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  1. 4 hours ago, The Don Antonio said:

    Nothing against Lukaku but i prefer our more fluid and dynamic attack without him. We are too predictable with a Focal point especially a focal point that rarely makes off the ball runs and hardly presses the defenders. ( That was something i appeciated in Diego Costa). I really wish Pulisic was healthy but if CHO doesn't take his chance now with the opening in attack then he never will.



             Christensen    Silva       Rudiger

    James      Kovacic         Jorginho        Chilwell

            Mount          Havertz         CHO


    I would just rest T.Silva here, give Chalobah or Sarr an extra experience point. Save T.Silva for the Leicester, Juve, ManU games.

  2. 2 hours ago, axman2526 said:

    Took a risk against the Swedish Milwall, cost us Lukaku for that horrible tackle, second red not called by the useless ref (first being the leg breaker Kante got really lucky with).

    We are lucky only Lukaku got done by those thugs, could have easily lost Kante, Jorgi and others too. Wasted our best players against that rabble.

    Some believe they belong to Denmark! 

  3. On 19/10/2021 at 21:50, axman2526 said:

    Just actually feel confident in us to play a good game and scored a few goals, as I do tomorrow. Now admittedly most of the time the team decide to show up like they have had an all night lock in at the dog and duck most of the time when I do feel so... so maybe you all best predict a Norwich win or draw in Zetas thread. 

    Telling you all now I am either picking 4-0 or 5-0 in that one, depending on how good we look tomorrow, Werner first scorer. Heard it hear first.

    Unless we once again help out the team that needs a whole lot of help... I agree though, should be all easy wins all the way till we play Leicester, Juventus, Man United.

  4. 9 hours ago, Deino said:

    Jose won the league with 2-0's and 1-0's. Conte also won the league doing something similar. You will have mad runs of scoring 3-0's and 4-0's sometimes but we've already seen that from this team this season already. 

    The second season was when Utd won an absurd amount of penalties. He scored 9 penalties last season and 4 penalties the season before. He's a good player still but how is Kai even close to producing Bruno's end product to build a team around him. 

    Plenty of goals but also plenty of huge losses. Under Sarri, we lost to Bournemouth 4-0 and City 6-0, conceded 39 goals that season and nowhere near City and Liverpool, the gap was 25points. In Lamps' first season we conceded 54 goals and we barely scraped top 4 last season. Our defence is at least looking solid now.

    Say we switch to 4231/433, only difference is we swap Azpi/James/Chalobah for Havertz. Will it really change our attacking play that much? The 433/4231 relies heavily on the forwards to win individual battles. If our strikers had won their battles in the first place then we wouldn't even be debating about styles of play

    I don't believe that we can win the league playing like this, there is not a single attacker right now that is performing good for us. We already looked strange in that regard prior to the international break and nothing has changed. I don't mind losing if we win more games and win them convincingly in the long run but our defense is a false sense of security right now, Brentford had a few clear-cut chances and hit the post twice.

    Pep bought Grealish and he's making stuff happen, Klopp has Salah that creates chances, we don't have anyone right now, you first use the player in the best possible way and then you get the end product out of him, not vice-versa. This is the thing, at least Kai has an excuse because he was used in every possible position according to what was needed so naturally he won't be able to perform at the same level while being told to go from one side to the other and then back. Lukaku isn't getting any service, Werner is the same from last season and Mount has been missing in action so far.

    Our best attacker is Dave because he creates a goal per match, I hope that wasn't the plan because he only puts in a few crosses per game and that's enough for him to contribute the most.

    In any case, our expectations are not the same as before, specially not after winning the CL. Sarri's point was to go away from Conte's style and reduce the gap from Man City and Lampard just needed to secure top 4 in his first season.

    As soon as Conte stopped getting the results nobody was happy with him, I bet that you would also change your opinion as soon as we were to lose a couple of games playing like this, suddenly it won't matter that we had a pretty stable defense overall. I guess I don't need to remind that Conte was also trying to make sure that our defense doesn't concede goals and that didn't help him in the long run.

  5. 2 hours ago, axman2526 said:

    Midweek Wednesday or Tuesday game, early Saturday or later Sunday or playing on the moon does not make a difference here. 

    It is not City, or Liverpool, or even Brentford. It is Norwich, they are garbage and we are playing at home.

    Even if Anthony Taylor is the ref we should be thrashing them or there is something seriously wrong with our players attitudes.

    A positive outlook for a game in a sea of negative ones... Not sure what are you trying to accomplish here mister axman...

    Ron Burgundy No GIF

  6. 46 minutes ago, Bob stark said:

    Conte and Sarri both like circuit football but Conte circuit football is far more complete. Sarri football on the other hand is just too strict for top level footballer. 

    In Hazard era, it was all about Hazard. Every managers buit their team around him because he was by far our best player. The problem with Hazard was the guy could take season off. So it was pretty much good season followed by bad sesson and the pattern continued. Hence the team performance kinda followed the same pattern. 


    That makes no sense. I'm sure that Conte is far more strict and rigid than Sarri in most aspects of the game, and far less tolerant.

    You keep sayin that Sarri is too strict for a top level footballer but then right after you say how it was all about Hazard, if Sarri really is a bad coach towards top players how in the world did Hazard manage to have his best season? How did Kante manage to score the most goals in a season for Sarri as well? How did RLC score 10 goals that season, Pedro 13, if Sarri is too strict for top level footballers? You will never be able to take away the influence of a manager.

  7. 1 hour ago, Bob stark said:

    Sarri played something called circuit football. You basically played with certain pattern, that was why we looked very2 good early and once team understood our pattern it was so easy to defend and we were playing snoozefest football. 

    There is a reason why Sarri struggled big time with us and Juventus. It is easy to give strict instructions to middle tier player but you can't give strict instructions to top players. 


    That's what coaching does, that means that Sarri managed to change the way our squad played. All good managers make their teams play with a certain pattern, if you don't see anything that changed it means the manager isn't really having any particular style. How long does it take for Tuchel to set a pattern of our attacking phase because I haven't really seen us attack that well in the recent games at all? 

    We finished top 3 and won Europa League, that's not struggling if you ask me. He failed to win the CL with Juventus, which others have done as well and honestly the squad of Juventus lacked some balance, I think it still does even if we lost against them recently but for example Sarri is now at Lazio which should be a worse team than Juventus and Sarri should be a worse manager compared to Allegri but they have the same amount of points right now.

    I still think that Tuchel did an amazing job last season when he took over, he focused on being defensively good as he had no time to focus on other areas and it worked, but now we're looking at Tuchel after having a full pre-season as well and the team isn't improving. We are not conceding goals but our defending has relied upon the post and Mendy in order to accomplish the current defensive stats.

  8. 13 hours ago, Bob stark said:

    Our offense under Sarri was horrific, slow, sterile possession until Hazard decide it is time to play football and if we concede first we almost always lose

    Sarri changed the way we played radically so it took some time for our squad to learn that style of football. But that season at the very start we had in the first 5 matches 5 wins and went on to have a 12 game undefeated run. We also had more wins and a better goal difference in comparison to the last 2 seasons. Sarri got the best out of Hazard, Pedro, Kante and others when you see their attacking contribution, many players either had their best season attack-wise or equalled their best attacking season while they were in our club.

    So don't tell me that we can't play a different style of football or that it can't work. 


  9. 2 hours ago, Sindre said:

    Lampard sacrificed our solidity which was Deinos point.

    And he definitly couldn't make it work with our current crop of attackers (bar Lukaku) either. We all thought it was a great window back then but when it's come to performances not one of the attackers we have bought have consistently delivered.

    Perhaps it will become clear we need a real revamp of our attacking options. Right now it's looking that way but thing can obviously change in an instant. But Tuchel is anyhow just at the very start of his Chelsea chapter and have only signed one player. It will obviously take some time before he's built our attack the way he wants it to be.




    I think that it matters how to instruct the team to play. We can't say that Lampard couldn't make it work but that Sarri only made it work because he had Hazard, that argument just doesn't work.

    Yes we signed just 1 player but that 1 player had 24 goals and 10 assists and won one of the top 5 leagues prior to coming here, that was a signing for about 100m. I mean if we are really going to play like this do we even need an elite striker or attacker in the future? What's the point of buying top talents if we are going to waste them away? Our best creators so far in the league had been Dave who made more than one goal-creating-action per game and that makes him the only defender in the top 5 when it comes to that kind of action, Kovacic has the highest amount of shot-creating-actions in our squad in total and he's not even close to top 5 in the league at that. Tuchel must get our attackers more involved.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Deino said:

    Then we should sack Tuchel and bring in a new manager. Clearly Tuchel won't change his style of play this late in the game. 

    Leverkusen were 5th that year and Utd's board are lenient as feck plus Bruno kept them relevant through penalties that season, that was even more unsustainable.

    You add this to the fact that our board doesn't give managers time to complete projects. They demand excellence every year or get sacked,  so building a team around Havertz now is too late considering the major overhaul we need to do unless we got brutally spanked a la Conte 2016/17. 

    Tell me, how a 433/4231 change now would immediately make our attackers score 10-0 without sacrificing our solidity? Lamps did it and failed, Sarri did it and he got us 3rd with peak Hazard in the team. 

    He won't keep his job either if he really believes that we can win every game 1:0 either, it takes a good manager to use a good attacker and Tuchel has a good attacking squad on paper.

    Bruno came in January and in 14 PL appearances he had 8 goals and 7 assists. Second season 37 games 18 goals and 11 assists. Clearly it's not just about him taking penalties.

    Lampard managed to do well in his first season we scored plenty of goals. Sarri too.

  11. 57 minutes ago, Deino said:

    Havertz is too inconsistent at the moment. Had he burst onto the scene like Messi or any of the Ronaldos, then maybe managers would have confidence in building the team around him. 

    He doesn't play like an Özil, he plays like a poor man's version of Thomas Muller right now. 

    I have yet to see this brilliant passer from him but I have seen some flashes of world class brilliance from his movement.


    That's also due to the fact that he gets played in different positions a lot too. At Leverkusen he was mainly the AM at the middle of the pitch and his manager gave him the freedom to do what he does best and that's why we went to sign him.

    OGS kept his job for this long because he bought Fernandes and simply put him in the middle of the pitch, it didn't matter what other stars he had in the team at all. And that player single-handedly prolonged that position that OGS has. Özil and Muller kept playing in the middle of the pitch, Kai gets shifted from right to left and our back 3 formation simply doesn't fit for our attackers that much.

    1 shot on target against Brentfort, by the full-back and that won us the game. You can tell me whatever you want but that isn't sustainable, it's not going to work in every game. Also you say that he is too inconsistent but so is every other attacker at this point, so is Lukaku, so is Mount, so is Werner.

  12. 1 hour ago, FargoFargo said:

    You may not know but Kai Havertz was formerly playing as a 10 and play maker, he was then more or less transformed into a support striker but his biggest strength is his vision and passing ability and therefor is best when he has movement in front of him. The team would lose stability with a real 10 though, no matter who would play this position. I am with Tuchel, I don't believe that a bit more creativity would be worth the less stability.

    Sadly our managers don't build their team around Havertz.

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