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  1. Ole may not be the best manager in the world but for the last 2 years they were fine. What happen to ole is similar to what happen with Lamp last season. Both tried to cram too many attackers who can't play defense. Cavani will press, do all the cf duty, Ronaldo give you nothing except goals. Same with Lampard, he replaced Willian who will defend and provide ball retention up top with werner/Ziyech who can't defend and everything fell apart.
  2. The truth is he can't. For Jorginho it is all about conservatives pass, lots of short sideway passes, some diagonal. Next week try to watch Tielemans play for Leicester, Leicester played 3412 so slightly similar to how we play and and watch how Tielemans make those line breaking and the speed of his pass
  3. Whoever in charge of United will have massive headache. This united team simply has too many "stars"
  4. I am not sure about Conte. Conte system always revolve around on his main cf : Lukaku, costa, etc which mean Cavani will play 100%. If Cavani has to play and I assume Ronaldo has to be played which mean there is one spot left for bruno, sancho, greenwood, Rashford that is just crazy.
  5. Without pressure sure, with pressure, nope. He will lose a lot ball and we will be in trouble. With Jorginho it is all about doing what he does best which is to help with the ball circulation, and defend central area.
  6. If you called him a regista then it is his job. If his jobs is just to retain the ball then he js just basic dm
  7. I don't expect him to hit those passes though. He has never been good at those. Sideway passes is where he is very good at. I watched Tielemans yesterday against Brentford, now that is the guy who can make line breaking passes with ease
  8. I remembered ole record against big team was very2 good. He used to setup his team to be very2 defensive and try to hit his opp on the counter.
  9. Nah, the moment they signed Ronaldo everything fell apart.
  10. Manchester United is showing you how not to play football. They are defending with only 6 players, shaw has to defend against salah, keita and trent. This is just truly crazy. Keita had acre of space for all three goals, so2 easy. If Liverpool is sharper they could easily put 5 pass United
  11. Luke shaw has to defend salah, trent and keita 😂😂 United is 2-0 and Liverpool is not playing that well. This is just crazy game
  12. It all started when they signed Ronaldo. From footballing point of view, it made very little sense.
  13. Either that or city has by far the best squad in the league.
  14. This is awful post You basically mock your own club. You basically say Chelsea is a small club because we had big scorer such Costa, Drogba and Lamp to carry us.
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