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  1. In the last days rumours have started to show regarding Nicolas Pépé as a replacement if Eden leaves for Real Madrid. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6931143/chelsea-set-70m-nicolas-pepe-eden-hazard-way-real-madrid.html https://talksport.com/football/528627/chelsea-transfer-news-eden-hazard-nicolas-pepe/ I know - perhabs not the most trustworthy sources, but still. Interesting indeed. Personally I see a lot more potential in Pépé than I do in Pulisic, who to me seems like more of a backup solution with high marketing value. Though with Pulisic, Pedro, Willian and CHO already in our squad, a transfer seems unlikely. Furthermore, it seems that Lille wants to sell this summer - and with our well-known transfer ban hanging over our head - it's probably just another rumour.
  2. According to Sky this is now a real rumour. He's indeed interesting - young, intelligent and strong - could be exactly what we need. Though I also read some time ago that we were looking at his teammate Sébastien Haller - more of a targetman, but has been consistant with goals and assists in the Eredivisie and the Bundesliga. Not sure who I'd prefer of the two.
  3. Exactly - football, and especially tranfers, are complicated. And it will only get more and more complicated in the future I think. Agree with the fact that we should sell the on most of the unnecessary players. Unfortunately the two-year loan-deals for both Morata and Moses leaves us with no choice but to wait until next summer before selling. Not too sure about Bats. He could turn out to be brilliant, but he's a bit of at lottery ticket. I'd go for Giroud (given that he decides to extend his contract, red.) and then Tammy/Bats for backup. - I actually think our dear Olivier deserves a chance to be the starter. Brilliant in the small-play-areas and a great play-up station. Most of all - I hope we can keep CHO. Just read on Sky that he's still pretty unsettled at the Bridge, but that the club has informed him we won't sell him no matter what happens with the ban-situation. Hopefully just rumours, though. Furthermore, Bayern is seemingly looking closely at Pepé from Lille. Competition there should be the same as in Chelsea. About Bayern though... They just bought Hernandez from Atletico. A left-footed defender, capable of playing in both the center - and left-side. How on earth did we not turn in for him - with Luiz getting older and older? I know that we've got AC - an intelligent young defender, with pace and coolness like few others - but still... Talk about hitting the hammer on the nail. Personally I'd have no problem with Pedro leaving to free up space for CHO. CHO, Willian and Pulisic seems like great options on the wing - and with RLC also being able to take that position the problem would (pretty much) be solved.
  4. Spot on. In my opinion we're definately in need of a DoF. With Marina Granovskaia being the main responsible for player transactions, we leave a lot of areas to chance. - I'll just mention Pulisic again here. There's no doubt that he's talented, but how is he - footballings wise - worth £60M? He lost his place in the Dortmund team to Sancho - an 18-year-old englishman, that was far from being a part of the bench in Manchester City. As I see it, CHO is capable of at least the same, if not more, than Sancho... and CHO are barely playing for us. I know theres some geographic-marketing-reason which is playing a massive part in the Pulisic transfer as well, but still. We really need a professional like Arnesen og Emenalo to help pulling some strings when deciding which players to buy.
  5. With an appeal hearing in about two weeks time regarding the transfer ban - what's next for us? Yesterday, AC told in a interview that the club had informed all players that they were to stay, should the club be banned from acquiring new players. But what's the plan then? - Let's put up the two (perhabs three) scenarios that we're likely to see. 1. FIFA decides to maintain the ban - and the club are not to sign any players in the upcomning tranfer windows. 1.1. FIFA accepts the appeal of allowing Chelsea to acquiring players while the case is under investigation, giving the club a chance to sign players in the summer. 2. The decision regarding a transfer ban is dismissed, as CAS and/or FIFA rules in favour of Chelsea and the FA. Now, the're a lot of questionmarks regarding the matter. When, how and if a decision is made... Let's imagine that the we do recieve the ban - nothing to do. Is the correct move to simply maintain players? We've got so much talent and potential in our youth - something that we finally are getting a chance to see. However, with 40+ players returning from loan, what would be best? I would have no problem with the club allowing most of the irellevant players leave. By irellevant, I mean players the realistically aren't going to get in the squad. https://www.transfermarkt.com/fc-chelsea/leihspieler/verein/631 In the link above, 21 of our first team loan players (excluding Pulisic, red.) are listed. Really, there's only two players that I'd be sad to see leaving; Tammy and Zouma. Why are we keeping players like Nathan, Baba Rahman, Kalas, Omeruo, Hector, Pasalic and Baker? - I'm finding it extremely difficult to ever see either of those players getting a chance in the first team. Even IF they were to be considered - wouldn't we simply replace them with new, and better players in the near future? I'd like to see the squad - and club - recieving a major overhaul soon. Give Sarri time to work with squad, perhabs even accept that Hazard is leaving and that we're not winning the league in the next couple of years. I know, it's difficult with our owner - and the latest history of non-performing managers. But oh my, I'd love to see us not buying mediocre players for the sake of it. Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Remy and the list goes on. I did like the idea of Morata, Bakayoko and Batshuayi. All of them we're young and wanted be several clubs - unfortunately they simply didn't work out. The same goes for Pulisic. I'm actually genuinly having doubts regarding him - hope he proves me wrong though. But the point of buying fewer andbetter players alongside our young - and extremely talented - players, is really something I would love. In my opinion, if the ban remains, the squad should be something like this (Assuming Hazard still leaves - despite the clubs willingness to sell) GK: Kepa, Bulka RB: Azpi CB: Rudiger, Zouma CB: Luiz, AC/Ampadu LB: Alonso, Emerson CDM: Jorginho, Ampadu RCM: Kanté LCM: RLC, Barkley RW: Willian, Pulisic LW: CHO, Pedro ST: Higuain, Abraham Now, with players above listed, I'd expect Giroud - unfortunately - to run down his contract and look for more game time. Batshuayi and Drinkwater will probably be far from the team, and as we can't get new players, and the deal for Kovacic ends in June, he's been excluded as well (Not that I think we'd buy him anyway). Even if we were to sign players while the case gets investigated - I can't see a lot of changes that should be made. A new striker - but who? 50M Callum Wilson? Nah. Icardi? Most likely not going to happen. As far as I can see we need a goalscoring midfielder. Barkling and RLC is what we've got at that position at the moment. Not too bad. But not a lot of goals either. The one player I'd like to see us go for would be Kai Havertz. Young, and intelligent on the field. With him and RLC on the left side of the midfield, along Kanté/Barkley on the other and Jorginho/Ampadu in the center, I'd go as far as saiyng we're set for the next 5 years or so. But I guess that's just wishful thinking. We're probably going to sack Sarri by the end of the year, and keep Hazard, which will make CHO unhappy with his amount of playing time, leaving us with both leaving for free in a bit over a year. Or... What's next?
  6. Spot on! If Sarri manage to get Hazard to become some kind of Mertens v2, which seems to be exactly what he is trying, I think we should just have faith in Willian, Pedro and CHO. A guy like Isco could be ideal as well.
  7. He is a number 9. Though I genuinly beliveve we should consider someone like Haller as well. So underrated, and has been doing great in both the Erediviese and Bundesliga now. Believe either could be snapped up for at pretty low amount.
  8. I'd give it a solid 8 or 9 of 10. We got the perhaps most pivotal player from Sarris Napoli side in Jorginho. He's gonna go directly into the core of our midfield, and he know the system. That's huge for Sarri. We knew Courtois might leave, and the fact that we replaced him with one of the most exiting goalkeeping talents in the world is just phenomenal. I don't even care that he cost us £70M. It gets even better by the fact that Courtois new club offered us af brilliant central midfielder who's probably worth around £60-70M for free for a year. Personally I believe that the only thing that could've made the window even better would be if we had gotten a better left back or striker. Maybe even af new centre back - if that's want Sarri wanted. Now it's time for a transition season, and hopefully our true potential will start showing either next year, or sometime throughout this season. I think we'll have a lot of ups and downs this year - but oh my, I'm looking forward to this season.
  9. Though it's probably not going to happen, he certainly does look good in blue.
  10. Hanzen

    What Now?

    If both were to happen I'd cry myself to sleep in pure happiness tonight.
  11. And yet - do we really need that? Morata's bottom level is trash to put it nicely, but imagine him getting confidence and going on a run sort of like what he did in the start of last season. Could be decent. Sure, it would be nice getting a Martial or something up there, but there's really no telling as to whether he'll do better. On the wing we have Willian. A trickery, pacy brazilian, that both Barcelona and Manchester United want. I genuinly believe our squad is brilliant already, though I wouldn't mind seeing either Martial or Fekir coming in with some hunger and fresh blood. Wishful thinking, I know...
  12. Hanzen

    What Now?

    Just as the Lyon rumours, this one is difficult. I doubt United have inquired about the availability of Zouma. Some say Mou has given him a call. Hard to tell. Yeah, according to rumours Chelsea are trying with something in the area of €55M + Zouma for Fekir. Could just be some varm air with nothing to it...
  13. Hanzen

    What Now?

    So... It seems we're done doing business for now. Only around 7-8 hours left to finish up new signings, which makes it highly unlikely, that we'll sign other. Only remaining rumour seems to be Fekir. Could be a brilliant ending to this years summer transfer window. But what now? Most leagues around Europe are still able to buy players until 1st of september. Obviously the board are looking to offload some of the more irellevant squad players, but that being said - what happens with the likes of RLC, Drinkwater and Tammy Abraham? All homegrown players that, likely, would prefer moves to clubs in England. I've been looking at possible outgoings (with a subjective touch, of course) that could happen in the upcoming weeks. First off - the possible loan departures. Marcin Bulka: We're looking at a huge talent here. Whether he'll go on loan or play for our U23/U21s is hard to tell though. Kurt Zouma: He was brilliant when he made his first team breakthrough under Mou. A major injury sadly put an end to that. He was decent last year in a very blunt Stoke side. Rumours is that Mou are after him, and that we wan't to loan him as part of the Fekir deal. Something will defo happen with Zouma, perhaps by the end of the day, as he realistically won't be getting any game time. Kenneth Omeruo: Was are pretty smooth performer at Kasimpasa last season, and will probably be looking at another spell abroad. Thomas Kalas: Not sure if he's going to get another loan, or if we're looking at a permanent departure for our long servant. Did a great job for Fulham last season thugh. Michael Hector: Not a lot to say here. Will definately not be a part of the squad for next season. Ola Aina: Will be going away on loan. Was a starter for Hull all season last year, and rumours of clubs wanting him are many, with PSV an Torino among the lot. Charly Musonda: Didn't get the playing time he was hoping for at Celtic. Hard to tell what the future holds for this lad. No doubt he has potential. Can't see him as a major impact for us this year, especially after the pre-season perfomances that CHO made. Lucas Piazon: Has actually been playing quite a lot in pre-season. With the arrival of Kovacic I can't see him getting anything more than a couple of cup games though. Tiemoue Bakayoko: This one is interesting. Several rumours we're linking him with a move to Sevilla just weeks ago. Now, however, he seems destined for a year abroad in AC Milan. With only a handful of decent games in the blue shirt last season, it could be just what he needs to get back on the level we saw in Monaco. Either that, or he simply isn't better - time will tell. RLC: It looks like a loan to another english club. No doubt Palace would want him for another year. Had hoped he would have been given time. Michy Batshuayi: Seems certain that he's going on loan again, with Valencia among a number of clubs that would like to require his services. Tammy Abraham: The Michy saga will possibly define the outcome of this one. He wants a chance at Chelsea, however, staying would probably make him the third choice. There's indeed lots of other potential players that could be leaving on loan. Trevoh Chalobah, Jay Dasilva and Kasey Palmer could be some. Furthermore we've already got 10 players away on loan, with Kenedy, Miazga, Baba Rahman and Pasalic as the most prominent names. Well then. That's it for the possible loan departures... Time to narrow the scope at possible sales. Danny Drinkwater: This one is tricky. Can't see him having a role at Chelsea, and he has always looked like some sort of panic buy. According to Sky he has got several suiters. Could be away by today. Davide Zappacosta: Probably won't happen if Aina leaves. Doubt that we're going to count on Moses as a fullback. Both AC and Rüdiger can play the rightback position, but it seems unlikely that they will ever do. Still, we're left with questionmarks over players like Cahill, Moses and Van Ginkel. I know, MVG is out for like 8 months with an injury. He'll probably just be at Cobham trying to get back. But Moses and Cahill should - IMO - be sold. They're just not good enough anymore. With players like CHO and Ampadu moving quickly through the ranks, their spots are easily dispensable. What do you guys reckon? Will we get another signing - or are we done?
  14. Exactly. Well done by Madrid. But on the other hand we kind of get what we want - right? We're getting rid of a keeper that clearly doesn't want to be in Chelsea, and Real offers to help us out with a midfielder, which is what we're looking for. The loan deal furthermore makes it possible for us to snatch up a high prospect goalkeeper rather than Butland or Schmeichel. I know, it's kind of a short term solution - but at least a decent solution for both parties. Hopefully we'll put in a buyout clause as well. Rumours says Real won't accept that, but we'll have to wait and see.

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