's not a deep lying midfielder he plays higher up and is making the end product, obviously Man City is scoring a lot more goals, shooting a lot more they have a more developed system but you do see Rodri in this seasons passing stat, he's higher than Jorginho, he plays his role, and Pep wanted a player like that, he got him in Rodri. So the argument that a team in this league can't win with a player like that is invalid, Pep wanted a player like that. My argument is that Jorginho has been a good player overall from the moment he came here, nothing more.
  8. Fact is Jorginho made this team work last season. No CB passed more, not even when it was super obvious that Jorginho must be marked. I understand fully what the stat means, which is why I can also see it as a good indication of how important a player is and how hard it must be to put up those numbers for two years in a row.
  9. Why don't you simply check it yourself, Jorginho is at the top with all players included, if he could transform a team like that in his first season why isn't there anyone else at the top? You think it's all luck and minutes that it's mostly Jorginho and CBs up there?
  10. And where are the other midfielders then? Where is your argument? Stop trying to diminish anything that you have no answer for, just because you dislike him it doesn't prove jack!
  11. I find if odd how when I talk about a fact, e.g. Pep was about to buy Jorginho it's somehow seen as whatever because Fernandinho is more physical...Mate he might be but if Pep wanted Jorginho that whole argument is dead before it started. Last season basically a bunch of CBs and Jorginho as the top passer This season Pep found a player like Jorginho, Rodri is the only other midfielder at the top, coincidence? I think not. Check mate. The implications here are obvious, there is no need to futher argue about this.
  12. Player-wise, the most important player for the squad when it came down to changing the entire style of play, from a counter-attacking, low possession squad to an attractive attacking team.
  13. He would have been known as the next Xavi if he had chosen to play under Pep, we're very lucky to have him. Jorginho and Kovacic are starting to make a good partnership now, thus the comparison Xavi-Iniesta.
  14. Obviously Jorginho does much more than his stats show. Last season the only reason why he didn't have any assists was due to the poor strikers in front there was a video about it, this last game his pass solved the game basically but he didn't get an assist either because Giroud's first shot got saved. I don't see any valid argument against Jorginho, you obviously missed last season or something.

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