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  1. Their best move is getting Pochetino that would then manage to get Kane to go with him. They solve the manager problem and get a goal scorer that they lack ever since Ronaldo left. As a bonus Spuds wouldn't know who to turn to which would be great.
  2. Well it doesn't, and Hazard is not a player that can produce the amount of goals that Ronaldo did anyway, for Real Madrid it would be logical to search for someone like Kane or Icardi that can score a lot of goals. The problem is that they would need to rebuild a big part of their squad as many are older now, part from a few like Varane and Casemiro and such...so investing so much in Hazard that has maybe 3 top seasons in him wouldn't make sense.
  3. This is why it would be bitter if he leaves. He is a legend of the club but these years 27-29 are his peak years and last year he had no real support in attack similar to his own level but at the national level he captained Belgium to the third place finish at the World Cup which is a big deal, Belgium didn't need any freaking penalties luck to progress and they lost to the champions France. I can only imagine how dangerous would the attack look if he stays, Pulisic that excels on the right side and loves to dribble and Hazard on the left would be very hard to play against.
  4. He had a good game against Nottingham Forest though, should have had 2 assists.
  5. Hudson-Odoi made 2 crosses in 1 game which Willian didn't produce this whole season so far. Clearly Willian should be on the bench and Hazard,Pedro and Hudson-Odoi should get playtime.
  6. That's a bit exaggerated to say the least, Hazard got along with him pretty well, what exactly is Morata doing outside of the 6 yard box other than missing open goals?
  7. I don't understand why the last few managers just gave up on Michy right away but somehow they see a lot in Morata or Higuain.
  8. This is why Kepa,Pulisic,RLC,CHO are our new dynasty players, the potential is massive there.
  9. That is only relevant if Pulisic is not injured and not inconsistant. The board is the best in Europe when it comes to signing bench players, our squad has now plenty, but not all got to shine, Pulisic to Chelsea is a great move for him personally, for Dortmund and lastly Chelsea can relax thinking that after older wingers such as Pedro and Willian are done there is Pulisic to take over so everyone is happy with this move, the sponsorship is the least relevant thing.
  10. I hope this means Hazard will stay as well.
  11. Chelsea board is the best in Europe when it comes to buying benched players (Kovacic,Morata), Pulisic is the best of the bench that have the talent. Worst case scenario is Pulisic being as inconsistant as Willian.
  12. Great potential, great signing as now we can build a new generation with Kepa,Pulisic,RLC,CHO.
  13. This Willian fanboy getting annoying... Ok mate believe in what you want million people got it all wrong only you know everything I get it Willian is the best player game in game out according to you...lol
  14. I have been fearing this for months now. Can't think of anything worse that can happen to this current squad, sure it would be sad if Hazard leaves but this home grown talent is also priceless, nobody would be crazy enough to let him go even in football manager let alone real life... In practice, to let go of a talent like this is done by poor clubs in poor countries that simply sell anything that is of any value, I would be mindblown if Chelsea sells him. Why all the fuss about the academy then, if all the talent is either sold for nothing or wasted on loans forever and never g
  15. Multiple sources said that Barcelona indeed wanted Willian but that Chelsea didn't want to sell. Even Willian said that his future was unsure at the time. Saying that all rumors are invented is just as ridiculous as saying that all are true. Rumors about players joining months before they actually joined is enough proof that some were real, but to think that just because a transfer didn't happen that there was no activity is being silly.
  16. Willian to Barcelona was a real bid many sources reported that, and since Chelsea signed Michy for 40m it's maybe realistic that Dortmund offered the same amount so that Chelsea gets back their invested money. Hazard to Real Madrid is real as well and not even a secret. Just because it didn't happen it doesn't mean there was nothing there.
  17. Willian and Batshuayi looked real enough, missed opportunities.
  18. They do see that Willian is poor but because of the lack of trust for Morata/Giroud and Hudson-Odoi, Willian is still getting decent minutes, also while he is missing a clear cut chance almost every game the fact that he is getting into chances alone does help his case. Crazy how Willian has had problems, playing at the World Cup and while he looks dangerous nothing happens and then Costa comes in and the whole attack lights up for Brazil. Willian for me has always had the world class quality because of his speed and technique but ever since he acted badly towards Conte I changed my
  19. Yes he's a left back and Bayern don't mind to pay 80m. Recent thing I saw is that Crystal Palace wants to splash 40m euroes on Jovic.
  20. If the board on top of everything manages to lose Hudson-Odoi next season we might as well not play with any wingers at all...
  21. Yea you're right the club refused that big offer and wanted even more...
  22. I never needed to change my opinion, we should have sold him in the summer when someone was crazy enough to offer 40m for him.
  23. Is there any comparison to other clubs from the league, that would point to how the club is really standing compared to the rivals?
  24. Hazard reminds me a bit of Henry at this point...by far the best player that maybe wants a new challenge and that looks bigger than the whole squad.
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