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  1. T.Silva the legend also watches just like us mortals
  3. That is simulating and a yellow card so Sterling should be sent off.
  4. I don't think he had a bad game and it's not because he scored. He was trying to pass the ball and to be more direct and he had another shot from distance that was saved so he kind of made the best attacking sequences for us this game. In comparison Werner has been more in offside than prime Inzaghi in this game...
  5. Werner needs to go off he's had enough of this game. Not good enough yet that much is clear, hopefully he'll do better in the CL Final.
  6. James has been really good, sadly no follow up from anyone after his runs.
  7. He just needs to improve his finishing... If he can do that for next season he'll come good.
  8. Despite that you see how Pep is playing Sterling, Aguero and Jesus at the same time while having a very strong defensively oriented midfield and it's working, we're looking like we're playing under Sarri and trying to "work our way" into the final third and then nothing. It's at the very least good for us to have a game like this where we are trying to score while being a goal behind but we're very much similar to Man City in terms of quality, the other difference is an individual blunder by Christensen (not even close to his first time either).
  9. This particular tactic that Pep has in this match looks pretty new to me so it's maybe something that Tuchel can use to further make us tighter in defense as well.
  10. I'm hoping for something and in these things it can go both ways we will show something for them so they should show something for us to pay more attention to.
  11. I wonder what can Tuchel learn from this match and use it for the CL final. That's the only thing that matters right now for me, if we can use this match to have an advantage over them in the CL final because no matter what happens here we still need to win vs Leicester and Arsenal at the very least. I was against Christensen for a long time but he has done well for us overall, it's very simple if we want to beat Man City we must not have big blunders in defense so hopefully Christensen finally learns from his mistakes.
  12. Maybe it's good practice for the CL final after all.
  13. Clearly when someone else does it it's all played down but when our player does it it's hyped up and all the reactions are overblown.
  14. Can't help to think that it would have been a red if it was our player...
  15. Not sure if I have seen this current tactic of Man City before, I wonder if they are seeking to counter Tuchel's tactics and having this game as a semi-experiment for the CL final.
  16. Just a pup by day, hater of Turks by night... This is why cats > dog
  17. Man City buying wonderkids for a bag of peanuts, a part of me wants Roman to "ruin" football in the summer...
  18. He has it all, not only good natural fitness but an awareness of space and movement that is simply unreal for a 21 year old. He made that 1 big mistake (part from the shot that went low which Courtois saved) when he thought he could fly by S.Ramos, there Ramos showed some real experience not to come too close to Kai and wait till he made his move, I think he loves the big games because in smaller games he plays more simple stuff and just routine passes but vs Real Madrid you could tell he was fully willing to prove himself to the max.
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