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  1. Exactly. I've read rumours from €75M to €150M over the past 12 months. Most recently it was €100M and in the past weeks it has been €130M. Now it seems that we are telling them to pay up around €140-150M for his services. And I bet that we're going to get it - which obviously is what he's worth as well.
  2. Haha - probably, yeah. The difference between him and Sarri is, IMO, that Ten Hag offer a more direct style of football. Not just moving the ball from side to side for the sake of it. What I fear with Lamps is that our fans in the beginning will give him a long leash due to his history at the club - but then they'll turn on him in time if results and/or playing style isn't going anywhere. And I would be so sad to see his legacy partly ruined due to taking charge of Chelsea too early. As well, I think you're right about Tomori and JCS. Sadly... Tomori has been brilliant this year. Perhaps Chalobah has a better chance than the two - though he'll probably be loaned out.
  3. Doubt that Sarri will stay. Seems destined for Juve now. Although I love Lamps for his time here as a player, I just don't think he's ready for leading Chelsea. Imagine him against proven managers like Klopp or Guardiola. I think we'd get absolutely hammered. I would hope for something like this... Manager: Erik Ten Hag GK: Kepa RB: Reece James RCB: Azpi/Tomori/AC (Hopefully Tomori is given a chance - but another season with Derby seems logical). LCB: David Luiz/Clarke-Salter (Though JCS will probably be loaned out). LB: Emerson/Azpi RCM: Barkley CDM: Kanté/Ampadu LCM: Mount RW: Pulisic ST: Giroud/Abraham LW: Willian The line-up takes the following in mind: Transfers - Jorginho is sold to Juve, as Sarri is appointed as the new head coach of Juve (He could just use Pjanic/Bentancur for that role, but let's just imagine it'll happen). - Pedro is sold. - Alonso is sold. - Batshuayi is sold. - Drinkwater is sold. - Higuain & Kovacic's loan-deals doesn't get extended. Injuries Loftus-Cheek Hudson-Odoi Antonio Rudiger You could argue that Ten Hag would - just as Sarri - prefer at controlling CDM - just as he has with Schöne now. Therefore selling Jorginho isn't neccesarily given. - In case we decide to appeal our ban to CAS - my ideal squad - with all players fit, and some transfers (Most recent rumours) - would be something like this. GK: Kepa RB: Reece James/Azpi RCB: Rudiger/Azpi LCB: David Luiz/AC LB: Emerson/Azpi RCM: RLC/Barkley CDM: Kanté/Ampadu LCM: Coutinho/Mount RW: Pépé/Pulisic ST: Giroud/Abraham LW: Hudson-Odoi/Willian Dream scenario: With Griezmann leaving Atletico, and Barca seemingly having trouble to get the deal finalized, it would be perfect with him as a striker. Highly unlikely though... But just imagine CHO/Griez/Pépé up front.
  4. Haha - I can't see it happening like that. But I guess that more often than not, it's written between the lines. Sure, results are good - and fans will like you for that. But results with managers whom the players and fans are backing will often mean more. Look at Klopp in Liverpool. Has won absolutely nothing, yet everyone is full of admiration for him, his personality and style of football. Everyone is backing him, from staff to fans to players... Which means that the board are backing him as well. And not just this year - or last year, where the results have been good. But long before that.
  5. My guess is that THAT is the exact reason for his sit-down with the board. Sometjing like: "I gave you top four, FA Cup final and won the EL. I did it by playing the way I told you I would. Possesion-based attacking football. Now we have a ban, and you're selling our - by far - best player. Sure, I'll stay and play our talents and most of the current sqaud - but I can't guarantee either top four nor making the final rounds of the CHL. What do you think?"
  6. Hazard leaving seems to be certain. The Sarri-Granovskaia sitdown planned for yesterday could turn out in three ways. 1. Sarri continues as our coach following his current contract, wether we appeal or not. (I think we do though - just waiting until the last minute, making sure we'll get as long as possible to do transfers this summer).> 2. Sarri continues, whiæe extending and/or changing his current contract. Probably in regards to the results he'll get us next season and the transfers coming in, as well as a reference to Hazard leaving. 3. Sarri is released from his contract, while we continue our usual rollercoaster ride in search of that someone to take charge, who both the board, players and fans like. (Preferably someone that has no opinion with the club dictating transfers, and so on)
  7. Should the takeover happen - seems likely - they'll definately go out and spend a lot. Doubt theyøll beat Real though. Still don't get the ones saying Real haven't spend money in the past few years. It's simply not true. - This season they've spend (including last summer - and excluding transfers that'll go through this summer) €170M. I know, i know. They wen't on and sold Cristiano Ronaldo, which - including his salaries - made it pretty much even. But is is not as if they made purely profits of him leaving. It merely made the socre even - though they must have some expected losses on their shirt-selling and brand-value at the same time. Looking at transfers that'll go though this summer. - Real have already bought Eder Militao and Rodrygo for at combined €95M. Hazard seems to go for something like €135M - and you can easily add either Eriksen and/or Pogba in the calculation. Maybe even Jovic as well. I could prove to be a very expensive transfer window - though it will undoubtbly be worth it.
  8. Correct - my bad. Doubt it was Mou though. Probably the club via some analyst and/or scouts. Made a decent profit on him, which makes it fairly reasonable.
  9. Just read some pointers regarding bad transfers in another topic, which made me think... What's the worst piece of business we've done? The're are some obvious ones. - Selling Salah, KDB, Robben and Lukaku. All for cheap. - Acquiring players like Danny Drinkwater and Zappacosta - who both must be considered as pretty mediocre players - for a total of £60M. And with growing concern that we'll be buying more mediocre players for ridiculous amounts, I couldn't help but thinking of the strategic aspect. Do we need someone like Arnesen or Emenalo - or in general a DoF? I know that the made mistakes as well - but lacking a DoF could make us do even more doubtful business onwards. I've read that Sarri said he knew next to nothing about the transfer of Pulisic. All he knew was that the club asked him whether he liked him as a player - to which answered that he thought he was a great talent. A few weeks later the club had signed him for £60M. We've heard those kind of stories before. Conte wanting Bonucci or Koulibaly - instead he got Djilobodji. Wanted Alex Sandro as wingback - got Alonso (who turned our pretty good though). There a just countless examples of us buying players for no reason what so ever. And with more and more quality coming through our, in fact brilliant youth setup, should we take a break and give players like Mount, Ampadu, Abraham, Tomori, Chalobah and James a chance to show what they're capable of? Maybe even Zouma, who's been pretty decent for Everton, showing that the injury is truly behind him. Or are we gonna see history repeat itself with us selling 5/6 for cheap - and then buy some unknown guy from a middle tier club from Italy for £20M?
  10. Could is definately important to remember here. Coutinho was the absolute star at Liverpool. At Barca he's failed to deliver. Still, Milinkovic-Savic hasn't really been anything special this year. 39 games with 5 goals and 4 assists across all competitions. He's been in the shadow of players like Lucas Leiva - and still, knowing Lotito, he'll be expensive. Very Expensive. - We're talking about a man, who's been out in public stating that he's refused a bid of £140M for SMS once. He's not going to let him go for cheap. And certainly not for the price you would assume Coutinho would be available for. Fernandes on the other hand is a player which I really like. Sporting has been dealt with a great hand here though. Several clubs are after him as I've read - including Man City. He could easily end up costing more than the qouted £70M. And who is really the better player? 1. Coutinho, who is proven in the PL, and who has been carrying Liverpool on his shoulders at times - which earned him interest from every single club in the world - with Barca being the one he wanted to go to... 2. Fernandes, who have enjoyed two brilliant years at Sporting - but was sold from both Udinese and Sampdoria for almost nothing, despite being young and talented? I know who I'd count on. With that being said, I do think Fernandes could really bring something as well - I think he's Man City-bound though.
  11. Don't see why a we shouldn't go for him - if he's available. Would be brilliant if we could get if for something like 50M + Willian. Doubt it though. With Barca getting Griezmann (Seems to be pretty certain) - they'll have some choices to make. Either keep Coutinho as rotation for Griezmann - leaving Dembele with limited options (not to mention Malcom, whom I believe they're going to send on loan - or sell). Can't see why they'd swap out Malcom for Willian - and likewise with Willian/Coutinho - even if they get additional 50M. So it'll be difficult. Sure, it wouldn't be ideal for CHO, Pulisic or RLC - but not really that big of a problem either. We need someone in the midfield that can either: 1. Split or open up a tight low-standing defence. Hardly what Ruben, Barkley and Kanté are doing the most. 2. Create a threat from the distance, forcing opponent defences to push forward. Barkley, RLC and Kanté will probably provide us with 2-3 of these goals per season at max. The upside is that both Coutinho and RLC can play in the midfield and on the wing. This gives us plenty of possibility to play both at once. With CHO being out - maybe until sometime around winter - we are in need of some better alternatives than Pedro and Willian. We can't know for sure what we'll get in Pulisic. He's only 20 - and can easily swap around with CHO when the time comes. I'd love to see Coutinho at Chelsea, if... - We can't get a better option like Dybala. Or even Sané, who's reportedly been offered to Bayern. Not sure City will sell to us, though. - His motivation is in top. As some have mentioned he has a problem with falling out of games at times. To the one that mentioned Alex Telles - oh my, I'd like him at Chelsea. Not sure wheither it's just the league. Could Emerson do what he's doing at Porto? The league is a lot weaker than the PL. When Telles was on loan at Inter, they had a chance to sign him for next to nothing, and decided not to. Then Porto came calling, where he has flowered again. There are lots of great possibilities though. Gaya, Chilwell and perhabs Alaba even.
  12. Partly agree. Sarri has given plenty of game-time for younger players like RLC and CHO. But he does keep repeating one thing; They have to be ready, and as good as the alternatives - otherwise it would make no sense playing them - just because they're young. I do believe he's interested in giving them minutes - but not necessarily with the matters of: - Tammy over the likes of Higuaín, if he could keep him. - Reece James over Azpi. - Mount over RLC and/or Kovacic - if he stays. - Ampadu over Jorginho - as he is the core of the team. And it makes perfect sense. They shouldn't just go in and be first team starters - unless they're ready for it. Sarri plays whatever team he believe to be the strongest - not the one that potentially will be strongest. That's not his job. He can't know how long his reign will last. He's hired to get results as well as playing the style of football we saw with Napoli. However, I do believe he'd be willing to give young players a chance to play, should the board give him some promises in keeping the job - even if we're out in the group stage of CHL and finish outside top four next year. Just guessing though.
  13. BUT! We have brilliant players from our own ranks coming through. Reece James, Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, Ampadu. I can see us having a hard time lifting the PL trophy over the next few years - but it's a brilliant opportunity for us to trust in a manager as well as bringing youth through.
  14. GK: Cech RB: Azpi CB: Carvalho CB: Terry LB: A. Cole CDM: Kanté CM: Ballack CM: Lampard CAM: Hazard ST: Drogba ST: Zola Bench: Cudicini, Desailly, Ivanovic, Makelele, Essien, Robben, Hasselbaink Reserves: P. Ferreira, David Luiz, Mikel, Wise, Duff, D. Costa, Mata
  15. Doub't we'll get 20M for Emerson. Him and Zappa will probably bring us home something like 25-30M in total. - Bats should bring in something more than 20M though. Probably something like 30M or so. I agree that we should move for a talented fullback on the left - Chilwell is a good shout. Other options would be someone like Ferland Mendy, Jose Gaya or maybe even Alaba - as Bayern has just brought in Hernandez. However, I really disagree with the idea of spending anywhere near 90M for Fraser and Maguire. We should use that kind of money on a player that would really change our side - not on two players that I can see becoming back-ups. I'd personally go for someone like Ruben Dias from Benfica or Christian Romero from Genoa when looking for CB's. In the regista role I'd like Ampadu or maybe even Sandro Tonali from Brescia. Ruben Neves would be brilliant in this role as well - but I doubt that Wolves are willing to sell. I like the thought of Nicolas Pépé or Sané - either one would add speed and ono-v-one situations. Sané would be the more expensive solution - but also the more proven player; especially in the PL. Jovic seems destined for Real Madrid - and he's definately nowhere near 100M. Perhaps 60M - but nothing more. A new striker would be great though, and Dybala is indeed someone I think would match Sarri's philosophy. - He'll probably set us back around 100M.

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