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  1. the body check on KDB was world class I dont think anyone could take that away from him.
  2. Its just a scottish thing and a term of affection a friendly word for small... used in Scotland for years and in many different cases i.e I will just have a wee dram
  3. Not sure I agree about needing to rest players, there are only a few games left in the season and assuming we keep winning then most players like to continue obviously if someone is hanging out of their arse then fair enough but to do a mass rotate just for the sake of it isnt needed
  4. I would guess that because its taken out 500 normal seats but I dont think there is actual approval to use the semi standing areas as yet (they are just getting it ready) as its still currently under discussion, then once safe standing is approved the capacity will go back up
  5. May just be my opinion but I dont think he was ever clumsy in touch or passing, he just looks like he is. I know its an odd hair to split but he does have an ungainly way of kicking the ball in that he doesnt stroke it around but that belies the actual kick itself
  6. Isnt it normally more a case of him falling out the the powers that be though rather than the results on the pitch or the players? That seemed to be the pattern I read?
  7. Isnt it about now someone has to point out when the REAL test will happen and that he hasnt beaten a top 6 team as yet
  8. Ah that really f**ks me off, cant believe he gets away with it. Back into defender as they are jumping creating a potentially dangerous landing for them while flopping to the ground and screaming in pain.
  9. Hang on you seem to have missed Man U from that list 😁
  10. As much as it pains me to say it I think Neville is pretty good and balanced in his commentary, Jenas when we have played Spurs is always a Tit though
  11. or recording live TV.... I have never understood this "Hill to die on Lefty Tax hate the BBC never Watch it bollocks" for starters it works out at about 40p a day. Is still regarded as the one of the best broadcasters in the world, provides Radio stations nationally and internationally,
  12. I would suggest the difference is the way the managers have dealt with it, one went about his business and didnt often mention the injuries or any other circumstances and the other has whined to the media whenever possible
  13. As is and always has been the case for any player (on the bench/ injured/ not getting game time) and always will be
  14. My take on that would be that it seemed that AVB didnt communicate effectively to the player why they werent in the team just shut them out, just my impression of course, I always felt AVB was tasked with getting the age of the squad down and thought that meant freezing out players without informing them
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