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  1. If he is ever been a goal scorer for Chelsea I might give him the benefit of the doubt. But his best season at Chelsea is 8. Alonso has one less goal than him over the last 2+ seasons. And that season came mostly as a substitute under a manager he publicly mocked. It’s not like he’s a 23 year old showing promise. He’s a 30 year old role player who is a depreciating asset on and off the field. Maybe... Maybe... someone will be stupid enough to offer silly money for him again. At this point though, I’d consider anything over €10M to be silly money.
  2. Willian and cash for Martial was too good to be true. Mourinho might be that dumb when it comes to personnel decisions, but no one else was at United. But anything over €25M from Spain and I would have helped him pack. I hope we weren’t so stupid as to turn down the rumored €50.
  3. I’m not criticizing his desire. I’m criticizing how he and his father handle the PR aspect. Courtois and Hazard both would love to play at Real Madrid. One goes about it the right way. One goes about it the wrong way. This isn’t about desire. This is about airing grievances through the media.
  4. The Christensen’s are spouting off in the media about playing time again. Wouldnt it be nice every once in a while to hear “it’s my job to make the manager pick me, and I’ll do that by working hard in training and taking advantage of my opportunities in games” naive... I know.
  5. I thought this was a decent look at Bakayoko How brilliant Bakayoko turned into terrible Tiemoué https://www.footballwhispers.com/blog/brilliant-bakayoko-terrible-tiemoue
  6. Kristof isn’t convinced either
  7. I get that. I guess I see Christensen as the #3 center back, so he’s first choice on the second team, where Cahill is #4, and gets picked for the bench in spots where he likely won’t play. I think Christensen ends the season with more minutes than Cahill, but we’ll see. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we won’t have to find out. And I’m as disappointed as anyone with the exclusion of CHO and Ampadu in Europa so far, especially when doubled down with my opinion of Willian, which isn’t overly flattering of the Brazilian.
  8. I think this is a matter of fit than age. Luiz brings the ability on the ball that Sarri loves. His vertical passing game is a weapon out of the back. I think Christensen is marginally better defender right now, with huge upside, but I think Luiz is way ahead with the ball at his feet. That’s the difference right now, not age.
  9. Yup. Kante is a whole lot harder to find than.. well, you get it...
  10. I'd rather turn down the latter than the former....
  11. The big fear I had about the summer was that we turned down €50M for Willian. We did spend without selling for the most part, unlike the summer prior where we just traded experience for youth, but that 50 would have gone a long way towards getting younger and better. I would have loved to have cashed in on Willian if his stock was really that high. Frankly I set my mental price on him at €30M LAST year. At a year older, 50 seemed too good to be true. So it probably was. All sizzle, no steak.
  12. Chris Kamara asks Robert Huth "How do you win the Premier League with a back 4 of Simpson Morgan Huth & Fuchs" He has a one word Answer - Kante
  13. Luiz, Rudiger and Alonso were spectacular yesterday. Not only defensively, but we know what Alonso can do pushing forward, and Rudiger and Luiz pay some of the prettiest long balls around. Luiz vertically, and Rudiger on the switch. Was a terrific game yesterday, a fair result, even if it felt like a loss at the end.
  14. Willian ran out of gas and had three very bad giveaways in the second half. Lucky it didn’t cost us a goal. It’s one of the reasons he’s so much more effective as a sub, because he’s not pacing himself like he does as a starter. Solid effort, but that position is manned so well when 90 minutes are split between William and Pedro.
  15. Not to mention they are literally one year apart in age. Pedro is over the hill, better get in Willian? They're both over 30. Need a better argument than that. I've said before, probably on this thread somewhere. I think they are BOTH more effective when sharing the position. I don't particularly care who starts, depending on form, but when they were in together, for one reason or another, they both were ineffective. When we use them interchangeably it creates a good potency off the bench.
  16. Tell me you saw this, right? God Bless the Internet. I've only watched it about 20 times.
  17. No, I didn't remember it, so I looked it up... 1 goal and 2 assists from March through May in 14 appearances including 8 starts. He had a good run in February in a mixture of competitions, that may have been what you were referencing. Unfortunately, that was the only spell of form he had all season. 2 Against Hull City FA Cup 1 Against Barcelona UCL 1 Against ManU EPL How I wish Chelsea was able to get £50+ for him in the summer.
  18. It's a pretty deep squad this year. I can see a change to the entire 1st 11 and still field a strong squad CHO Giroud Willian Barkley Fabergas RLC Emerson Christensen Ampadu Zappacosta Caballero
  19. I think that was probably the right move. He's been awful for them. When Sanchez was on the move, and it wasn't yet decided where he'd go, I asked rhetorically, "do you really want him taking minutes from Sane at City or Martial at United?" -- Martial was on his best spell for United when Sanchez came in. It's no coincidence how poorly they've played since that transfer. I text my Arsenal buddy after the 3-0 last night and said "I feel good for Alexis. He handled the winding down of his contract at Arsenal with such professionalism and class, that he deserves this success at United" Sanchez runs around like a headless chicken and then pouts and blames his teammates when things don't go the way he thinks they should. Heck, I said he should have come to Chelsea. He would have loved playing in Conte's 8-1-1. He could try and do everything himself up top. But getting back to your point... Herrera at Center Back, Martial and Bailly not even in the 18, Rashford can't find any minutes... tactically and technically, they got it wrong. But benching Sanchez isn't one of those mistakes, IMHO
  20. I thought he looked more assertive and comfortable in those thirty minutes than all of last season combined
  21. Miazga's contract was extended two years before he went back out on loan. Go figure. He's definitely one I can see never playing for the first team again.
  22. Yup, I get it, and I was speaking more relatively about "why do we keep doing it with these players" than about one player in particular. Depending on his wages, Piazon may fall into the category of making a little bit of money on his loan fee. I read from Matt Law that Chelsea typically wants a player under 2 or 3 years on a contract to extend before going out on loan, so this may be the case where they are subsidizing the loss they plan on taking on him because they can't sell him, but they can stop paying his wages. In a sense, it's like cutting a guy with a non-guaranteed contract. I agree with you on the inflation, that's why Chelsea has so many of these guys. That's the only way to make money on an asset like that. Going back to my house example, the only way to make any money on real estate is to change locations, or own more than one. So if my house in London goes up 10%, everything else around me is going up 10%, but I'm insuring myself against inflation by my own appreciating asset. So I'm locking in a price to negate the inflation. Of Course, if the market eventually does correct itself and these players stop going for such astronomical fees... well... housing bubble... The other part of this risk that I was speaking of, is it only takes one of these players to really hit to pay for all of them. Chelsea paid £7.5M for Piazon. They might lose some money on him, but they made about £25M on Ake. It's definitely a numbers game. And I'd rather be in Chelsea's position hoarding assets.
  23. Because there are few assets in the world more valuable than young footballers right now. This is a business and the players are assets. It's that simple, subsidize the cost of owning the asset with loan fees while it appreciates in value for you to sell. Picture yourself having a house that you eventually want to sell. It costs you It's worth £100,000 and costs you £1000 on your mortgage and you can only get £800 per month in rent, so you're losing £2400 per year. But... it appreciates 10% per year in property value. So while you are losing £2400 per year in cost, your asset appreciates £33,100 during that time, so when you sell in 3 years, you've actually made a profit on the house you sold of £26,000. In some cases the rent is higher than the cost of the mortgage you have on the house, so you're making a profit year over year as well. The trick is cashing in before the house becomes old and run down and is a depreciating asset. Now consider that footballers' values have gone up exponentially over the course of even the last three years. Chelsea is a big club that can afford to buy up lots of houses, subsidize their cost with loans, and then sell on at a huge profit.
  24. Value... He was going to be third choice at Chelsea. So his re-sell value to sell would have stagnated at best if he had stayed. If Chelsea wants to keep him to replace Giroud next season, he will be a better player if he's first choice this year rather than a cup player. The argument could be made that he'd be much more than that at Chelsea, and should be pushing Morata as the #1, but that discussion appears to have been settled behind closed doors at Chelsea. All in All, if he was going to be #2 at best, and #3 at worst at Chelsea, he's better off playing more minutes and improving his game and keeping his resale value high to give Chelsea (and himself) as many options as possible. Frankly, I think he gets sold after this season, and Chelsea should make a decent profit on him.
  25. This is Now Official https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2018/8/14/bakayoko-heads-to-milan
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