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  1. Just trying to add that rare thing in any online discussion nuance :) yes we are having a sh*t run but we have had a lot of glory (probably more than we should have expected in all honesty) Yes i want the cups and victories to continue but I dont want to get overly gloomy at a bad run
  2. Look I know we do like to be a bit gloomy on here but we have had a great run over the last few years... I mean only 6 teams have won the PL since it started in 1992, we are second on the list of winners in this small subsection (yes I know before PL blah blah blah) Yeah the last few weeks have been sh*t, but we are still in 2 cups (until Sunday anyway) and 1 point off top 4... Yes the board need to buck their ideas up, yes their are many faults with the running of the club in general. But come on
  3. Bonzodog29

    Arjen Robben interview

    I tend to agree... I think its simply that some players will play when they are at 90% fitness and still give it everything and others need to feel 100% in order to perform... Robs was in the latter and Jose wanted him on the pitch as often as possible but if he wasnt 100% he didnt want to play. Just my opinion of course
  4. Bonzodog29

    FA Cup Draw (5th Round)

    I should have maybe been clearer... was a stupid late 70's pop reference :)
  5. Bonzodog29

    FA Cup Draw (5th Round)

    Tell me why....
  6. Bonzodog29

    FA Cup Draw (5th Round)

    Sky dont cover the FA cup though (or do they happy to be corrected) I thought they had the Milk cup coverage?
  7. Bonzodog29

    Gonzalo Higuain

    are you a professional bellend or just a talented amateur? The scenario is merely there as a point of context to put the figure into a situation, I am saying that to state definitively that the price quoted is bad business is naive not calling you naive (I am calling you a bellend though so there is that) We do not know how well Higuain will play, if he play badly and we activate the option to loan for 18m then it is a ridiculous price if he scores hat fulls then it isnt, I dont see how you cant make that distinction.
  8. Bonzodog29

    Gonzalo Higuain

    this is the point, Lets assume he has a couple of great seasons and scores 50 plus goals including the winner in the CL final 26 m for a season would be a fine investment to make... it is an option to take on loan not a contract, and either way we would need to invest in the position. To state outright that it is bad business is naive as we currently dont know how he will turn out.
  9. Bonzodog29

    Gonzalo Higuain

    If you look at the figure as a stand alone then yes 18m is a lot of money, however you have to put it into perspective, I know nuance isnt big on forums but: 2 years ago Juve paid 85 odd million for him, his loan agreement with milan was for 18 m per season with an option to buy. so if and it is a big if, he is banging in the goals and we decide to take the option of another year then 18m isnt that bad
  10. Bonzodog29

    Gonzalo Higuain

    That would surely depend on how well he plays though, is he comes in now and bangs in 15 goals winning some silverware along the way and ensuring we get CL next season then 18 mil for him as an option for another year is a great bit of business. To say at this stage that its ridiculous is jumping the gun somewhat
  11. To be fair that price was dictated by the fee that Newcastle wanted for Carroll, the fact they paid 35 mill for AC who was arguably worse for them than FT was for us should put a bit of perspective on the price
  12. Bonzodog29

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    He does have a tendency to go off onto long winding solo's though before returning to the main riff
  13. Bonzodog29

    Alvaro Morata

    That is a high level of optimism
  14. Bonzodog29

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Add to this the quoted stat from last night of Foden having nearly double the game time... but excluding that he is a) nearly a year older and b) in his second season as a first team squad member... in his first year he played in 2 games or something, so by the same metric CHO is getting 4 times the game time at the same stage of development.
  15. Bonzodog29

    Gonzalo Higuain

    He is definitely not fat in the same way as I am fat :)