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  1. You need to breath, boy. We both know now you don't have the class to argue with me. You admitted it. Just different league, deal with it. the same with the original two word content wise man that somehow finds a way to read despite my presence in his block list. Your pety insults in internet just show me how frightened you would look in a real life conversation face to face. I just pray you don't beat your wife too bad tonight due to your insignificant existance and usolved childhood problems.
  2. Nope, I'm not ignoring it. I was amazed how my opinion was turned into racism accusation and I'm obviously going to be way more careful with the way I express my thoughts in this sensitive forum. Nonetheless it was pity for grown-ass men that got nothing to say in their defense to accuse me and call me a racist due two simple, non-offensive words. they cannot know if I'm a racist because of few posts in some forum. And yet, here they are, accusing me without single proof, appealing for bans. Childish and immature behaviour by a clueless men with zero arguing skills. A modern day witch-hunt. You can see the story behind all this BS: - I posted the goals he conceded and I proposed to argue every single one of them, one by one. they refused. You can see this Munkeyworth or whatever his name is admitting he prefers to keep his head stuck in the sands. Ok, no problem with blind fanboysm. - I said he concedes goals and doesn't make saves, I never complained about his play and I never mentioned "mistakes", they did it. I only said he is not making saves - they call me an idiot. - I've explained my feelings about Azpilicueta's captaincy, they refused to accept it - ok, no problem again. Swallowed the insults again btw. - Now that I pointed out the common denominator about spanish players being divers, cheaters, claimers, with zero dignity on the pitch - I was accused in racism. What a blody joke, the same people used to use way more offensive words against Barcelona, Real Madrid and more clubs from different countries, but now that is a problem? Come on. Hypocricy at its highest. - "these basques" was just a stupid provocation of mine and I give you all that, but it is 100 percents clear of any racism behind it. And the way they hurled upon me because of that only displayed their limitations and angst to face me in a respectful conversation about Azpilicueta and Arizabalaga.
  3. Lol, "these basques" is xenophobic. Ladies and gentlemen, 21th century witch-hunt.
  4. Ah, ban the different, how convenient. Don't mind that either, never had the desire to be part of brainwashed commune that rejects people's different opinion. Where exactly did you see this racism anyway? I thought I was in your block list, sir, good to see I was wrong. Always pleasure to exchange two-three words posts out of the narrative just to accomplish the image of the last wise man standing.
  5. the more you attack the messenger, the more you embarrass yourlseves. Still waiting for an actual argument, tho. Never lose hope.
  6. Must be feeling good to insult people in different opinion, I don't know how the plebs is thinking exactly. But I'm open-minded so I'm going to tell you something even better - winning a dispute without even the sign of slight desire of the opposition to argue. And yes, the claims, the wasted time, the dives - 90 percents of this "get everything you can to hfor the team to win" come with the latin players and the spaniards precisely.
  7. Keep insulting, puny insect, I don't mind. Your actions and refusal to argue just prove you wrong.
  8. I'm sad because I still love and respect Jose. But he's been missing for quite some time. He can't even produce one good season anymore. Just go to PSG, Munich or some national team and keep your remaining dignity, Jose. You are not good for week in week out big club job anymore.
  9. You damn right he doesn't deserve. He even adds new things to his arsenal - claiming for throws before even the ball leaves the pitch. Such a terrible behaviour. I hope Kepa has some dignity and doesn't act like a fool. But he also left a bad taste on Sunday when wasting time, the ref ran towards him to book him and then he kicked the ball in front of his face and earned probably 20 or 30 more seconds. there is something wrong with these basques.
  10. I can't say anything against that rant mainly because I wasn't upset about "mistakes", neither I'm denying any of what you've said. I was upset about his goal stopping incapability. He does not make saves. He concedes goals due to that absence. that's it. Simple and yet people cannot accept it and they change the narrative.
  11. Nope, it was like 10 goals he could have saved. Something like that. the clips are above, you can argue one by one.
  12. So what? And btw nobody is looking at the price, as it was stated above, he is under the radar for now. But does he concede silly goals, that he, hopefully, can save? Hell yes, he does.
  13. I believe Hazard is very good with his back game, with great turn that makes him impossible to defend and he can make some noise as false 9 but he's got one flaw that stops him at the moment. He is lazy. the first half he almost didn't get his butt in our half when we needed him badly. that static style won't help him, especially with his height and incapability of winning in the air. He also didn't press at all. It was easy for City to pass behind the press coz practically he didn't participate. But once he starts to do these things, he will be very dangerous even in that role.
  14. Walker didn't see that coming. He crashed like it was a tree, not a man. What a beast!
  15. Nope, they don't. the thing is, there are no good saves. He's got a couple against Soton(35-40 yards shots actually, would be a mistake to concede but ok, for his low standards let's count it as a good save), one against Mane and one when the whistle was blown for offside. Pretty much that's it for like 15 games. And those saves were like the goals he loves so much to concede - in his body, nothing special. Here some more statistics: Saves - 14th in the League Punches - 18th in the League High claims - 10th in the League Sweeper clearances - 11th in the League throw outs - 12th in the League And because I know you will undervalue that stats, you can make a comparison here(https://www.premierleague.com/stats/player-comparison) between him and Alison and Ederson(the same duties demanded from the three goalkeepers). He has slight advantage in the passe, which is impressive and I have to give him credit, but he loses in every other category. Go check it yourself. Apart from passing, he is bad. Really, really bad.
  16. Definitely not an AVB situation. AVB had to work with already taught squad, slightly passed its prime for the most part of it. Most of our players now good for Sarri ball, that's why we didn't need so much time to integrate his ideas - Pedro, Fabregas and Jorginho have experience in football like that. Hazard, Willian and Morata should be suitable as well, Giroud has played for Arsenal and he is really good in 1-2 situations. Rudiger is fast, Luiz enjoys this kind of football, only a bit concern about Azpilicueta and Alonso but they are fine at the end of the day. 6 years the core of this team had to play for Di Matteo, Benitez, Mourinho and Conte. they can't keep the standards that high for 90 minutes. Even Guardiola admits that his City can't keep it 90 straight minutes of the highest levels. the problem is that our 20 minutes off are terrible. We got destroyed by United, Wolves, Arsenal, Spuds and Liverpool for that amount of time. Sarri needs to react faster, he is anticipating the incoming collapse, the cameras always catch him, then the sh*t happense and he reacts with the subs. He must react before it happens.
  17. His first mistake? :D that's one pretty selective way to observe the games. Number 1 - should have saved Number 2 - could have saved, not so much to blame tho, but some world class goalies would have saved that. He apparently ain't one. Number 3 - could have saved - again, in his corner, a world class keeper wouldn't concede a goal. Number 4 - should have saved - in his goal area, he should have cleared the ball or caught it. Number 5 - should have saved Number 6 - no reaction... Number 7 - saveable. If you are going to justify this mistake with the quality of the shot - why is he caught in the no man's land then? He had plenty of time to go out and make himself big, shorten the angle.. and again through his hands.. Number 8 and Number 9 - the two goals against Spuds - through his hands again and again no reaction, this time caught from way outside the penalty area.. Number 10 - yesterday. So, in conclusion - we've conceded 13 goals and he could have done better in 10 out of these 13 cases. How is that? At the same time you can;t see any good saves or intereceptions with 2 or 3 exceptions from 35 yards shots or when the ref had already blown the whistle. It's not easy to play football when you know that the first shot the opponents commit will be an equalizer.
  18. Yeah, to alienate everybody, from top to bottom, to play sh*tty performance without even care about it. the only thing he should get some criticism for is the rotation. Simply not working.
  19. the worst shot stopper this league has even have. this kid cannot make a save. Is he a ghost or something? it's getting through his hands/body for like 10th time this season?
  20. If Azpilicueta is respectable man to you, thank God I don't have to interact with you or your friends in person.
  21. Good for the team and let's hope now Sarri gives the badge to someone else to remove this burden from his tiny shoulders and get him back to his usual self. this team needs a respectable captain.
  22. Azpilicueta's inactivity made Alonso do a lot more things than he wass prepared. And now he is comatosed because of that. Yes, he's got 2 or 3 good runs deep in the opponent's half but that's it. Generally tha area where he is supposed to be is empty and you could have seen that easily in Hazard's reaction.
  23. Alonso is obviously tired and you gotta hold your criticism a bit and think about the circumstances around his case. 1) We need him to be huge part of our offense, because Azpilicueta is a non-factor there. We all saw how upset Hazard was yesterday when there was a free space and Azpilicueta didn't bother to go(Hazard had to yell at him to make him move his butt). Sarri knows that, his teammates know that and Alonso knows that. Huge responsiblity on his shoulders, and lets talk right, his physique is not at his peak if his peak has ever been good anyway. Sarri ball and high possessive percentige football requires a good wing-backs especially in offense. And Alonso is our only one. 2) Kante is not there. We have ultra defensive Azpilicueta with Kante around him and we have Marcos Alonso forced to play deep and nobody around him. From Kovacic - no help or very rarely, from RLC and Barkley - even worse. Imagine now this tired guy, with his questionable physique to have to take care of the entire wing against fastest players of the opponent. 3) and we do see this extreme effort from him three and half months non stop. Don't say Emerson and mid week games, it is still exhausting. He also started to get place in Spain national team... Sarri is failing the rotation. He needs to make mix between the players and their duties throughout the weeks and the mid week games, because it's definitely not the same effort and pace and most importantly - the numbers. the week-end games are still more. What is he going to do now, when we have 3 or 4 times games in Premierleague on Wednesday? the only spot that has been rotated is the third in the mid and now we see good games from Ruben, Barkley and Kovacic at moments. Pedro for Willian too and that's it. Everybody knows the rest 9 guys of our starting line-up. Rotation should be incorpotated not only for the Europa League and CC but also for the PL.
  24. And worse at covering space and helping get the ball out of our half, which is the essence of Sarri ball.
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