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  1. I know its somewhat foolish, as logic would dictate that its is just one of those things, but I have often thought we have been an unlucky team. How often to 50/50 bobbles go to the oppo, shots hitting the bar/ post and bouncing clear of danger (rather than back either into goal or to one of ours) etc.etc. or simply the amount of shots we have that are inches off target or get a deflection to go wide... conversely it seems that if the oppo shots wide we manage to nick it goalbound... a post will bounce down to their striker...
  2. True a high league position cannot be based on luck... like maybe sitting in 3rd ?
  3. In arguably a stronger overall league than previous years... I do tend to agree, while yes there have been frustrating moments when his ideas click its works well, bearing in mind he had a world cup "player hangover" and no preseason I would like to give him a proper summer to work on the ideas... yes he took too long to show adaptability but he has now and we should credit that.
  4. Ah so not an actual footballer then 😉
  5. What you have to remember about all of these Youtube/ media commentators is they have to be arseholes/ contrary because having a sh*tty opinion gets you views, views gets you more advertising, more advertising gets you more money... They are simply c**ts for pay.
  6. "fairly young" he is a f**king child...
  7. All this and more in the next episode of.... SOAP
  8. Yeah but it doesnt matter when it happens to other teams 🙂 * dons blue tinted sunglasses and walks off into the sunset*
  9. I would go for Pedro, yes they are both frustrating at times but I feel that Pedro can create something more than Willian...
  10. I think the problem was that they hoped Morata would come good... forked out a lot of cash and clearly there is a goalscorer in there just not cut out for the rigors of the Premier League.
  11. Its more the change in acceleration rather than flat out pace... being able to slow down then burst forward for a few yards.
  12. We really have been f**ked over by the PL / TV schedules for these games though Monday, Thursday (in prague) Sunday...
  13. I tend to agree. His hold up play needs a lot of work along with his control but his finishing is up there, and he gets into the right places in the box... no doubt half his goals would be bouncing off his arse as he looked the other way but a goal is a goal
  14. Which is broadly similar to Foden who is in his second season being integrated into the City team, While we could argue we would all like to have seen more of him his progression for a young player is pretty much ahead of the "standard" curve at a top 6 club. Edit: time/ appearance wise I mean...
  15. Yeah all set up for him to have buttered spoons on his feet

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