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  1. I did start to doubt myself but just found this (I never discount the possibility that i am talking bullsh*t) On March 27th 2018 UEFA announced that they will be phasing out the cup tie rule for the Champions League and Europa League starting in the 2018-2019 season. ... This means that players can represent two different clubs in the Europa League and Champions League, but only a maximum of one player per club.
  2. I could be wrong but I am fairly sure UEFA changed the rules now so that players are not cup tied and should they transfer can play for the new team...
  3. There is that Bakayoko fella I think he plays in Italy, meant to be the next Yaya 🙂
  4. hey steady there now fella, a forum is no place for balance or reason... you have to say which HAS to play and which should be taken to the glue factory
  5. Seems to me that as we have been spoiled with probably the last 3 best keepers in the prem (carlo, bit pete, and big nose) that any drop below that level is all of a sudden the worst keeper in the world, yes Kepa has his flaws but FFS he is still a good (possibly very good) keeper better than most others on a day to day basis, yes he had a bit of poor form but the constant changing of defense in front of him coupled with the lack of a commanding CB on crosses has multiplied that. Its also made to look worse when it seems so often that the oppos keepers have their performance of the season against us (Foster/ Heaton) saving stuff they normally pick out of the net. In comparison look at Pickford at the moment looks f**king shocking and he was meant to be the best English keeper going for a long time, Pope can be hit and miss (but I do rate him)
  6. This the red scum should have had a few sent off to be honest, I hope the panel has a look at some of the afters that were going on.
  7. Back into mid table mediocrity seems about right 🙂
  8. Agreed, add to that they have a much greater depth of PL experience both on the pitch and off
  9. which is once a season 🙂
  10. Like Rooney in an OAP brothel 🙂
  11. Agree with that Kepa had the shot well covered but the deflection killed it... If we had held on for a bit longer I think they would have got increasingly frustrated and there would have been more gaps to go at in the second half.
  12. I would say the person we need in most is whoever does the scouting for Leicester... look at the players they have bought in for the fees they pay and then way their value rockets... who had heard of Kante, Mahrez or Soyuncu before they went there?

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