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  1. White socks have been good when we played vs black socks so hopefully this mini tradition will continue against Leicester in the FA Cup final.
  2. I agree with all that and I have said this myself a couple of times in different threads - Gilmour has the playstyle similar to Kovacic so all 3 of them are at their best while having more freedom either with the ball or like in Kante's case just to roam and read the game. I would go for Ndidi for example and let them fight for the starting lineup because part from Jorginho we lack a classical DM. I honestly believe that Werner can improve his finishing and Havertz and Pulisic will only get better so if it was me I would prioritize a new world class CB whoever that might be and a DM like
  3. I agree, I only meant it from the position in which we have been for the whole previous month or more where every game looked like a must win game.
  4. This is not a must win, finally some pressure is off but it would be really nice to win anyway since it's a derby.
  5. The board did make a few decisions without caring to talk to Conte so I hope this doesn't happen with Tuchel even if he doesn't even have 50% of the temper and attitude like Conte and even if he's more aware of everything around him. It would benefit everyone to simply do what Man City does - identify the ideal target and then do whatever it takes to get him. If we manage to find a world class CB for next season we could fight for the PL title judging from how Tuchel has done so far. Without a proper replacement for T.Silva we are in a huge risk to take a step back and it will be hard to
  6. Good that he's aware of the fact that he had some issues with the bosses of his previous club and that he clearly doesn't want to repeat that. Though if he and his team has some ideas how to improve the squad the board should listen to them, there must be a good communication between the two if this is going to work. The big thing for the summer is to find a new CB once T.Silva leaves, that is essential for the next season and without it we won't be as good.
  7. Decent is not enough though. If we want to play a 4 backline we do need a proper CB for that system and our current players haven't been good enough without T.Silva.
  8. Looks like he's going to be on the bench in another CL final.
  9. Man United giving Leicester 3 points for free there doesn't matter and it actually goes in our favor if they beat Liverpool with their best team. The best possible scenario for us is to secure the top 4 as soon as possible so that our squad can prepare for the CL final.
  10. In other news, Messi fans are basically crying on social media about how Messi could have won a PL title with Man City and how he would have played the CL final if he had changed teams
  11. I also thought that the club didn't treat Lampard right, the board showed no patience at all. As soon as the team started to underperform he was sacked so I wouldn't want the same thing to happen to Tuchel if a similar month of bad results comes next season either. But that decision did turn things around so the board's fast reaction to sign up Tuchel after he was suddenly available proved to be the right move. Even so I don't think that the board knew just how much exactly we were underperforming, my guess is that nobody expected the team to reach the CL final either. So I hope that the
  12. Jorginho is the only player in the Champions League this season with 25+ Tackles and 25+ Interceptions. He is also the only midfielder to have 25+ Interceptions in the Champions League since the 2016/17 season.
  13. He was the first choice for PSG but he asked for a big salary so Poch got the job, what was also reported was that he didn't want to come back to Juventus and that he would like to be in the PL, mainly at Arsenal... at least that's what was reported.
  14. Reports say AC Milan really want to buy him.
  15. They were chasing the CL and deemed Allegri not good enough in order to win it. Now they found themselves in a huge risk of not even being in the CL to begin with, they were so desperate thinking that Pirlo would do a Zidane for them as if it happens all the time... They could have taken our recipe, sack Sarri mid-season and then put Pirlo
  16. What's important is basically what @Argo said, give Gilmour some more minutes e.g. vs Arsenal just so that he's more used to being in the mix because he might even get involved in the CL Final. Forget the past, Tuchel's man management has been great and when it was really needed to rotate, Gilmour got to start and not against any team but against the best team in the league so that can be seen as a statement, that Tuchel trusts wee Billy.
  17. Azpilicueta would have done the same because of what? This sounds pretty stupid to me, judge the individual don't label Dave with some random stereotype, he might not be like the stereotype at all he's our captain and far more mature than Sterling, I don't think he would have faked being slapped on his eye...
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