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  1. I like having Alonso and Barkley in the squad. They both offer something a little different than the other players. I dont like Barkley against high pressing quality opposition, but Alonso was good yesterday. 32' Willian busted back about 50 yards to track an overlap on that side and then initiated the counter. That was great cover from Willian and a smart move by Frank to switch Pulisic and Willian. Azpilicueta seems to save his best for Manchester City. He was a beast back there too. Great game.
  2. started for me when he shoulder tackled Mahrez off the ball in the penalty area. He's a big kid, he should play like one he did today. excellent effort all around.
  3. I know this is completely silly, but I can't help myself... but I run our 4-3-3 on FIFA20 like this Pulisic (CHO) - Abraham - Werner (CHO) Ziyech (RLC) Kovacic (Barkley) Kante (Gilmour) Dave Zouma Rudiger James Kepa Werner is so good across any of the front three positions, that I think it just becomes a matter of getting our best players on the field and rotation. Pulisic is comfortable across 4 of those positions as well.
  4. Kovacic deep and Kante/Mount a bit higher? Barkley? With Jorginho out, I think Gilmour still has a pretty good chance of starting. The only one I feel 95% sure on is Kovacic. Then pick 2 from Barkley, Mount, Kovacic, Gilmour Against a team like Villa, I don't mind seeing Barkley in the team, because he's going to offer a goal threat. It's refreshing having these discussions again 😀
  5. Maybe it's the language barrier or something... I didn't say it was an accident. I said it was a mistake. If I made a wrong decision, i would say "I'm sorry, I made a mistake" He made a decision, and it was the wrong one.
  6. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but I think the term "legend" gets tossed around way too easily in football.
  7. I don't think the world would have paid much attention. Leicester was going to win the title, this just clinched a little sooner, which is the only reason this game got world attention. Refs are human, prone to mistakes, and I agree with you, how he handled that game was a mistake.
  8. I agree, and my take on that one... we make fun of Arsenal for celebrating the goal that earned them a draw against us this year... I feel a bit the same as we puff up Hazard's equalizer in the battle of the bridge. How many times have you seen the official chelsea accounts post that goal? it was an amazing goal, and it certainly was a nice comeback... but it was a draw... at home... I enjoyed it, but I don't feel the need to celebrate it as a major accomplishment. Chelsea is bigger than that.
  9. We're not debating outcomes here, because I agree with you. I said that Clattenburg admitted he didn't want to be blamed. I said that in my first post. We're not debating whether Spurs would have been hurt more with their players being sent off. We're not even debating whether Clattenburg was right or wrong in his actions. We're debating intent. Diego Costa is considered a wind-up merchant. Even if he doesn't get a player thrown out of the game, his goal is to throw a player off his game by losing their focus. The Spurs were completely wound up, lost their focus, and bottled a 2-0 lead. And Clattenburg let it happen. I watched the interview, saw the context, and his tone, and that was my take. Immediately after the match, however, Chelsea skipper John Terry said: “It boiled over, let’s not start getting silly and banning people. It’s a London derby and the fans want to see it.” I don't agree with how Clattenburg handled the situation, and there should have been reds given out. but at no point in that interview did I get the impression he was pro-spurs... My take was that he could see it coming and he thought basically said "you're bottling this, and I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of blaming me for it, because this is all on you". On your Spurs/Barcelona comparison... well, just saying Spurs/Barcelona comparison should be enough to know the outcome here... lol... but Barcelona was tactical. Barcelona was sinister, and they were rewarded for it. Spurs, they're not Barcelona, and they had simply come unglued. Spurs had lost the plot. They were imploding. You know... Spursy 😀
  10. He did, but it was in the spirit of, "I'm going to let you dig your own grave".... I remember the spirt of what he said was "I'm not going to let you idiots blame me for your imploding, go ahead and implode" So, getting away with it, might not be quite the right way to put it, that implies he was giving them an advantage. On the contrary, he could see them circling down the drain, and he let them...
  11. not from their point of view. American Sports monopolies are Marxist case studies. Once you buy your way into the NFL Fraternity, just watch the cash flow in and the value of your team rise exponentially. The teams are protected franchises, not individual clubs, and the league actively rewards failure with revenue sharing and competitive balance measures. The only ones that suffer with bad ownership are the fans. An NFL franchise is a sure thing cash cow.
  12. I think you kind of talked yourself in a circle in that one...lol Bakayoko was from Monaco, but I know what you mean... I think purely from the financial aspect, not from a talent or production aspect as a piece of business, which is worse. 15M Net or so on Bakayoko or 50M net on Drinkwater? I still go with the latter. And like you're saying, that deal didn't make any sense when we did it, and hindsight only makes it look worse.
  13. We got a refund on Morata, so I call that one neutral Good loan fees for Bakayoko and hopefully a fee at the end... poor contributions, but from a business perspective, not quite as bad as the next guy.... Drinkwater - 50M or so (including salary) just flushed down the drain. To me, this one is in a league of its own. The worst piece of business we've done. Had a better player we let go for 4M in Chalobah. I don't care that he was out of contract. Would have saved about 45M to let him walk at the end of it. Watching Kovavic this season, if he had been bought to replace Matic instead of Bakayoko, I wonder where we'd be right now? So much went wrong because of that key failure. It was almost like we played with 10 men. with Cesc and Bakayoko almost making up a full player in that 5-3-2. The formation changed, the mentality changed. The personnel changed, because Bakayoko was a bust in the midfield. Drop a player like Kovavic next to Kante and the 3-4-3 is humming again.
  14. Hoping this layoff was a blessing in disguise for Ruben. He'll have plenty of time off to recover, rest, train, recover... so many follow up injuries happen when coming back from a serious injury, that he'll have plenty of time to train his entire body fully fit.
  15. That... And even if he was unhappy... Like Pedro, you'd never know it. No quotes in the media and always 100% effort when his name is called. Supportive of his teammates. I'm a huge fan of their professionalism.
  16. This was the quote this week. Can't tell by the quote of Willian overplayed his hand and the club told him to pound sand, or if he was really only ever going to accept 3 years, in which case, the club should tell him to pound sand.
  17. Pretty good season thus far if you think that chelsea was considered to have 2 world class players, lost one, and for all intents and purposes, lost the other, on top of a transfer ban.
  18. You're right... I answered "who to keep"
  19. As I was watching Willian, Pedro, and Giroud put on a Masterclass in the first half on Saturday, I was thinking "Ya know, there's something to this playing for a contract thing"
  20. If he's taking minutes away from Son, Moura, Bergwijn... I'll consider that a win for Chelsea. Ironic that Spurs fans are ready for a straight swap Willian for Moura right now it seems. Going to Spurs seems risky for Willian, how long do we actually think Mourinho lasts there? And if Mourinho is gone, will Willian really want to be at Spurs?
  21. Not sure if you saw it after the fact, but he looked over and said "I was offsides", so I think he intentionally took a big swing at it and sent it to the stands. Square it anyway and make them make a call, so that comes with maturity
  22. Yeah, the foul probably could have been called on VVD. He kind of flipped Giroud into a cartwheel. So it flipped his foot high...
  23. It's mental... getting a little extra space away from the corner flag makes you feel like you have a cleaner swing... like being under a tree playing golf, you KNOW you have enough room, but it's just in your head that you might hit a branch with a back swing. When I was a kid, right footed on the left side, the first time I saw a corner flag, I uprooted it and threw it to the side... lol There's so little room for a run up on some of these pitches as well, that any little advantage, even if it's just mental, is still an advantage you want.
  24. I've probably said it somewhere in this thread, but I like having Barkley in the squad. His touch isn't good enough for high pressing superb quality opponents, but he's got a directness that can pay dividends at times. I think sometimes he gets judged based on who everyone thought he should be one day. But for the £13M or so that we paid for him, I think we're getting good value. I like having him in the team against lesser opponents. He's got a directness that we miss sometimes with our more "creative" players. Every so often, we need a hammer, not a scalpel. I'm not advocating he be a nailed on starter, but I think he is a very capable squad player.
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