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  1. I don't understand your argument because what you are trying to say to me is that city b team is very2 good. Not once I said that they are not good. This is basically your argument A:Foden - KDB - Mharez B:sterling-Aguero -Jesus B is very2 good and probably can start week in week out for most teams. I absolutely agree 100%. But my point is A is clearly better than B and we faced B not A.
  2. I am quite surprised that this is even a debate. If you analyze city's team, you can divide their attack into 3 part Left :gundo+foden Middle :kdb Right :silva+mahrez The right side didn't play in the two games. KDB played only in 1st half of fa cup.Gundo and foden played in the 2nd half in the two games. So pretty much we faced only one of out those three threats at any one time. Somebody said but we also didn't play our best team, this is completely irrelevant. It does not matter if you say our b team is better than their b team. We and city will 100
  3. City best lineup Foden - KDB - Mahrez Gundo - B Silva Fernadinho Zinchenko/Cancelo - cb - cb - Walker So pretty much everyone
  4. It is more than who want it more. Pep played his b team twice against us.
  5. Because City is actually pretty gold and we beat city b team twice
  6. CHO got 0 assist but that goal was all about CHO. That is what you called a creator.
  7. Can somebody tell TT to stop playing puli on the right
  8. But that is not how city play. If you have watched city play, none of the thing that you watch today show how city play
  9. Really nothing to see. No mahrez, kdb, foden, silva, gundo.
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