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  1. We are the Blue Fortress. Nobody can score against us while the ball is in open play.
  2. I think that it's not outside of the realm of possibility that we can win the league if we win every match 1:0. Thank you for your attention.
  3. Still 1 shot on target, from the LB that scored...
  4. He was but he was also still very young. The hopes were that he gets away from that and becomes a great winger, even Ronaldo was a skinny kid when he came to the PL but he worked a lot on his physique. This is still possible I think but it's up to him.
  5. Those are some known people to me too, Khalid, Benson and that CFCdaily twitter account... I guess it's impossible to not think about the ref ahead of this game, he loves his Manchester and has been controversial against us already too many times. Still I hope that there is another reason why he was given this game, to show that he is not biased against us, at the expense of poor Brentford, just so that he can later on continue with his usual behavior.
  6. I go with experience to get the win since Chalobah is young and Rudiger and T.Silva are out. Basically this is the strongest lineup I could think of unless you want to put in Alonso instead of Chilwell.
  7. In that case swap Jorginho and Kante, Dave can do a decent job on the left too but I know he's primarily on the right.
  8. I believe that Chilwell and Mount on the left are good to help out Chalobah when we don't have the ball and Werner starts ahead of Kai since he played well in the previous game.
  9. I believe it will happen, specially since he got another game with us after we many fans were very vocal about him. The league will want to set the record straight and he will give us a penalty.
  10. Mendy Azpilicueta Christensen Chalobah Jorginho Kante James Chilwell Werner Mount Lukaku
  11. A player can do all that while still not ready to play a pro match yet...
  12. Drinkwater will be delighted as a new magpipe
  13. He needs to hit the gym and build up some muscle, otherwise he won't last in this league.
  14. If he had better finishing he would have had 2 goals in the first half against Man City in the CL final and probably more than 10 goals in the PL last season as well. He wasn't really known for his epic technical ability prior to signing, he was known as a goal scorer.
  15. I'm not sure about that, I think he scored most of his goals in his last season while on counter-attacks, many of which he was the one running with the ball. But I really don't know.
  16. Werner had in 17/18, 21 goals in 45 games. 18/19, 19 goals in 37 games. 19/20, 34 goals in 45 games. That's 0.58 goals per game for the last 3 seasons he spent in Leipzig without counting any assists at all. Last season he had 0.23 goals per game. He went from being a red bull with wings predator to a kitten. We don't play like Liverpool part from trying to press and win the ball back in the opposition half. We focus on being stable in defense and attacking is an afterthought.. Werner was never clinical, his main point was to constantly get into chances, Salah also misses a lot of chances but he gets into many and scores anyway, in fact last season Salah missed more big chances than Werner in the league and Mane had the same amount of big chances missed but both of them scored 10+ goals while Werner had only 6 goals in 35 games. Right now he has 1 goal in 6 PL games, continuing the same trend.
  17. Well I think that Havertz also has a good work rate, just that people don't see it because he doesn't have the pace like Werner. At 21 he won us the CL title and this season he isn't that much worse when you compare him to most of our other attackers and we're not putting him where he should be while everyone else is getting played at their main position most of the time.
  18. By that logic our club had failed the moment we bought anyone from Bundesliga including Pulisic and Werner. Can't just stop at Havertz there.
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