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  1. In that case think of him as a box to box destroyer, he hunts the ball breaks up play and then passes to someone with a greater skillset
  2. The problem is that teams set up differently against us than they do against a team like Villa, so while playing for Villa they will keep an eye on him and Grealish for example they wont and dont have the same 10 men behind the ball, this is why when RB plays for a smaller team he gets the space to run into and shoot, that wouldnt be there in most game we play
  3. I would also suggest that part of the reason we ran riot in the second half is the fact that we had so much possession and were constantly probing at their defense that they started to get leggy and we remained comparatively fresh, so once the breakthrough happened they had nothing to lift their game with, look at a lot of "possession" teams they often have these sort of results due to shear weight of pressure
  4. I would suggest you have kind of answered your own question, the problem is that when we buy these players they get the Chelsea premium added (or have historically) and then to top it off we pay big wages.... therefore when it comes to sell we have a player that is worth £20mil and should be on £60k per week, who was actually bought for £40 mil and on £120 per week, we want to recoup as much money as possible on the original price and the player wont want to half his wages *values are made up to show the point before anyone starts moaning about who is on £120 etc etc
  5. The simple answer, is that both he and KDB, were not developed enough when they joined the Chelsea team at the time, we had better more experienced players in the same positions and both wanted to further their careers and couldnt or didnt want to wait they both went back into mainland Europe and got the game time they needed to become better players then came back to the prem.
  6. Said it many times, the problem is he "looks" awkward on the ball, this doesnt mean he actually is but it gives that impression, and he rarely goes for a hollywood pass... all of this means that people get the incorrect perception that he is a bad baller
  7. Surely the easy solution is the linesman flags but the ref doesnt blow so play continues and if a goal is scored then check it. Players instructed to ignore the linesman, he is only there to assist the ref.
  8. There is this big talk about his kicking but that last stats I saw said Kepa had a 79% accuracy and Mendy 70% not exactly the worst in the world (these are approximate from my memory) flip that to Mendy saves 70+% of shots at him and Kepa only 50+% I would take a drop of 9% kicking to add 20% saves
  9. Well to be fair, he could have been told he is currently 4th choice (all speculation) so wants to maximize his playing time... as with anything like this we dont know whats gone on behind the scenes
  10. Perfect example would be the Liverpool game where he was played through early on, a more natural final 3rd midfielder (Lamps for example) would have hit the shot, it may go wide be saved deflected ect but Kantes first thought was to put his foot on the ball and pass it back to a more attacking player
  11. That surely is the exact point though isnt it... If he went out and grabbed a game by the horns in whatever cameo he is given he forces his way into the plans, its what countless other youth players have done over the years.
  12. This may be the old blue tinted specs on but at first I though Mane fouled AC and caused him to fall, you could see mane contact AC's leg and then he falls.
  13. As a side note I always thought that Avram was appointed to create space between the next "proper" manager and Jose, given the way he was adored by us at the time and the nature of his departure, we could have got the next best manager in the world and he would have taken stick because he wasnt JM... AG was a just about good enough option, and willing to be the stopgap
  14. TBF if he has used virgins blood than he has definitely looked further afield than Liverpool
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