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    Ben Chilwell

    Really agree here. If Leicester want £60M for Chilwell, I'd definately look elsewhere. But maybe Lamps and the coaching and/or analytics-staff sees something that we can't. It seems that there are several other potential players to go for in that position. To name a few - though it may not be given that all are on the market... José Gaya, Alex Grimaldo, Alex Telles and Nicolas Tagliafico. - Furthermore, just by looking at Transfermarkt for young LBs, these guys seems to be interesting candidates: Owen Wijndal, AZ Alkmaar (20) 24 Apps 1 Goal 7 Assists Luca Pellegrini, Cagliari (Owned by Juventus) (21) 23 Apps 0 Goals 6 Assists Rayan Aït Nouri, Angers SCO (19) 17 Apps 0 Goals 3 Assists I know. All of the above are pretty much offensive stats, but still. There are so many players, that can - probably - be acquired for way less than Chilwell. Personally if had to choose between all of the above, I'd go for Gaya. Got no idea if he's available or even want the transfer, but I've really liked him the few times I've been watching Valencia play over the last years.
  2. As to your first post - I agree 100 % There's a bit moneyball to it, and obviously there's someone going under the rader, that would potentially be a complete gem to get our hands on. - In some way I belive that's what we did with Marcos Alonso. Instead of going for expensive well-known names we went for a guy that Conte wanted. Someone that has later been looked at as one of the best wingbacks in the world. Could Dunk be another case? Maybe. But I doubt it. My point wasn't even if someone would like to swap or buy Christensen - but more the that FL and the coaching staff knows they've got their hands on a brilliant footballer, who simply lacks some recklessness and leadership. I believe Rüdiger has that, but the pairing of the two seems two go wrong nonetheless. Perhaps they're failing to communicate and organize their defensive roles, but something's wrong. Still, my point is - and thisis pure speculation... If your're FL, and you've got four centre backs - all decent, but none whom are really world class. Would you go out and buy another one, that isn't really better than the rest? Especially with the FFP limitations? A case could be made that next season we'd be better off. But this isn't a sprint - it's a marathon. And what I believe FL and the board are doing is looking at the long game. How do we secure our team for years to come? Is it by trusting the ones we've got, and then adding another high quality defender in the coming years when one becomes available - or is it by buying Dunk, and maybe ending up with a slightly better defence in the next couple of years - but still being significantly behind teams like City and Liverpool overall? What I'd look in to instead is someone like Romagnoli or Ruben Dias. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? More than taking a change with Dunk IMO. For now I suppose we have to trust Christensen in the remaining games of the season. He was decent against Villa, but tonight he'll be tested - not so much on physicality (luckily for him), but more on keeping his focus at all times.
  3. To be fair I think most people that watched the UCL or at least had som interest in football would have known about Fernandinho. After all they did splash out a pretty high amount of money for him as well. - It goes both ways though. They also bought Fernando from Shakhtar. He wasn't exactly succesful. If we were to go for a guy like Lewis Dunk, it would have to be at a max. price of £10-20M. What he offers is - as you say - experience, leadership and that rough edge. But is he a better footballer, and more intelligent than a guy like Christensen? Does he have the same potential? The same age? - No. What I like doing is turning the table around. Would Brihgton want a guy like Christensen? Hell yeah. Would they be willing to pay £20-40M+ for him - given that he'd want a transfer to them? I've got no doubt. With this in mind, why would Lampard want to switch out a young, intelligent player from our own ranks with someone that's older, and has experience, but isn't really a better fotoballer? I believe we're waiting until the right defender becomes available - instead of spending anywhere between £15-40M on another decent squad player like we've done countless times. We've got plenty of those already. One thing I do miss about Mourinho was the fact that he made sure we went for a few - though expensive - quality players. Diego Costa, Fabregas, etc. Those guys was key to us winning the title. I like the transfers we've done so far - and I'm really excited about the possible Havertz transfer. But a guy like Dunk shouldn't even be linked to Chelsea IMO. It reminds me of a few years back when we we're linked to Crouch and Barnes. hat was around the same time when we bought Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Emerson and so on.
  4. Firstly, I agree with almost everything here. Though, as I know some have mentioned, I genuinely believe that the scoreline was massively misleading. Therefore, yes. I'm dissapointed with the result. A lot even. But I don't think our performance was that bad. Sure - we need some kind of solution for the team to get re-positioned when our first-pressure fails. Which it did a lot yesterday - giving United plenty of spance in the center of the field to drive the ball forward. But hopefully that'll get sorted by SFL and the staff. The penalty, as highlighted, was just bad on so many levels. First AC make some half-hearted tackle, making the ball bounce back to a United-attacker, who Zouma then decides to taking down with slower and more clumpsy movement than ever. This happens shortly after Zouma had given away a major chance to Martial, by passing the ball directly to in our penalty area. Bad, bad defending. Their second goal came after - in my opinion - a foul on Tammy. However, it probably was a fifty-fifty decision, which the ref choose to rule in favour of the defender. Sadly the counter ended up with a birlliant cross, hitting the man Azpi had to cover on his shin and going in. Tough luck - but that's part of the game i guess. 90 seconds later both Azpi and AC were sleeping massively, giving Rashford time and space to score on a simple though ball. Perhaps the only goal, that United should recieve credit for. Simple and effective. As the ref then decided not tostop the play after a potential head injury for Zouma, most of our players got caught off guard, given United an easy counter-possibility, where the shot (of course) got deflected and went in. Just our day. So yeah - well beaten, but also extremely unlucky. Both with some of the decisions that the referee made, and also with our finishing. That's us losing by margins - small margins even - which somehow ended up with a 4-0 loss. I've seen us drop easy games we shouldn't have done before - but not in a long time by these kinds of margins. Could have easily ended with a win for us, had things gone just slightly different. I have plenty of believe in the squad after last nights performance. I mean, well. We're not going to win a lot of titles this year, but I can live with that. As long as we get control of our pressure play across the field, as well as our defense. And as you say - with more of our even better players coming back from injury, things could turn soon enough.
  5. Don't really think so. Pogba is 1,91 meters tall - Ndombele is 1,80 or so. Though I'd partly agree, if you're referring til their physical presence on the field. Ndombele is a lot better defensively as well - a lot more disciplined... and he knows how to carry the ball through the middle. The best comparison to Pogba is that they're both from France IMO.
  6. Could see us ending up anywhere between 4-8 - but not lower than that. As some have pointed out we are about to get loads of talent back in the first team. Imagine... Just imagine if Bakayoko for some reason goes back and delivers. Futhermore we've got Zouma coming home, Reece James, Tammy Abraham and even Batshuayi. Though I have got serious doubts regarding Pulisic, I somewhat hope that he proves everyone wrong. Hopefully both CHO and RLC will come back even stronger. There's plenty of talent. If SFL becomes our next manager, we already know he'll be going for a 4-3-3 formation - just as we have been playing for the entire season. Most of our players should be comfortable with this formation. I mean, look at our possible squad - and back-up squad with all players fit GK: Kepa RB: Azpi CB: Rudiger CB: Luiz LB: Alonso CM: Bakayoko CDM: Kanté CM: RLC RW: Willian LW: CHO ST: Giroud ... plus our back-up squad: GK: Willy RB: James CB: Zouma CB: Christensen LB: Emerson CM: Barkley CDM: Ampadu (If Jorginho is sold) CM: Mount RW: Pulisic LW: Pedro ST: Tammy/Bats That's still a clear top 6 squad IMO. Even our back-ups should be able to produce something like a 10th finish. How many of the other PL-clubs would want either Zouma or Christensen in their defense? How many would like Barkley, Mount, Tammy, Pedro or Pulisic in their starting XI? I would assume pretty much everyone except the other top six clubs. And even some of those might want one or more of them. ... a side note. Read that someone thought Spurs succes was depending on Kanes ankle. Partly agree . He is crucial to their succes. But another- quite underrated player - is Eriksen. He is the one that binds everything together. Think it'll be a massive loss for them if he's leaving. Lo Celso and Ndombele are to quite different players, and I can't see them directly filling the Eriksen-gap, should he leave. Son and Kane are still brilliant though - and if Dele starts performing again, Spurs could be dangerous. Doubt they'll challenge Liverpool or City though.
  7. Don't forget Rodrygo and Militao. A brilliant summer for Real so far... and yesterday Pogba was out saying he'd be ready for a new challenge - not to mention Eriksen doing the same a week back. Don't think they'll go for both - but one of them will surely end up there.
  8. Exactly. I've read rumours from €75M to €150M over the past 12 months. Most recently it was €100M and in the past weeks it has been €130M. Now it seems that we are telling them to pay up around €140-150M for his services. And I bet that we're going to get it - which obviously is what he's worth as well.
  9. Haha - probably, yeah. The difference between him and Sarri is, IMO, that Ten Hag offer a more direct style of football. Not just moving the ball from side to side for the sake of it. What I fear with Lamps is that our fans in the beginning will give him a long leash due to his history at the club - but then they'll turn on him in time if results and/or playing style isn't going anywhere. And I would be so sad to see his legacy partly ruined due to taking charge of Chelsea too early. As well, I think you're right about Tomori and JCS. Sadly... Tomori has been brilliant this year. Perhaps Chalobah has a better chance than the two - though he'll probably be loaned out.
  10. Doubt that Sarri will stay. Seems destined for Juve now. Although I love Lamps for his time here as a player, I just don't think he's ready for leading Chelsea. Imagine him against proven managers like Klopp or Guardiola. I think we'd get absolutely hammered. I would hope for something like this... Manager: Erik Ten Hag GK: Kepa RB: Reece James RCB: Azpi/Tomori/AC (Hopefully Tomori is given a chance - but another season with Derby seems logical). LCB: David Luiz/Clarke-Salter (Though JCS will probably be loaned out). LB: Emerson/Azpi RCM: Barkley CDM: Kanté/Ampadu LCM: Mount RW: Pulisic ST: Giroud/Abraham LW: Willian The line-up takes the following in mind: Transfers - Jorginho is sold to Juve, as Sarri is appointed as the new head coach of Juve (He could just use Pjanic/Bentancur for that role, but let's just imagine it'll happen). - Pedro is sold. - Alonso is sold. - Batshuayi is sold. - Drinkwater is sold. - Higuain & Kovacic's loan-deals doesn't get extended. Injuries Loftus-Cheek Hudson-Odoi Antonio Rudiger You could argue that Ten Hag would - just as Sarri - prefer at controlling CDM - just as he has with Schöne now. Therefore selling Jorginho isn't neccesarily given. - In case we decide to appeal our ban to CAS - my ideal squad - with all players fit, and some transfers (Most recent rumours) - would be something like this. GK: Kepa RB: Reece James/Azpi RCB: Rudiger/Azpi LCB: David Luiz/AC LB: Emerson/Azpi RCM: RLC/Barkley CDM: Kanté/Ampadu LCM: Coutinho/Mount RW: Pépé/Pulisic ST: Giroud/Abraham LW: Hudson-Odoi/Willian Dream scenario: With Griezmann leaving Atletico, and Barca seemingly having trouble to get the deal finalized, it would be perfect with him as a striker. Highly unlikely though... But just imagine CHO/Griez/Pépé up front.
  11. Haha - I can't see it happening like that. But I guess that more often than not, it's written between the lines. Sure, results are good - and fans will like you for that. But results with managers whom the players and fans are backing will often mean more. Look at Klopp in Liverpool. Has won absolutely nothing, yet everyone is full of admiration for him, his personality and style of football. Everyone is backing him, from staff to fans to players... Which means that the board are backing him as well. And not just this year - or last year, where the results have been good. But long before that.
  12. My guess is that THAT is the exact reason for his sit-down with the board. Sometjing like: "I gave you top four, FA Cup final and won the EL. I did it by playing the way I told you I would. Possesion-based attacking football. Now we have a ban, and you're selling our - by far - best player. Sure, I'll stay and play our talents and most of the current sqaud - but I can't guarantee either top four nor making the final rounds of the CHL. What do you think?"
  13. Hazard leaving seems to be certain. The Sarri-Granovskaia sitdown planned for yesterday could turn out in three ways. 1. Sarri continues as our coach following his current contract, wether we appeal or not. (I think we do though - just waiting until the last minute, making sure we'll get as long as possible to do transfers this summer).> 2. Sarri continues, whiæe extending and/or changing his current contract. Probably in regards to the results he'll get us next season and the transfers coming in, as well as a reference to Hazard leaving. 3. Sarri is released from his contract, while we continue our usual rollercoaster ride in search of that someone to take charge, who both the board, players and fans like. (Preferably someone that has no opinion with the club dictating transfers, and so on)
  14. Should the takeover happen - seems likely - they'll definately go out and spend a lot. Doubt theyøll beat Real though. Still don't get the ones saying Real haven't spend money in the past few years. It's simply not true. - This season they've spend (including last summer - and excluding transfers that'll go through this summer) €170M. I know, i know. They wen't on and sold Cristiano Ronaldo, which - including his salaries - made it pretty much even. But is is not as if they made purely profits of him leaving. It merely made the socre even - though they must have some expected losses on their shirt-selling and brand-value at the same time. Looking at transfers that'll go though this summer. - Real have already bought Eder Militao and Rodrygo for at combined €95M. Hazard seems to go for something like €135M - and you can easily add either Eriksen and/or Pogba in the calculation. Maybe even Jovic as well. I could prove to be a very expensive transfer window - though it will undoubtbly be worth it.

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