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  1. He’s the reason I became a Chelsea fan. I read this article and said “that’s a guy I want to follow” https://www.si.com/vault/2010/05/24/105940842/soccer-savior AFRICA'S GREATEST STAR, DIDIER DROGBA, DIDN'T SINGLE-HANDEDLY END HIS COUNTRY'S CIVIL WAR, BUT SUCH IS THE RESPECT HE COMMANDS THAT WHEN HE CALLED FOR IVORIANS TO LOOK BEYOND WHAT DIVIDED THEM, THE PEOPLE LISTENED
  2. They played chicken with him and he didn’t flinch. They gambled that he would quit for another job and they wouldn’t have to pay him anything. Chelsea lost that bet.
  3. It might be. I almost always try and hedge that statement by saying it might not have happened, though it doesn't take long to find that every major news outlet including Sky, Guardian, Telegraph quoted 55 as fact. So, I'll still refer to my other two reasons I'm critical of Willian, like I said, I won't speak for everyone, just trying to give some perspective from someone who isn't thrilled with him... I thought he acted incredibly unprofessionally last season, and I would like to see more production from the position... that being the case, If we can get a premium price for him, I would be happy to sell. I'm not saying he’s bad and should never play again, I'm just saying I think we can do better. I don't think that's too extreme a position to take in this case.
  4. Yeah, I was just throwing it out there for discussion, that’s why there’s a question mark behind it. Not a definitive statement. Again, I won’t speak for all Chelsea fans, just this one, as to why I’m critical of Willian. 1. I thought he handled himself extremely unprofessionally last year. He wasn’t the only one that had a problem with Conte, but considering he hadn’t his most productive seasons under the manager, I thought he could have been more of a pro. 2. And again, I qualify this as knowing it’s just smoke, but I would rather have £50M to reinvest in a young winger than Willian right now. 3. I think we can get better production out of the position. i don’t think he’s terrible. But I think he’s over valued based on the production, and I think he’s a good squad player. And if he’s overvalued, I’d just as soon cash in on him while he still has value, because of his age.
  5. Maybe. But I think that you’d point to a five goal season as justification of Willian’s importance and I’d point to that same five goal season as Willian’s expendibility is probably evidence that we’re just not going to agree. And that’s OK.
  6. I agree. He's played OK. But again, if you ask me if I'd rather have OK, or £50m+ to reinvest in the squad... well... I think of him as a luxury player. I think we can all agree we need upgrades on the wings in the very near future no matter what you think of Willian simply because of his age. It worries me that we might have missed a chance to sell high on him. I think he's very popular with his teammates, Hazard in particular, and that may be the No. 1 reason he wasn't sold. With a new coach coming in, the cohesion was needed. He's a depreciating asset on a team that uses assets for reinvestment. When I watch him play, I don't see £50m on the pitch... I see "OK". And I'd rather see £50m. It's not as easy as all that, I get that... but we know exactly what we're getting out of Willian. 5-7 goals per season. Shouldn't we be hoping for more? I am... Shouldn't we be able to get more for £50m? I think so... When I speak of oversized role, I don't mean on the pitch... I'd love for him to have an oversized role. I'd love for him to be as feared in the front three as some of our closest rivals... I was speaking more of how visible/vocal he was in the media last year and leading into this year. I know the negative headlines get more attention, but I for one was as tired of hearing about him and his unhappiness as I was about Courtois. He is being made out to be a critical part of the squad as an attacking wing that barely outproduces our left back.
  7. He had 5 Premier League goals that year. 32 starts and 3 substitute appearances Chelsea finished 11th. No, I don't consider that to be top line. You say under appreciated, but I think it's weird how much credit he gets for being an attacking player who has never scored 10 EPL Goals, whose most productive season was coming off the bench as an impact sub for a manager he publicly slagged off. If I was playing a game that got points for tricks and individual creativity, he'd be my second choice behind Hazard. "Considering everything we've achieved with him in the side I think it reflects very badly on us that so many are keen to get rid" Did you just describe Gary Cahill? Can you imagine if the rumors were that someone offered us 50M for Cahill and we turned it down? That's the frustration I feel watching Willian.
  8. I don’t disagree with that. I think Chelsea has gotten great value for the money spent. But if we talk about Cost. What has he cost Chelsea? Mo Salah? Possibly. Is he taking away minutes from Hudson-Odoi in lesser competitions? Probably Leon Bailey? Maybe I absolutely think about value, and I’m of the opinion Chelsea could get more short term production and in positive Chelsea could get more long term production if they got €50M+ for him. I hedge on those thoughts, because that money seems ridiculous, and it’s hard to believe that it would be turned down and even harder to believe that it would be offered. In a vacuum, I’d rather have him in the squad than not in the squad, but he seems to take an oversized role in the media for someone who in the end produces so little.
  9. I think this is for two reasons. 1. He has an oversized role in the squad based on his contributions. He’s in the media talking a lot. He had a bright light shines on him with Conte and he was very vocal. Meanwhile, his on the pitch contribution is closer to that of a role player. 2. The money. I think Willian is a great role player, but if we’re turning down premium money for him, he’s expected to have premium results. He’s never going to be top line contributor. At 30 he is who he is. So if we’re getting silly money for him, for the love of God, cash in..
  10. Now we’re up to 75M. I swear this stuff gets more outlandish every time I read it. Anything over €30M would be great business by Chelsea. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1041507/Chelsea-news-Willian-Barcelona-imminent-swap-deal-Malcom-Sarri-Man-Utd-rumours-gossip-news
  11. So glad we have a guy like Kante when we need to break up teams who are ultra-creative attacking teams, who create a ton of chances. No one better. He certainly ended any type of build up by Crystal Palace on Sunday when needed.
  12. He had a bad game today. It happens. So nice to have squad depth for a change. Options like Kovacic and Loftus Cheek on the bench, mean we CAN afford for a player to have a bad day.
  13. I can understand that. His opportunity to make tackles and intercept passes is cut in half with the possession numbers flipped this season. Hes most impressive when he’s breaking up play, tracking back, and tackling, and that role is not needed as often as it has been in a counter attacking squad that we saw under Conte. But here’s what I love. When the time comes, he’s still all over players like a rash. And if we NEED him to be a pit bull out there, he can be. His game hasn’t changed. Chelsea’s has. If that means more possession and less tackles for Kante... I’m all for it.
  14. To be fair, his dad doubles as his agent. So think of it as agent speak, rather than an overbearing father.
  15. Remember this one? Conte backs Loftus-Cheek as a striker https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3701076/Ruben-Loftus-Cheek-attributes-striker-says-Chelsea-manager-Antonio-Conte-scoring-Wolfsberger-friendly.html
  16. So it hasn’t just been Chelsea
  17. If he is ever been a goal scorer for Chelsea I might give him the benefit of the doubt. But his best season at Chelsea is 8. Alonso has one less goal than him over the last 2+ seasons. And that season came mostly as a substitute under a manager he publicly mocked. It’s not like he’s a 23 year old showing promise. He’s a 30 year old role player who is a depreciating asset on and off the field. Maybe... Maybe... someone will be stupid enough to offer silly money for him again. At this point though, I’d consider anything over €10M to be silly money.
  18. Willian and cash for Martial was too good to be true. Mourinho might be that dumb when it comes to personnel decisions, but no one else was at United. But anything over €25M from Spain and I would have helped him pack. I hope we weren’t so stupid as to turn down the rumored €50.
  19. I’m not criticizing his desire. I’m criticizing how he and his father handle the PR aspect. Courtois and Hazard both would love to play at Real Madrid. One goes about it the right way. One goes about it the wrong way. This isn’t about desire. This is about airing grievances through the media.
  20. The Christensen’s are spouting off in the media about playing time again. Wouldnt it be nice every once in a while to hear “it’s my job to make the manager pick me, and I’ll do that by working hard in training and taking advantage of my opportunities in games” naive... I know.
  21. I thought this was a decent look at Bakayoko How brilliant Bakayoko turned into terrible Tiemoué https://www.footballwhispers.com/blog/brilliant-bakayoko-terrible-tiemoue
  22. Kristof isn’t convinced either
  23. I get that. I guess I see Christensen as the #3 center back, so he’s first choice on the second team, where Cahill is #4, and gets picked for the bench in spots where he likely won’t play. I think Christensen ends the season with more minutes than Cahill, but we’ll see. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we won’t have to find out. And I’m as disappointed as anyone with the exclusion of CHO and Ampadu in Europa so far, especially when doubled down with my opinion of Willian, which isn’t overly flattering of the Brazilian.
  24. I think this is a matter of fit than age. Luiz brings the ability on the ball that Sarri loves. His vertical passing game is a weapon out of the back. I think Christensen is marginally better defender right now, with huge upside, but I think Luiz is way ahead with the ball at his feet. That’s the difference right now, not age.
  25. Yup. Kante is a whole lot harder to find than.. well, you get it...
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