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  1. I cant be arsed to find them but I would be interested to see how many shots he has had in that time though, he does seem to be a bit gun shy when it comes to having a pop... maybe just maybe SFL could help him?
  2. Oi leave us scruffy fag smoking blokes alone
  3. I dont disagree with anything you are saying, and yes it is easy to bash football clubs because they are an easy target for "what is wrong with society" etc... However thats not the point I was making, yes it still exists and yes it will probably never stop existing that doesnt mean you say "well we have it down to a small number so we might as well stop pointing out bigotry" and the job is done, because when you do that it makes it easier for it to grow as acceptable behaviour
  4. Woah whats with the measured approach dont you know that his place wont stand for that... I insist on hyperbole and shouting
  5. I just cant see who would buy Bale... good player on his day but on massive wages, injury prone and heading to 30 isnt going to get better
  6. Wouldnt most of the loan army count as homegrown anyway... Bats and Baka excepted..
  7. Unfortunately like many of our recent purchases he isnt a bad player just not a great one and in that sense overpriced.
  8. I tend to agree, he was a reasonable back up for VM when Conte had us at 3 CD but as a stand alone right back I would shuffle on. should still have decent value as he is still in his mid 20's
  9. I agree the clubs and everyone has done an incredible job getting the morons down to such a small amount and they should be credited with that... but I feel the point stands and it doesnt mean its job done... (forgive the analogy) If you were told you only had cancer in 0.00522% of your body would you accept that was job done and hope that it didnt start spreading again or would you want that last bit to be continued to be tackled...
  10. True, but stupidity spreads. So to think that it is gone, or to stop highlighting the small pockets will lead to it potentially returning
  11. I couldn't disagree more. This is how stuff comes back, until it is entirely stamped out there is still work to do... Highlighting that there are still a few dickheads out there is the only way to do it,
  12. It is odd isnt it, how mediocre managers can be consistently mediocre throughout their time, however the best seem to have a shelf life... I dont think Jose is finished just yet though I would guess he will come again at another big club, I do agree that he wouldnt be right for us again though
  13. Defensively I agree and I would say mid field (when all fit is comparable) but honestly we are miles behind up front compared to Arse, (if you can have your arse upfront) I would take either of their strikers in a heartbeat.

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