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  1. however what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, You could find teams in form drop off and vice versa, I found it interesting in the german league that there are far more away wins after the return than there were before. now of course this could be a coincidence that the strong teams just all happened to start away to weaker (i didnt see which matches there were just the stat) but while its clear we could be off the pace others will be in the same situation
  2. Errrr I think someone is forgetting that we now have to stand outside and clap them every week surely thats better than funding or paying them properly
  3. This is my concern, part of the problem we have though is that with the bringing through of the kids most of our old pro's are very much in the twilight of their careers so will probably move on, meaning we have very few of the "seasoned" pro's but still at their peak to offer the leadership/ mentality side of things
  4. Couldnt he find a football to use?
  5. Imagine a square hamburger made of sausage meat... staple of a a fried Scottish breakfast
  6. Was Craig Burley the last Scotsman on Chelsea? I would guess at Steve Clarke ?
  7. I would say you are overloading the left wing with the 1st team 🙂
  8. Just a thought on the shooting/ dribbling bit of that, at the start of the season he was an unknown and maybe some prem defenders thought he was a kid from the champ and afforded him a little bit more room to get his shot off/ choose the route to dribble. after seeing him for a month or so they closed him down quicker like they would a seasoned prem player. Thats where he needs to make the step up to speed up his thought process from champ to prem level. This is in no way a dig at him though it takes time to develope at the highest level and I am overall pleased with his performances.
  9. Always been the issue with prem refs IMO they try to keep everything they do secret, rather than coming out and saying sorry got that wrong i thought XYZ they just hide from any outside scrutiny happened before VAR now happens with it.
  10. I think it was because as he fell his foot came up high close to VVD's face. In fairness to VVD he was signalling to the ref to say "dont be silly play on"
  11. Me too, for me Zooms gets unfair stick as he doesnt look "Rolls Roycey" he often looks ungainly even when in full control, and that highlights when he does make errors as it doubles up the error with looking like he is always about to fall over.
  12. as much as it pains me to say it Jack doesnt deserve to be in that mini list, it was injuries that stopped him becoming one of the very best English players around.
  13. I would beg to differ re Adrian having a bad game, he made one bad mistake but made some cracking saves to stop us being out of sight, the one from Giroud was brilliant.

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