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  1. I agree. However I would actually go for Rice. You just have to watch the matches to see how good he is as a player. The only issue is the price tag, but i'm hearing West Ham may be willing to listen to offers, so if Marina can work her magic, I'm all for it.
  2. Ye but Bakayoko was never a good player. I watched Monaco a lot the season before we bought him, and I have no idea what our scouting system were looking at. He scored one goal against Man City in the Champions League, and suddenly he was being talked about with all their other amazing players. Plus im sure Tuchel would of seen some good players there over the years, and who he thinks who be good enough to make the step up or has that absolute star quality.
  3. Watched Monaco beat PSG not long ago, and they have some monster kids coming through in defense and midfield. Pace strength, you name, it they had it. Mbappe didnt get a sniff all game. Didnt have a clue who was who, but I wouldn't mind Tuchel picking up some gems from that league, similiar to Fofana at Leicester.
  4. As the rest have pointed out, the problem with Azpi is as soon as he gets turned easily he has panicked and made rash challenges and his immediate reaction is to pull back the player. We have been extremely lucky against Atletico and now Porto, and luckily we have had strong referees. Lets not forget for one minute, if that Atletico penalty was given, we would probably be out, and if Porto got one, this tie would be completely in the balance too. That is not acceptable at this level, and someone of his experience should know better, because at the highest level in two Champions Leagu
  5. I think especially in the last few games, he is showing real glimpses of getting back to his best. Unfortunately he seems to be a very injury prone player, and maybe the best course of action is come the end of next month, just tell him to have complete rest until we absolutely need him back for preseason. For me he is our best attacker, and definitely has the highest potential, so there's no way we should even think about selling him.
  6. Absolutely incredible result, buzzing. We rode our luck at times and Porto were the better team for long periods. But Mount really got us through it and second half we seemed to play much better. As i said before the match, id take any sort of result as long as we get through, and this result is more than we could of hoped for. Amazing from the lads.
  7. Not the personal, i meant we had a defensive formation with no real striker.
  8. Ive been banging on all week, we would be lucky to scrape through the tie, and id be overjoyed with that. However, with this defensive lineup and no striker, we are making it easy for them
  9. Wtf us Rudiger doing, that was an unprovoked red
  10. Super defensive line up and Porto have gone super attacking. As much as I very happy with Tuchel, all the hard work from Frank by bringing in the youth has gone out the window. Gilmour, Abraham and Hudson odoi have been shunned. Mount would certainly be too, if it wasent for the fact hes carrying the attacking portion of our team single handedly.
  11. Completely agree, we have a perception in this country of thinking everything is draped in gold over here. I would absolutely love Haaland to come here, but what european footballer would honestly choose us over Barcelona or Real Madrid. The only thing we have in our favour is money, and if we have strong Champions League campaign this year, it may be able to add some food for thought.
  12. Tuchel confirmed her was left out of the squad, he is back from injury. The baffling thing for me is we arent playing with a striker. We are not Man City, so what are we playing at. They can and are getting goals from everywhere, so they can afford to do that. However, we are struggling big time for goals. Abraham and Giroud arent world beaters, but they are our only out and out strikers, and seeing as we are struggling for goals, they need to start playing, especially as Werner can not put the ball in the net.
  13. really shows how much we rely on kante.
  14. Jorginho - Terrible Alonso - Terrible in defence Azpi- Terrible Zouma - Got bypassed time and time again for their goals. james- Average at best, but not bad in attack. Thiago Silva - Cursed against west brom Tuchel - The worst of the lot. Terrible, atricious substitions. He constantly bangs on about the formation not being important, and as soon as Thiago got sent off, hes rushing to put another another defender in, and completely ruined any chance of us maintaining possesion. We ultimately got overrun, and then at the start of the second half instead of moving
  15. wrong time to be picking on him. Esp as he was the one who put us in the lead before it all went tits up, and he wasent even there second half which was absurd.
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