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  1. Yeah but they will play up to their home audience...
  2. and conversely you need to stop acting like he is superior... I don't see much in the way of disrespect, merely criticisms of his current level of performance. On current form he is behind other players in his position, it is up to him to prove himself a better player. (or at least an equal option) he is young in a new, and arguably the fastest and most physical, league. he needs to have time to adapt to the new circumstances, I give him a lot of credit for, firstly going to Germany as a very young bloke and showing he can perform in that league, I also give credit for wanting to prove himself here, and lastly for having the weight of expectation for the US team. However this does not transfer in to a free pass to play. He is clearly a talented player, possibly the most talented yank ever, but again this doesn't mean he just walks into the team. How many European greats have failed in the English leagues over the years many of whom would be in a class above Pulisics current level. I would being willing to bet that everyone here hopes he lives up to his potential and billing as it would mean the team has a great player. Lastly of course as Chelsea fans we are excited to see the fruits of the academy finally producing players for the first team, hence the level of praise for CHO etc. as a Chelsea fan you should also be excited about the academy producing players for the first team. CHO has had similar criticism leveled at him when he got games last season that he didnt grab them but again this was tempered by the caveat that he is young, and was finding his feet.
  3. He could be the Scouse Veron
  4. On this note I guess the worst thing that will happen is we put him in the shop window at the highest level. If he continues to grab goals as a sub, and assuming Tammy continues, his value will go up. No one would put him in ahead of Tammy on current form so 15-20 mins at the end of games grab a goal add 2 million to the price tag
  5. I cant see how that would be a good deal for either club??? Bats is a decent back up to Tammy and Giroud will be gone next season and Zaha I dont think would fit in
  6. He also seem to have that Drogba like skill of controlling the ball while not really controlling the ball
  7. Personally the best thing for me about him is, in the Sky team line up bit he is wearing black boots, rather than the bright colours of everyone else
  8. really is a good goal from Tammy, The touch and then getting his feet sorted out to strike it into the corner very tricky to do.
  9. You think Chels would be able to afford decent tables, rather than the wobbly sh*t going on there 🙂
  10. With any goal there is always an element of luck. No player always hits the ball perfectly and how often do you hear the phrase "he's hit that too well" credit where its due you get the ball on target on hope the keeper misses.

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