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  1. Especially considering he was injured. Buying an injured Danny Drinkwater for £30M while letting Chalobah go for £9M was the only move that was headscratching at the time last year. We should have been able to convince Chalobah that he'd get enough playing time last season without spending 30+ on a squad player.
  2. I'm a fan of Willian, but for the kind of money that's being talked about, the fact that he's angling for a move, and his age, for goodness sake, take the money and run. If you read through some of the links being posted from the Barca accounts, there's an argument going on who is dumber. Barca for offering, or Chelsea if they turn it down. These look like Mo Salah's months last year.
  3. I think in a small sample size people get dazzled by his brilliant on the ball ability, and over the course of a season, I've been frustrated with his overall lack of contrbution. My thoughts ---- .
  4. I'm with you. I hope we sell high on Willian. I think around this time last year I was thinking 40M would be a good fee. 60M now seems like a dream. Rumor yesterday was Lazio was in for Pedro. 85M for Willian and Pedro, that ought to buy a decent replacement, then promote from within as the backup.
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