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  1. Yeah, he's an elite baseball player for his age, so I haven't messed with it too much. We had rules here where we weren't allowed to punt the ball until they were 10... well Sean could throw it over the midfield line.... I'd say "that's my center fielder" Oh, and most importantly, I'm raising him right 😀
  2. So, somewhere on this thread I probably said I'd rather have my 11 year old in goal... 🤣 well, I was half kidding, but he's pretty dang good. He's not much smaller than Kepa, I'd venture a guess he's a bit tougher.. we took on Atlanta United's youth academy on Saturday night and he had a really good showing... (sorry for the proud dad moment)
  3. Not that slowly, quite quickly actually. 😁
  4. He moves so easy that he doesn't look like he's moving that fast, but when he picks up the ball in our end and takes off on the break, no one is catching him from behind. Thats a dynamism I don't remember seeing centrally for a while. He easily could have had a couple of assists on counters tonight.
  5. Looked fully fit and comfortable tonight when he came on. Had that swagger and arrogance about his game that makes him so dangerous in attack. Long may it continue
  6. How do we put users on "ignore" on the new format?
  7. The American model is a franchise model of the Billionaire boys club... buy your way into the league and you have a no-risk asset that generates millions of guaranteed revenue without any risk. They put salary caps in place and incentivize losing if you're not in the "playoff" race. It's pretty despicable if you look at it with an open mind. The only ones who suffer with an unambitious owner are the fans. The owner still makes his millions while fielding an inferior product and leaching off of the league. I LOVE how cutthroat international football is. I love promotion, relegation. I love that teams fight for their lives at the end of the season, instead of tanking for a higher draft pick. I love that ambition is rewarded and not punished.
  8. If we're going to play 11v11 intra squad, who's your first pick? With everyone 100% fit. It might be Mendy... lol Feels like everyone to this point has a direct replacement. A place where we can argue who our best might be right now.... except LW I don't think there's any doubt if he's fit, he's in the team. Werner/Havertz may become those guys. Kante is that guy when he's 100% fit. I actually think Dave may be our best big game player. He usually has massive games against City especially. Silva could be our MVP of the season if the back four shows massive improvement under his leadership. But Pulisic, during project restart, was Chelsea's best player. Hopefully he finds that form again, and we have big arguments about who that player is, .Because there are so many choices.
  9. People of Color is becoming an accepted term to describe non-white in the US. I won't use that term. Reminds me too much of "colored". I'll take the extra two seconds to describe different races if I need to clarify.
  10. they got it right, but Christensen replaced Luiz in the middle of the back 3 for Conte when Luiz had his tantrum and wasn't seen again until Sarri took over.
  11. I'm not ready to give up on RLC, but I'm ready to throw in the towel on him in a front 3. I've yet to see him have a positive contribution from one of the wide positions in a front 3. If we were short there tonight, Mason is more effective. Put him up top and RLC in the midfield.
  12. he's on an extension, so Chelsea will likely get a small fee... reports are 5M.
  13. Official to Palace. Signing an extension makes a ton of sense for Chelsea. They have his wages covered, and they can still get a fee.... ends up costing zero, with 8 figures of upside low risk, high reward...
  14. Looks like Tomori is heading to Everton on loan. Would love for him to get 30 starts for them.
  15. I'm glad I didn't have some of you as teachers... or as kids on Christmas Havertz Chillwell Ziyech Werner Sarr Mbuyamba Silva and that's a 7? That's 5 new starters in one window. Gracious Put a traffic cone in goal and I'll give it a 9.5. Give me a competent GK and it's easily a 10. This window exceeds my wildest dreams.
  16. I don't think there's a huge worry right now. https://www.si.com/soccer/chelsea/news/frank-lampard-delivers-hakim-ziyech-knee-injury-update-brighton-friendly
  17. They were shoulder to shoulder. Brighton player had the ball on his right and Amapadu on his left shoulder. Ampadu reaches across with his right leg, his inside leg, and clipped the Brighton players left leg. I thought it was legit.
  18. In terms of points gained, I believe Silva is the most important signing of the 20/21 season.
  19. Will head out on loan. This was a no-brainer for Chelsea. If he develops at all, he should be an 8 figure asset. Brilliant business, and thank you Malang Sarr for agreeing.
  20. I agree, but you make your own luck to a certain extent, because the club is well run, Chelsea is in a position to take advantage of a depressed market. That's not an accident. Bottom line, since this is the Marina Granovskaia thread... there aren't a lot of execs around football I'd want to trade her for....
  21. I know the guy that runs that Get-News outfit... he's English... He has a couple of partners, but it's not all frogs 🙂
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