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  1. I think all of them are bullsh*ts. Maurizio Sarri is a serious and respectable man first of all, he will never go to Mafia. Otherwise, I don't think I'll be able to watch a football match again in my life.
  2. Basically tonight it was Kepa, Azpi, Emerson and Jorginho against everybody. What a number of mistakes, but I'm really very happy for the final.
  3. I can't understand why Kovacic and not Barkley. Ross seems to be a step behind other midfielders now.
  4. Alonso... Emerson isn't in bench, maybe a little problem
  5. Three wins and a draw in my opionion would be enough.
  6. There is a lot to say. Inter-Mafia broke our heart last year.
  7. Not a bad game in my opinion, the opponents are very strong. I think that with 3 wins and a draw we are in top 4 99%. Maybe also with a loss, but not in Manchester.
  8. Maybe the best performance of the season in the offensive phase, but the team wasn't exactly balanced in the second half.
  9. I'm starting to see Sarri's play. It isn't at the top, but until now I wasn't able to recognize it.
  10. If teammates around him move in the right way this is the 'usual' Jorginho.
  11. Anyway, guys, football is sooo beautiful when Alonso isn't on the pitch.
  12. Loftus Cheeck is the key, I have the feeling when he is on the pitch that the teamis more dangerous by far.
  13. Win like Juventus if we want to be honest. Anyway, Sarri has to change his mind about some players, especially Loftus and Emerson who deserve to be starters.

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