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  1. This is my concern, part of the problem we have though is that with the bringing through of the kids most of our old pro's are very much in the twilight of their careers so will probably move on, meaning we have very few of the "seasoned" pro's but still at their peak to offer the leadership/ mentality side of things
  2. It better to be safe then sorry
  3. Jesus wept, you really do just type in an echo chamber dont you, I get that you are using a second language (or i assume so) however you should really try to read what people have actually said rather than your internal interpretation. Yes it is a small number statistically and yes we should be able to handle it, I dont see how that is backing down from my statement or that it in anyway diminishes the fact that any deaths are horrible.
  4. You really do like to aim for the title of the Bellends Bellend, dont you, I have said that the deaths are horrible but statistically a small number. IF we get to 10,000 cases in the UK than that too will be horrible but it is still statistically a small f**king number, You need to realise the difference between compassion and statistics
  5. No I am saying you have to look at things in perspective... I thought that was pretty clear. As usual with pretty much everything you write you pick up on a single issue and use it incorrectly. SARS while part of the Corona family was not a similar virus, but if you want to use that then the common cold is also part of that family so you could use that comparison. You see its all about interpretation and looking at the whole picture. 4000 deaths is horrible but statistically a drop in the ocean.
  6. I dunno I can think of a few
  7. you have to add some perspective though china has a population of nearly 1.5 billion and has had 81,000 cases of which 3200 have been fatal
  8. Couldnt he find a football to use?
  9. It is this sort of phrasing that is wrong, and the sort of thing that gets spread around and idiots panic, yes it CAN cause it doesnt mean it WILL, the overwhelming majority of people will get a heavy cold and then be fine.
  10. Imagine a square hamburger made of sausage meat... staple of a a fried Scottish breakfast
  11. Was Craig Burley the last Scotsman on Chelsea? I would guess at Steve Clarke ?
  12. I would say you are overloading the left wing with the 1st team 🙂
  13. Just a thought on the shooting/ dribbling bit of that, at the start of the season he was an unknown and maybe some prem defenders thought he was a kid from the champ and afforded him a little bit more room to get his shot off/ choose the route to dribble. after seeing him for a month or so they closed him down quicker like they would a seasoned prem player. Thats where he needs to make the step up to speed up his thought process from champ to prem level. This is in no way a dig at him though it takes time to develope at the highest level and I am overall pleased with his performances.

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