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  1. Kid definately deserves his own thread now. Man of the match performances galore for Crystal Palace, but more importantly he is very decisive for them. 2 goals, 2 penalties won, 1 assist. But more than just that the energy, ball winning..every thing about his game has been really impressive. If he keeps it up, theres no reason why he cant be a decent squad player next year.
  2. This was always going to be the difference between him and Haaland/Lewandowski. I think he will do really well for us..but he excels in games where he runs onto the ball and finishes. In games where we are defending his general play with the ball at his feet and first touch are very bad. His main criticism was he isnt a big game player, and so far hes yet to prove otherwise. It might not cost us in the league if he can fire tons of goals..but may prove a problem in the Champions League.
  3. Think we really needed mount, for that link between attack and midfield, and his energy and pressing.
  4. I'm not going to bother to entertain this conversation. I was certain reading your original post the sort of views you had, and its clearly getting worse. and p.s not one person has inferred they hate this country. We are talking about an issue affecting human beings receiving abuse because of the colour of their skin. If you are happy for that to continue because as you put it, other countries are worse, so be it, there can be no reasoning with people of your mindset.
  5. I quite like this idea. I do get where Alonso is coming from but it isn't a powerful enough message which is what I tried to suggest in my earlier post. Maybe a big banner being held up by all the players when they line up " say no to racism" would be a good idea. Thank you. If anyone is affected by it, especially our players, then it is a problem no matter what. I'm actually shocked at that other persons post but hey ho.
  6. This has got nothing to do with comparing whos more racist than who, it isn't a contest, so I have no idea what youre trying to highlight exactly. Clearly judging by your reply you think racism isn't an issue in this country, maybe you didn't see what happened after the Euro final, or the fact most of the abuse came from within, or maybe you just dont care.
  7. I completely agree with what he's said. The issue is like some have pointed out on here, he hadn't informed his teammates beforehand, so everyone in the stadium could see him standing up whilst the rest were kneeling, and that includes his teammates on the pitch and on the bench. Not only that but everyone knows what taking the knee stands for now. So when they see everyone doing it, whether or not its lost its meaning or not, you still know. Him standing there pointing at his badge wont be picked up by any cameras nor does it have the desired effect, that these footballers are trying to highlight. Kneeling also shuts up all the people that boo it, and have said they will make sure it gets stopped, so its like a finger up to those people as well. When our players get racially abused after matches, its not on. If you went to a theatre and the actors got abuse, they would walk off, so why should footballers just grin and bear it. Taking the knee or a similar expressive gesture has to continue until these players no longer have to deal with racism or at least until its very rare.
  8. I read somewhere for club and country he has 38 clean sheets in his last 46 appearances. That is absolutely insane.
  9. Thought he caused more problems in his little cameo than mount and havertz. As long as hes playing well and assisting he still has a big role to play.
  10. As much as the majority of the team is performing at an exceptional level right now, I think Kova deserves special praise. He has been outstanding for quite a few games now.
  11. Just saw the highlights, another excellent finish, and assist.
  12. He scored another goal today. Hes showing real promise
  13. Was going to come on here saying 3 goals in 3 games, but did anyone see his miss today. I honestly think it has undone all the confidence he built up. It was an open goal, right in the centre, 3 yards out, noone near him. Im not suprised Havertz shielded that ball for it to be his goal. He couldnt even celebrate, he seemed broken after that earlier miss.
  14. Would be interesting to see what his defensive record has been like since Tuchel has joined. Must be like 90% clean sheets and a few goals at most. He was injured near the end of the season when we dropped those points, and lost in the FA Cup final. I also dont think he played in that West Brom game. He has really turned into an elite defender in the league now, and will be integral if we are to win the league this year.
  15. Got their keeper sent off, two assists, and also hit the crossbar. He did what Lukaku did for us. keep it up.
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