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  1. TBF though Luke Shaw bulked up using the patented Bonzo all pie and cake method... he just forgot to stay in shape.
  2. I think its to let VAR make the choice, so if it ends with a goal it can still be allowed if shown to be marginally onside. (and vice versa) stops the moments when you see a replay back and they striker is onside and flagged off and the play breaks down.
  3. Thats the Eufa ruling for offsides though... they have to wait until the play is completed (for some f**king reason) the FA have taken a different approach
  4. I did think going into this season the best option would be Giroud for 60 odd mins to tire out the centrehalfs then Tammy to come on and stretch with the extra pace...
  5. really good read that thanks...
  6. OK thats cheered me up no end now what 🙂
  7. I would add to that... in that I would like the club to have a direction so the manager is less important to the signings (if that makes sense) so you have a club identity of playing you ensure you get managers that fit that style (should SFL leave) then "club" signings wont be an issue as its always part of a master plan
  8. Given the recent news of our youth coach in the 70's he should probably avoid rubbing off on them 🙂
  9. TBF though the above is speculation, we dont know if there has actually been a bust up or if it was a simple "look mate you arent going to be first choice so you can either be backup or we are happy for you to leave if you want to seek more minutes" hands shaken and off with the clubs blessing.. The 2 year contract was under the previous manager and also stopped him leaving for free, this could have all been agreed ages ago and Arse had been dragging their heels to make it look like a coup from a rival club... We are always very quiet about internal goings on (which is frustrating at times) but the point is we dont know how this panned out, FWIW I think he has been a great player for us and I like seeing him on the pitch (although he does pucker the arse at times) but I feel we have 3 better defenders than him so happy to see him leave and if he is settled in London then fair play
  10. True and that would be my preferred partnership ideally however with Rudi still a doubt I was being as optimistic as iI could be 🙂
  11. Going on the incredibly optimistic version of this, its is similar to JT and Carva, Carva would charge in but had enough pace to get himself out of trouble and could get a great last ditch tackle in. JT would read the game but occasionally get skinned for pace... If Zooms and Chris can become half the partnership of JT and Carva then I will be happy
  12. Morata couldn't. He was given all the chances. Toughest league in the world. difference is that once Morata missed his first sitter he would go into his shell and start doing that floppy arm from the floor stuff. Tammy seems to have a bit more grit about him
  13. That is an unbelievable goal, good cross too
  14. Never said anything about "poor black man" you are making that point I refer again to Strawman... I was being sarcastic but I do think you are a c**t so I am going to ignore you and then we dont have to interact anymore

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