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  1. First half best of the season, then sleeping the second one. This team is very fragile from mental point of view.
  2. Really? Yoh had more chances to score in this first half than in various games with Wolves, Leicester and so on put together!
  3. Rarely, we have seen a lot of times with a lot of possession and nothing more. This is the best first half of the season in my opinion.
  4. You are watching Chelsea-Wolves. Lads are playingvery well, but goal is non a detail.
  5. With the ball he is also better than Ronaldo, the difference is off the ball.
  6. Width is not the main problem, but depth. Of course if Hazard plays as AMC the pitch looks like less widht than it is.
  7. 4-2-3-1 didn't solved any problem. The problem is making right moviments in right time as a team. This is the hugest difference beetween previous Sarri's teams and Chelsea. Premier League is not the reason, I saw the same problem in Europe League this season.
  8. Is there any chance to have one transfer window before ban? I think the biggest problem is midfielders, I don't think Masoun Mount can replace Kovacic, especially because he seems to be another offensive midfielders and Ampadu is not able to play in Jorginho's role. Of course, there will be another huge problem if Higuain goes away. Honestly, I think it's impossibile Hazard could leave without the possibility to replace him. Maybe CHO, but I hope he will stay.
  9. I expected at least one beetween CHO and RLC. Just three changes (and goalkeeper) three days later a very long and tough final cup.
  10. Ok, it's a lose, but best performance of the season.
  11. Emerson instead of Alonso is the best thing. Too many minutes played by Alonso, for me the biggest mistake of Sarri until now.
  12. Amazing, you'll never give up, Kanté will never play there
  13. However not bad performance after the goal. Maybe the confidence is really the main problem.

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