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  1. My take -- Zouma - second year of a 6 year contract. 2nd year playing healthy. A step up in club from last year. His value should only increase, and if he regains his pre-injury trajectory, he's a first team CB. Bakayoko - needed a year to rehabilitate his value. Selling him this season would have been about a 30M loss. Now, Chelsea should get virtually a full return on the 40 they spent on him. A very, very good loan. Michy - Maybe the offer didn't come in. His value should have been at its highest when he was leaving Dortmund when he was pouring in goals for fun. But he was injured at the end of the season and didn't contribute as much to the World Cup. Would have been nice to have seen him at Chelsea this year. "Not a Sarri type of player", OK, well, I'm not sure we have one of those up front at Chelsea right now. this one I agree with. Probably should have been sold in the summer. He's 25 now though.. young goal scorers are still usually an appreciating asset It's the Matt Miazga's of the world on continuous loan that don't make any sense to me. That said, as a US National, I'd rather see him getting the games that he's gotten while on Chelsea loan, than playing in the MLS. In that regard, I'm glad for Matt... but it's a waste of time and effort for Chelsea. Can't see them getting much more than they paid for him when they do finally sell him.
  2. I'd like to see some of those deputies come from within. Kurt Zouma, Nathan Ake, Victor Moses, Reece James, Dujon Sterling, Ola Aina, Fikayo Tomori seems a pair from that group could do the same job as Emerson and Zappacosta right now considering the competition, and that's 45M to put back into the squad. I understand the idea of loaning players out, but there seems to be some merit to having them stay home and play in a lot of the Europa/Domestic Cup games like you say. over paying for squad players while watching one of the most talented academy programs loan players out is one of the more frustrating aspects of the club to a lot of us.
  3. What concerns me most... Willian HAS been up to his usual standards. He's on pace for his typical 6 goals 6 assist return (give or take). For some, that's good enough. I'd like to see more from that position. Alonso on the other hand. Goodness, he's been really bad the last couple of times out. If there was ever a time to give him a break, it's now, before his confidence is completely shot.
  4. Yeah, and I don't think Barkley is completely fit, so this one won't be too tough to predict afterall. Alonso? Surely it's time for a change there. Especially 3 games in 7 days when he's looked woeful the previous two.
  5. Antonio Conte https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/10549489/ruben-loftus-cheek-impressing-as-a-striker-for-antonio-contes-chelsea "I like him a lot in the position of striker," said Conte after that display. "In this system, with two midfielders, Ruben can play close to the other forward but become a forward when we have the ball." http://www.espn.co.uk/football/chelsea/story/2936445/chelseas-ruben-loftus-cheek-could-play-as-striker-antonio-conte Asked if he believes Loftus-Cheek is suited to playing as a striker, Conte replied: "Yes. I think that he has the right characteristics to play in this role. He's very strong, he's very good to play [with his back to goal], and also good technically. He sees the goal very well and has a good shot. He can play also in this role."
  6. As long as Pedro is healthy, I think we're back to him being first choice. He started the season as first choice, started well, and then picked up a knock. Chelsea has 3 games in 7 days, so this one was down to squad rotation. Willian starting this game was maybe the easiest prediction of all the changes. I'll be shocked if he starts over Pedro against City. the one I'm keeping an eye on... Emerson was rested for the same reason... he's starting against City... right? Jorginho, Giroud, Pedro, Luiz, will all be back in the lineup on Saturday... but what about... RLC's spot and Alonso? Those are not as easy to predict.
  7. Goal at 59’ http://twgoals.com/?j=5vep&p=1
  8. Getting the start today in the Copa del Rey
  9. I agree with you completely. When he’s at his best, he’s more of a Destroyer in the midfield. The kind of guy Mourinho would love. The perfect replacement for Matic... in theory... obviously it didn’t work out for him like that with Chelsea. I’m happy for him. He had to be miserable last year. While he’s obviously well compensated, he looked utterly lost.
  10. I’d argue that Bakayoko’s failure was the key to last season’s subpar performance. Trying to hide him in that dreadful 8-1-1 (3-5-2) while he floundered. What would have Conte given to have had this player last year? This was the upgrade on Matic we were hoping for. https://talksport.com/football/455617/chelsea-fans-tiemoue-bakayoko-dramatic-improvement-ac-milan/ The Frenchman has received three consecutive man-of-the-match awards, with his latest performance against Parma highly praised among the Italian media.
  11. Worse... I’m from the South. We can barely read and write... I would have responded sooner, but this dial up AOL access is brutal!
  12. talking with my friend the other day... I said Pulisic will probably triple the highest transfer fee for an American... that fee would be 45M. I think that's about right, even in an inflated market.... not even counting the fact that he only has 18 months on his contract.
  13. I agree... I'm a big fan of his, and he's already the best outfield player that the US has ever produced (short list, I know), but that's too big a fee... unless you get something equally as absurd as 70M for Willian. As a straight swap for 10 years younger, I'd do that move in a heartbeat. I consider Willian to be second choice behind Pedro anyway. Pedro extended for a year, so it would give Pulisic a year to get acclimated with the squad. But, that also brings in the discussion, would you rather do something else with crazy Willian money? Probably.
  14. Some of us appreciate what he does, and the rest of you are wrong.... lol ... love that post.
  15. There might be some better ones, but these were some highlights I found of the match.
  16. yeah, make that 9 in his last 9 after bagging 4 today... wow...
  17. He has 6 in 12 appearances, and 5 in his last 8... for a new Club... that's not bad..
  18. I get it. I actually think Kante was our best player yesterday. He still gets the ball back a ton of times. My point was only that, if you happen to criticize any one player yesterday, for things you see as a problem, it can come off as more of an agenda, because they were all bad. All of them. That’s why I’ve stayed out of the Willian thread for the last 24 hours. Any criticism I’ve had of him for, well his entire Chelsea career, was in full display yesterday... but... Rudiger - had maybe his worst game of the season Luiz - Ugh Alonso - was a turnstile Azpi - avoids some of the blame because he wasn’t as blatantly bad as the other 3 Jorginho - worst game of the season Kante - a demon winning the ball back, didn’t offer much going forward Kovacic/Barkley - virtually no impact Hazard - never looked threatening, didn’t impose himself on the game Morata - can’t stay on his feet, can’t stay onside Willian - hovered in and around the game. Nice skill in places on the pitch that don’t affect the game Pedro - Forgot he was in the field for most of the time after he came on. Physically limited Giroud - Well taken goal I guess all I’m saying is that if you were trying to make a point about any specific player, and you use yesterday as an example, yes you’re probably right, but goodness, they were all bad.
  19. Yesterday was the type of performance, that whatever nitpicks you have with the players on this team, you got ammunition. I don't think anyone had a good game... other than maybe Kepa, who may could have done better early, but was kept us in the game afterwards. Beyond that, whatever criticisms you have of ANY player in this team, it probably showed itself against Spurs.
  20. The enduring image I have of that goal is Luiz getting out of the way of the ball.
  21. straight poacher goals, but the man knows how to get himself in position to score, and he's a really good finisher.
  22. I'm with Atomis on this. We've had various forms of replay in the US for a long time, and I've consistently said the same thing over and over... there should be a 30 second time limit on it (AT MOST). If it takes longer than 30 seconds to review, than it isn't clear and obvious. Replay isn't meant to regulate the game, it's to fix a clear and obvious error. if it takes longer than 30 seconds, it's not clear and obvious. I thought VAR worked well in the World Cup. It went quickly and fixed some mistakes on the pitch.
  23. Not much attacking threat from United either. But that may be your point in that it's not needed in games here the opposition sets up like that. City does their defending much higher up the pitch. The difference between Augerro, Sterling, Sane, Silva, Mahrez pressing vs. Morata/WIllian/Hazard is stark. If they can break the front press, Fernandinho offers very good protection to the back 4, if he can't make a tackle, he'll take the foul.
  24. I for one am happy to have both on the team. I don't need an either/or. I think the two styles bode well when we need to change the style based on the opposition. When we were playing Manchester United, my thoughts were that they were bullying Chelsea. I kept thinking, this game is crying out for Ross Barkley. We don't need a scalpel, we need a hammer. There are times against high pressing teams where I think Kovacic is the better option. That's why I'm glad we have them both and they offer something a little different. My criticism of Barkley might be that it seems to take him a bit longer to get up to speed on the game when he's coming off the bench.
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