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  1. He looks like a very good cb but a bit short. Honestly, it will probably a good signing and a minor improvement. RCB is clearly not one of our weaknesses. The biggest question is can he play in back 4 because eventually Tuchel will get sacked we won't play back 3.
  2. I personally want us to try Cho/puli - Werner - Havertz Mount - Kante/Kova Purely for selfish reason. I want to be entertained, man some of the football under Tuchel last season remind me of Sarri ball, absolute snooze fest.
  3. Both of you kinda say the same thing. May I know what Tuchel want from his cf?
  4. May i know who is that new main striker? Finding st that is better than tammy is not as easy as most people here think unless we are talking about spending crazy money.
  5. IMO with CHO is I don't think he is suited playing as one of the no 10 especially on the right. CHO want to run at player so he want to go outside and inside. But in Tuchel 343, the two am are narrow 10. I barely see any of the two 10 get the ball outside and attack player last season.
  6. I don't follow gini story with pool but I am not surprised that lots of pool fans doesn't really rate gini. We did the same thing with Mount and Mount is a academy grad
  7. Varane to United is a very2 interesting singing. Hopefully United stopped playing pogba as lw and play him as cm in 4231 mode. Can two very2 good cb prevent you from conceding even if they are not protected enough. That is an interesting question
  8. I don't think winning a trophy increase your revenue significantly especially not if you are at United size.
  9. It is not just Tuchel though. It is very strange for such talented player to be doubted by three different managers.
  10. 18m was a total bargain for Giroud. Even at his age, it is difficult to find target man as good as Giroud
  11. This discussion is not about Rice taking us to the higher level. You basically said Rice will pretty much play backup to Jorgi. You said Jorgi move the ball faster (this is clearly false because our ball movement is very2 slow with Jorgi, I highly doubt it will get much worse with Rice unless he ii Bakayoko level on the ball but clearly he isn't) Jorgiknit the team better, I said I have doubt but let's say i agree but rice is clearly better defensively both on the ground and aerially. Purely from these two fact alone, I don't think you can say rice will sit behind Jorgi in fact I can see Rice playing over Jorgi. Because of Rice superior athleticism, he is far more versatile and can play in multiple role so it is so much easier for Tuchel to use him against different opponents. Aditional height is always welcome against big team, Tuchel can use his better defensive ability against stronger team or add one more attacker against weaker team without being afraid of counter attack.
  12. Next time we play, watch Jorginho closely. Watch his one touch pass and his non one touch pass and compare. Watch the power/speed of his passing and you will understand. When we signed Jorginho, I had never watched him, all I know that he was this pass master from napoli. I was excited, finally we got a dm to replace Matic. So when our ball movement were just very2 slow and Jorginho kept making this short sideway passes, I thought maybe Jorgi needed time to understand his mate movement so he was just hesitant. Then I started watching him closely, then it was clear.
  13. Was it you who I had debate about Southgate bringing Maguire to this Euro?
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