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  1. I'm Neapolitan, 70% of us love him and we want to have him back instead of Ancelotti.
  2. No midfielders on the bench, what a disaster. We can just hope in the best performance of the season for Barkley and Kovacic
  3. Stadiums are awful, the championship is boring and managed by criminals, for example I stopped to go to the stadium after Inter-Mafia of the last year.
  4. I think all of them are bullsh*ts. Maurizio Sarri is a serious and respectable man first of all, he will never go to Mafia. Otherwise, I don't think I'll be able to watch a football match again in my life.
  5. Basically tonight it was Kepa, Azpi, Emerson and Jorginho against everybody. What a number of mistakes, but I'm really very happy for the final.
  6. I can't understand why Kovacic and not Barkley. Ross seems to be a step behind other midfielders now.
  7. Alonso... Emerson isn't in bench, maybe a little problem
  8. Three wins and a draw in my opionion would be enough.
  9. There is a lot to say. Inter-Mafia broke our heart last year.
  10. Not a bad game in my opinion, the opponents are very strong. I think that with 3 wins and a draw we are in top 4 99%. Maybe also with a loss, but not in Manchester.
  11. Maybe the best performance of the season in the offensive phase, but the team wasn't exactly balanced in the second half.

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