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  1. we're talking about two different things. If Hudson-Odoi leaves, I'm going to be pissed. I'm going to be pissed at Sarri for not playing him more this season. I'm going to be pissed at Sarri's boss for not making him feel more comfortable that he CAN take a chance on more of the young players... I'm still going to be pissed that we didn't take the money and run on Willian in the summer. I'm going to be pissed at Hudson-Odoi if he DOES get a lot of time, and then leaves on a free, or pittance, and then sits on the bench somewhere else for a year (Hello Solanke to Bournemouth!!). what I'm not going to do is demand the academy shuts down.
  2. again, that's the academy's job... Can't shut down the academy for producing class players. Other heads should roll if we can't keep a home grown class player from leaving.
  3. I think it's gone like this Bayern Offers 10, Chelsea says 15 Bayern offers 15, Chelsea says 20 Bayern offers 25, Chelsea says 40 Bayern offers 30, Chelsea says 40 Basically what I've seen so far is this... Bayern offers, Chelsea says "not for sale" (BTW. My initial point holds true at the reported 30M that Bayern offered... that the academy is doing its job)
  4. I probably should have out a line break before my last line. When I say the academy is absolutely doing it's intended purpose, I mean developing assets. If I launched an academy and said, here's a 20M budget and you either saved me 20M in transfer fees or brought me 20M in transfer fees, you've done your job. If we lose a player we want, that's no fault of the academy. The academy's job is to develop. So again, the Academy is absolutely fulfilling its intended purpose, so shutting it down for Chelsea losing a player is silly. It's not the academy's job to integrate players into the first team. If Hudson Odoi is sold, that's not on the academy... the blame for that one is higher up the chain.
  5. Like you say, If we sell him for 40M, the academy just paid for itself for the next decade. The academy is absolutely doing it's intended purpose.
  6. I also happen to think that we just signed a 20 year old that would improve our right wing if he stepped on the pitch on Saturday. Were there targets that might be better on the RW that were available to us? Maybe Is he better than what we currently have in Willian and Pedro? Considering their age, production,and fitness... Absolutley. I dont think this is just a signing for what he could be... he a better option August 1st at RW than what we currently have. That's good. That's he's 20, is even better... I think there is going to be a massive overhaul in the next 8 months. We talk about the 200M spent 2 years ago... we'll get a good chunk of that back with sales. And if Hazard goes, we'll fly by 200M in incoming players in the next 8 months. Pulisic isn't the answer by any stretch , but he's a nice piece of the puzzle.
  7. I know this is a bit ridiculous (the infographic), but so is writing off a 20 year old kid...
  8. Looking this up, I guess it was more quantitative than my eye test. He actually led the Bundesliga last year. What he can do after beating his man will determine if he becomes a productive player or not, but the talent is there.
  9. I've said that. I've backed off on that since the first time I said it, but I made the comparison for two reasons 1. Their ability to best guys 1v1. Hazard is amazing, Pulisic is really, really good. 2. The size. Hazard is much thicker in the lower half. I think it's absolutely fair to be apprehensive about this signing. I don't think there would he bear as much apprehension if Hazard and Hudson Odoi were settled. But I see those as different issues. This is for Willian/Pedro, and at this stage of their careers, I think he's already an upgrade. I'm excited AND apprehensive. But there are some extenuating circumstances for a several of your concerns. 1. He hasn't always been in the front 3. In fact for most of his career appearances at Dortmund, I believe he actually played in the midfield. I wouldn't bet my life on that one, just how I remember it . 2. On the playing time... he started the season injured... it's been reported that a deal was already in place for him with Chelsea last summer, Sancho took his chance really well, and Dortmund is off to a flying start. Any one of those factors would keep a player out of the team, all four at once and should we be surprised he's not playing as much. Might tell us a bit more that Dortmund refuses to let him go in January, no? For goodness sake, the expectations at RW are so low right now that he's walking in to an ideal situation There are valid concerns, and there are also valid reasons to genuinely like this signing. I hope he does incredibly well at Chelsea. I hope that for every Chelsea player and I hope that for every US Internatioal. So this one makes me doubly nervous!
  10. I'd never heard of Miazga before Chelsea bought him. I think he was playing in a French side, and they dropped him and were looking to terminate his loan. He started at Nanted 8 of the first 9 games, they changed coaches and he hasn't really played since.
  11. Pulisic's letter to the Dortmund fans. You'll probably need to click on the Instagram link to read the English version (and second page)
  12. I know it's semantics, but it's not that he was dropped so much as he wasn't reinstated as a starter after injury. Again. That's not totally unexpected considering the flying start that Dortmund had this season. Sancho may have overtaken him anyway, but Pulisic wasn't dropped, Dortmund just had excellent depth and a guy that wasn't going to lose his spot right now
  13. One of the things I found enlightening... go read the first 2 pages of the Cesc Fabergas thread now that's it's popped back up... You might notice a pattern
  14. compared to the Freddy Adu nonsense, I think Pulisic has actually flown under the radar comparatively speaking. I think the US Media and fans are wary of another marketing campaign like that. Pulisic was literally the best field player the USA had ever produced at 18 years old. At 20, he's probably the most accomplished... exciting and sad at the same time.. lol
  15. Two years ago I compared Pulisic's ceiling to Hazard. Hazard has taken another step up from very, very good to World Class, so that might be stretching it now... but now I think Riyad Mahrez (sp?) is a better comparison for the style of play, because you say, Hazard is much stronger in the lower body... as David Luiz once put it in one of Chelsea's pre-seaon videos "You've got a big butt". I basically watched every Dortmund game at the end of the year last year with Pulisic and Michy both being there and playing great. I don't know how many US fans will start paying more attention to Chelsea like I did with Dortmund, Most of the older fans already have a team.. Ronaldo will sell 10X more Juventus jerseys in the states than Pulisic, but the kids are definitely more likely to choose Chelsea as their team now... especially with the marketing arm of Nike.... if there's one thing Nike knows how to do, is brand their talent. all in all-- throw out the commercial reasoning behind this, and I like the signing because he makes the club better. Did Chelsea overpay? Only if it keeps them from spending money in other areas...
  16. I've posted a lot about this in the rumors board, but Pulisic was injured to start this season and Sancho started off on fire. That he wasn't replaced with the start that Dortmund got off to is hardly surprising. Pulisic has terrific skill and can beat a man one on one about as easily as anyone Chelsea has this side of Hazard. In the Hazard thread I've also mentioned that if Pulisic is worth this much money with 12 months left in his contract, Hazard should he worth about double. This is a long term replacement for Pedro/Willian and a player that oozes talent and has much more potential as a finished product. If you take away all of the what ifs around Hazard/Hudson-Odoi, this is a signing Chelsea fans should be happy with. I am...
  17. I posted this in the transfer room, but I whether we get a striker or not, I'm not reading too much into what's being said publicly --------- I'm not quite as nuanced in football press conferences, but in the USA, the LAST place you are going to learn something is from what a coach says publicly. Coaches like so much that we don't even call it lying. We call it "coachspeak" I dont believe Sarri for a second. He's defending his players publicly, rather than running down his current players for not being good enough like Mourinho and Conte. The whole free world knows that Chelsea needs a striker. He mentions wings, because that's safe, thatd where all the injuries are. He can talk about that position without talking down anyone's ability. He knows we need a striker. We all know. But it doesn't do anyone any good, not in team morale, not in resale value, to say "what I have isn't good enough."
  18. I don't. I also form an opinion based on assists and attitude. One of those is subjective, the other is quantitative His lack of assists throughout his Chelsea career (5 goals and 4 assists EPL averages for his career) is actually even more staggering. I've said it before... he's on pace for career averages. He's not out of form. This is his form. Some people are OK with that. Some aren't. I fall into the category that I'd like to see more offensive production out of the Wing... and set pieces.
  19. The responses in this twitter thread are really hard to believe. It's hard to believe how dumb some of these people are. "This is what's wrong with football 40M!!??!" Good for Chelsea.. this is what's RIGHT with football. That there are enough teams out there that don't just have to take the money. If they want CHO and CHO wants to go, they can pay a premium, or they can take him in 18 months. "This is wrong, the lad just wants to play football" Then let him run down his contract. That's what a contract is for. "How can they value him at 40M and not play him" It's called the future morons... 40M is Chelsea's way of saying, we don't want to sell him. Frankly, I find this encouraging. He should get plenty of opportunity in the next 18 months, and he could absolutely reconsider signing a deal from Chelsea.
  20. Sorry to be that guy, but Drinkwater is still only 28.
  21. Isco might be best suited for this. Was watching a video by Alex Goldberg, and he was talking about why he might not want Isco, he said because he wasn't a pure wing, and wouldn't have an ideal spot.. that his best position would be a 10... or in our case... that roaming playmaker. It's going to be an interesting first half of 2019 for sure.
  22. If Pulisic can demand 45M with one year left on his contract, 70M for Hazard is the floor, not the ceiling.
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