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  1. Ross015

    Fantasy Football 2018/19

    +1 for the team name Oh and I already named my team "Ross's Legends" so no username either
  2. Ross015

    Fantasy Football 2018/19

    Joined up lads!
  3. Ross015


    If we don't sell anyone do we really need more players? I mean Ampadu impressed me last season big time, CHO has been very impressive in the pre-season. I say give some of our talented youth the chance. Our backline is solid apart from maybe the LB position. Midfield has two very classy players in the form of Kanté and Jorginho, Barkley has been looking up in the pre-season as well. The only real signing we still need is a striker who is just a killer in front of goal. We have enough class on the wings with Hazard, Willian, CHO. Besides don't forget a lot comes down to playing style and tactics. Last season these were sh*te for a lot of players. I really believe lots of players will get a serious boost from Sarri's playing style and will be completely unrecognizable in comparison to last season.
  4. I'm from a small village called Nootdorp, close to Delft. And you @Krc-fan ?
  5. Ross015


    So Golovin has signed for Monaco. IMO no problem because we already have RLC (and Barkley when not injured). However, Lots of reports saying Bernard would like to sign for Chelsea and honestly I think he is the better option. He's a free agent, has pace and dribbling and is a running player like Sarri wants. So if we sign him, I believe were better off anyway as it leaves us with money for a lethal striker. Anyone disappointed we didn't sign Golovin?
  6. Ross015


    http://hoofoot.com/?match=Perth_Glory_0_-_1_Chelsea_2018_07_23 good lengthy highlights. www.hoofoot.com is a good site for highlights in general. In case you were looking for one! What did people think of the game? Barkley looked lively (what i've seen from him in the highlights), already saw some of that sweet vertical tiki taka passing!
  7. dude? we didn't need one? Jorginho and kanté will be an amazing duo. Bakayoko, not good enough. Fabrégas, can't play the full 90 full throttle. Drinkwater, not good enough? Barkley, always injured. We most definitely needed a midfielder. You my friend, have been very pessimistic today. Whilst nobody has officially left yet, and there is still plenty of time in the transfer window. Have a bit of faith in the club will you ;)
  8. Ross015

    Riyad Mahrez

    Based on faith, we have been absolutely blessed with success the past decade and more. Every season when we perform badly we bounce back stronger. When we missed CL football in 16/17 we became champs next season with utter ease. No worries man, have faith.
  9. Ross015

    Riyad Mahrez

    If we sign Sarri and get in some players he wants we will reap havoc on City. Besides. they'll be the team to beat everyone will be on their best against City
  10. Ross015


    The Mediaset calcutlation is right, although in this number the salary of Sarri over 3 years is also included. So that is not relevant for the books over 1 season if you understand what I mean. That's like saying a transfer for a player would cost the actual sum added with his salary for 5 years, but those costs are spread out over several years. So for this season the cost would be 5m + 11m + 6m + 3m = 25m. This is still a very significant number, but I fear sticking with Conte would cost the club a lot more seen as many players have hinted they no longer want to play under him meaning they want to leave. This will weaken Chelsea's bargaining power leading to a lower selling price. Also several targets have stated they want to see Sarri leading the team, so please Chelsea just sign the damn coach and relieve your fans out of this twilight zone hahaha.
  11. Ross015

    Kenedy Leaving?

    Heard lots of rumours of clubs linked to Kenedy, he was even linked to Bayern Munich I think? I don't think this is actually true but I remember reading it somewhere. Anyway, personally I like him quite a lot and would like to see him in a more attacking role at Chelsea. He did very well at Newcastle in an attacking role and I think he could very-well be a potential starter in the future. What do you guys make of him? You reckon chances are he's leaving or just silly rumours?
  12. Ross015

    Random Rumours

    Yeah agreed, especially when they are not world class. How did Zouma do at stoke this year? I know stoke did poorly, but does he have the potential to be amongst the starting eleven next season? I remember one season when he was an absolute beast but then got that nasty knee injury.
  13. Ross015

    Random Rumours

    I just don't want to see the club spending money on decent/average players like Savic or someone like Drinkwater... I'd rather see them spend more for real top players. But maybe I'm to harsh on Savic, I have to admit I have not see him play as much. But when I saw him I always got a 'meh' feeling. Anyway I agree Christensen has more potential but Aké did not get the chance to show his worth when he was back at the Bridge for that brief period. Anyway, I think eventually he'll return at some stage, he can also play as left-back I think
  14. Ross015

    Random Rumours

    Would you be happy with him? I don't think we need him, I'd rather see Chelsea activating the buy-back clause for Aké, better to give him another season at Bournemouth but he is solid and young. Savic is really meh in my opinion.
  15. Ross015

    Is there an app?

    Allright, thanks Zeta.