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  1. He'd flip the burgers too many time without actually ever getting them into a bun...
  2. I believe Matt Law on this. £32M or so to Willian across 4 years. He'd be stupid NOT to take it. And he's not stupid.
  3. Werner was 11 at Leipzig. Unless he wants a change, he seems like a logical home for 11. I can't see CHO getting 10 Pulisic would want it, but I dont think he'd ask for it yet. But I dont think he'd turn it down either. Positionally, Havertz, if he signs, would make sense, but do you give the 10 to a 20 year old new signing? I guess if you drop £80M you might
  4. Perspective. In Pepe's first year, he was level with Willian's average over 7 years. The only difference between Pepe and Willian this year was 3 penalties and a free kick. I hope Willian benches Pepe (and Martinelli and Saka). Pepe has a chance to get better.
  5. I think he's just repaying Arsenal for years of loyal service...
  6. I know what you meant. He's certainly capable of the once every couple of seasons blinder. But as someone who will root against Arsenal, I can't help but hope he's taking minutes away from their up and coming talent and stunting their growth. And if he isnt in the team on a regular basis, im hoping he shows the same maturity he did at Chelsea when he was coming off the bench. All while hampering their ability to do business to address their defense. If Arteta is smart, he'll leave the front 3 alone, and put Willian in the midfield. He's basically a "box to box winger". Wouldn't most people call that a midfielder?
  7. I'll take my chances. He never scored a league goal against Arsenal, and his only two league goals against Spurs came this season.
  8. I'm confident he can maintain his level of productivity well into his late 30s. It's not like he's set the bar high with his goal and assist record the last 7 years. 10 G/A per season in the league should be well attainable for him for several more years. He'll have trouble matching this season of 9 goals if he's off penalty duty, but take away the penalties and he's right on his usual numbers of 5 goals / 7 assists. He should be able to do that for a long, long time.
  9. We lost to Everton, Bournemouth, Southampton, Newcastle, West Ham, and Sheffield United with Willian starting, and we score a grand total of 3 goals. We're equally capable of struggling offensively with him in the lineup as without. Makes me glad to see a fresh wave of attackers coming in.
  10. He was always available when it mattered. Plenty of rotation for teams like Bayern and Real who only play 3-4 league games a season.
  11. Best we can hope for on Drinkwater is that someone will keep taking him on loan to subsidize his wages until his contract runs out. His contract will ensure he's never sold. Now it's just about saving millions on wages.
  12. Hedge fund managers don't make millions as easy as Chelsea did on that one.
  13. How about this as all kinds of strange for you. Cuadrado... in a Chelsea shirt... in the USA... I took these of him at the Big House on Michigan in front of about 95,000 fans.
  14. I didn't believe David Luiz to Arsenal when I first saw it rumored. Close to deadline day, fresh of signing a 2 year deal, and he's going to Arsenal? yeah right...
  15. Letting Nathan Chalobah go for a song, then spending £30M+ on Danny Drinkwater. Didn't make sense at the time, and hindsight had made it worse. Matt Miazga was a strange one. I'd never heard of him before he signed with Chelsea. So it's not like they were tapping in to the US market.
  16. and he blew out his knee again since then. He hasn't been the same player since the days you reference. For an athlete who relies on quick bursts of movement, an ACL injury can be a full 18 months of recovery. And this isn't the first serious knee injury Rudiger has had. I'm hoping he gets back to his best, but this season wasn't it, and I put a lot of that on the injury(ies)
  17. I trust Pedro a helluva lot more as a squad player and mentor to younger players than I do Willian. That Galactico ego of his is part of the package that people continually discount when they say "good squad player' and "experience". If Chelsea puts him on a 2 year extension, here's to hoping it's another £10M autograph like it was with Luiz.
  18. Nice when Pulisic can have an off game and we can still win relatively comfortably. Going to be nice to have a whole bunch of attacking options next season.
  19. 23/7/19 - Would you take 15 goals from Tammy Abraham in the league? -- %@% Yeah I would, that would be incredible 23/7/20 - Tammy Abraham isn't good enough ahhh expectations and how they change perception I'm thrilled with Tammy Abraham this season, and hope he keeps improving on his very good 19/20 season
  20. I will be jaw on the floor shocked if Willian doesn't get it this season.
  21. Somewhere in this thread I compared his heat map with AC Milan and the game David Luiz played for us that day. They were almost identical. He can do a job as an old fashioned stopper in front of the back 4. I'm not advocating for his return, but he's not as bad a player as he's looked for us.
  22. On the NBC Sports feed, the discussion was Chelsea's inability to kill off the game. The analyst noted that Norwich City really posed no threat all game. "I don't remember Kepa making a save" That statement is usually accurate win, lose or draw 😄

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