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  1. We have 8 attackers in the team
  2. Absolutely he need to go to Bayern and be the 5th winger behind muller,sane,gnabry and Coman.
  3. Funny that people didn't like when I said we didn’t beat good team in pool. Some even mentioned that was our besr performance in years 😂😂 Pretty much everyone beat pool this days. They are really struggling.
  4. CF vs highline On the benc vs the rest
  5. That was what you called naive player selection.
  6. We played against spurs without kane and regullon, against pool that is in their worst form in year, I have no idea what atletico were doing. We played well,but not sure you can say we absolutely destroyed them. We conceded few they didnt score, we created few we score. Tons of stuff going our way now mane missh*t,chris tackle on mane , kante handball,cho handball all can easily be given. Result wise it has been great,performance wise not so much. If after watching us in this 10 games and you think we are close to pool/city level, then not sure what to tell you. Short term wise
  7. Really ? After beating pool 1-0 ? They have lost 5 home games in a row.
  8. Other than against United,last year our performamce against bif team was quite good in general. I also think we competed well against pool even this season when we lost 2-0 until chris red card of course. We couldnt get out of our own half, but we had two werner one on one against Fabinho. I didnt remember us conceding any chances either.
  9. Wow now everyone is thinking that what Tuchel has done is mindblowing. For me what TT has done is making us more structured offensively and play more conservative by pretty much attack with 5 player only. They are perfectly fine if we are talking about barely making top 4 but that isnt our aim long term, we want to go back to challenge for title against pool n city and in order to do that you need to be great at both side of the ball. Pretty much all the game under Tuchel so far has similar feel,we barely concede chances. We barely created chances unless the other team is sim
  10. The intensity level wasn't pool. Pool didnt break you down by playing intricate football,they break you down by putting you under immense pressure using their relentless attack and press I think it was Guardiola who said,pool is at their best without the ball but when they are dominant you can't get out of your own half
  11. Lamp problem came down persisting of finding ways to fit timo, puli, havert, Ziyech together and lack conservatism against big team. These two are connected. That has been pretty much the story of 1st half of the season.
  12. My point is the one that we played yesterday barely resemble pool from the last 3 years. There is no relentless pressing nor high intensity offense. It was still a very good performance but it wasn't against a really good team. They have lost 5 games in a row at home for a reason.
  13. It is more than just out of form. They are playing position that they are not comfortable with. One moment today, Ziyech had the ball on the right wing and suddenly he looked like Ziyech again.
  14. Yes, in general I want us to be more front footed but we looked better today simply because of pool setup. Even today's game we missed opportunity to go forward but it didn't matter, we had so many of them and they were very2 easy. Not sure I learn anything new about our offense from today's game, we probably will go back to snooze fest football soon. Today's game is more about our defense. With so much protection against attacker that honestly look knackered, I think we should be very good until the end of the season
  15. Against most team we simply can't do it. There is simply very little space or opportunity. Today's game we had gazillion chances and opportunities. If you persist on hitting long ball to Werner with little space he will lose the ball pretty much everytime.
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