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  1. Like someone pointed out, he should of had 2 assists, were it not for bad finishing. Hudson odoi no doubt deserves a run in the team, as hes either providing goals or assists every game. id be tempted to leave ziyech out tbh for one or two games, and esp leicester where you need to put in shift.
  2. dont know if we can afford to go 3 at the back. as it is we are struggling to score, and that just limits options further up the pitch. Id like to maybe see a midfield of gilmour and mount, with pulisic on the left, hudson odoi on the right, and ziyech or havertz behind a striker. ziyech could also play right, hudson left and pulisic behind the striker. but i think that is such a fluid attacking lineup and one that could serve us well. Its time frank stop playing the same rigid formations.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jan/14/hudson-odoi-deserves-greater-chance-to-fix-chelsea-attacking-muddle-lampard-werner-pulisic Fantastic article and a good read on why Hudson-Odoi deserves to start a string of games for us now. In the little chances he's gets he produces, but to really get the best out of him we need to give him a proper run of games, and accept that sometimes he will have a bad game, but still play him the next. Even when he's not spectacular, he seems to be decisive with a goal or assist, and that has been the case all season. P.s him Foden and
  4. I wouldn't mind playing all three tbh. Ziyech on the right, Hudson-odoi on the left, and pulisic just behind giroud or a striker upfront. I honestly think that could be a very dynamic forward line.
  5. I watched a lot of Monaco that year, and trust me i knew he was going to be that bad, it was not luck at all. They had Mbappe, who arguably we couldn't afford anyway, but other players like bernardo silva, fabinho, that were standout players. Bakayoko was so average most games, but he scored that one header against man city and for some reason we were sold.
  6. Agree on the Oblak debate, he was desperate for a move. His form this year looks as phenomenal as it always is.
  7. There was a clear handball 15 seconds before that stopped a through ball that wasn't blown up for, then grealish clearly kicked into Christensen, and it was a foul. Just because he was down does that mean the rest of the defense suddenly cant do their job. And now its proven he got an injury of said foul. Yet after and during the match, the whole draw was placed solely down to Christensen. He a disgrace to our club and should never set place on the field. Its actually laughable the sort of dumb comments we get on here sometimes, and too many people have an agenda that just can't be shaken
  8. And to add, he needs to be playing on the left or even down the middle. i wouldnt be so adverse as to seeing werner on the left, ziyech on the right, and pulisic down the middle playing behind the striker, until kai picks up form.
  9. He is definitely our best attacking player, for that there is no question for me. Unfortunately the poor guy is made of glass and I get worried every time he plays that he will be injured. But even in these few recent matches, as raw and rusty as he looks at times, he brings so much to the team. Against west ham that third goal was single handedly his work, the great run and then follow up header, for which tammy got a 2 yard tap in. But you must rememebr when we were only 1-0 up his run and lay in to werner, who missed another sitter. unfortunately we should of wrapped that game up earl
  10. Think he is proving that all the abuse some of our defenders get is maybe not reflective, and infact maybe it was just solely down to kepa afterall. It doesnt seem to matter who we play in defence, we seem solid with him there. Maybe its time for some of our fans to go a bit easy on some of our defenders and cut them a bit of slack now.
  11. I know this is definitely a wind-up, or an attempt at being funny. Whilst Giroud might not be the future of the club, he is still at the club, and the only big game striker we actually have. As much as i like Tammy, he goes missing in the crunch fixtures. Picking up the odd 15 minutes for us, and being loaned out in January, you really don't have a clue do you. I just feel sorry after how well he played after restart, that he hasn't been given more opportunities this season.
  12. I honestly do think no matter who we put out, it will be a tough ask to beat seville and especially away. However, I wouldnt want to risk facing barcelona as bad as people seem to think they are, and esp bayern munich. we need to win the group and guarantee a much larger chance of facing a team we can beat in the next round. i know players need a rest but win or draw here and then we can think about resting players for krasnodar. we wont have any champions league until February and and we are out of the league cup, so is it really worth risking this game, and then getting bayern next roun
  13. Couldnt disagree more with this if i tried. Havertz would of started if he didnt have covid, that bit is right, but im not sure if it would of been on merit.
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