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  1. On that I think he also needs to learn when to put the early cross in, he does seem to want to get further down the line before crossing, admittedly that could be due to a lack of option in the box
  2. The problem with wish listing players to sell is that someone needs to want to buy them, for all of the suggestions here how many are we actually likely to offload?
  3. Bats strikes me though as the sort of player who is on fire during training each week, but then falls apart when needed. (this is purely speculation just a feeling) but I can see him banging them in from all angles during the week.
  4. Not sure about that as, lets be honest here they had an extra 3 month break in the year so you would expect them to be fairly rested and had time to switch off from football
  5. They are currently trialing crowd returns in county cricket, having limited number of 1500 odd etc going well
  6. In the interest of being a massive right on pedant, US MALE player 🙂
  7. TBF Obi did sign for Utd, if my memory hasnt completely gone... we just took it to court
  8. They are kinda cool I will admit, just a shame they arent written the right way round
  9. He will get plenty of time we play a hell of a lot of games and he will need to show more of what he did coming off the bench at Norwich, thats what was lacking the last few times he came off the subs. If he does that he will be able to prove he can be a starter again.
  10. I would have thought that, however the fact they are getting the trophy after the game with us makes me think they will try to up their game again to get the prize with a convincing win.
  11. Either that, or some time in the past Lamps f**ked his missus then wiped his cock on the curtains 🙂
  12. he will definitely be due a growth spurt then
  13. Jesus f**king christ.... you really dont like Lamps as a coach do you,...
  14. I dont accept that bar the top 2 the quality of the teams in the PL isnt great, I actually think its the other way round, yes Liverpool and City have been a class apart these last 2 seasons, however I think that across the board the level of the teams in the PL has improved this has meant many more upsets, there really are no teams in the league that cant spring a "surprise" win anymore.
  15. Oh come on lets not start with the whole "weak opposition" sh*t that there was after Sarri got us to 3rd the league overall is stronger than its ever been far more "lower" teams able to get results over the traditional bigger ones,

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