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  1. First goal was a peach last night and second was a strikers finish. Anytime hes played for us hes looked good..apart from when hes clearly been left out for ages. Even against arsenal he nearly scored. Wouldnt mind keeping him another season and playing him a bit more..he would get goals.
  2. If Bayern really want him, then surely they would even prefer a loan, where they don't have to fork out an extortionate amount. Would definitely work in our favour. He could become a superstar over there like the Sanchos, Musiala's of this world, and then we take him back a year later and slot him right back in. Why sell the guy for like £30m, he plays regularly for Bayern, does well which he will, and then we are kicking ourselves.
  3. In relation to my previous post, and the comments underneath it, I guess it just depends what part of London you lived in, if you're a local fan. Most people in North London support Arsenal and Spurs, and where I was from the majority of kids my age supported Manchester Utd or Liverpool if very slightly older. What I am seeing is plenty more Chelsea fans which is great news.
  4. For me there's two main ones. Spurs and Man Utd. Spurs for obvious reasons. And Man Utd because being born and bred in London, when I was in school, no word of a lie, 90% of my year group supported Man Utd. You'd get one or two Arsenal fans and the odd Liverpool fan. And this was obviously a time when they were winning everything, the treble etc. Half of them didn't have a clue about football or couldn't name more than 4 players, but literally everyone supported them. So I naturally grew a major dislike to them. Its funny because the older generation, i.e. anyone born 2 years before
  5. This guys got an agenda. Luckily the fans want him here and most importantly so do the club..he has that star quality, but he also needs to come to terms that he cant play every game, one because of his fitness and two because we have a big talented squad. Hes played a lot of games near the end of the season, and whilst i really rate him, he deserved to be benched for the final because his performances werent at their usual electric best last few weeks. He will prove to be an important player next year and hes in the best place he could be right now. He seems happy and hes not stupid enough t
  6. When Frank could spend last summer, he said something that has been our downfall for many years now. We will only buy players who are exceptional that will improve our team, if they wont, we just wont buy anyone at all. We spent years buying dross or bang average squad players. And what happens, we spend £20-£40m, they play badly, so results suffer, they stick around for 3-4 years in which time certain parts of the squad are holding us back from the top prizes, then no one wants to buy them or can afford their wages, and then in a few years you need to throw money at the position again.
  7. I must have been one of the only people who wasent phased when Thiago got injured and he came on. Bossed the defense as he has done all year. From Academy to Champions League Winner. Well done, start of many for these boys.
  8. we really need him back for the final, could be the difference between winning and losing
  9. 100% agree. People need to realise that we ultimately play with only three attacking players. In the last game that was Pulisic, Mount and Werner. None of these are strikers, and they are expected to carry the whole attacking threat of the team. Mount himself is a midfielder albeit playing more advanced. If they had a focal point up front, they could concentrate on creating and chipping in with goals when spaces arise. the only way i see it improving is if we dropped to a back 4 or only playing one holding mid. when kante plays at least he bombs forward, and gives us more strength in attak. Si
  10. Also how many times did we release Azpi in space. He is not a winger. If we had CHO or Ziyech up there..this could and would be a different story.
  11. Never thought spurs may potentially bail us out. Also we technically do have the CL as a second chance to qualify. But i agree..wheres the urgency and passion. We cant keep playing with just three attackers..one of which is Mount, who is a midfielder by trade, and no strikers..when we struggle to score every game.
  12. Whys kova controlling the ball with the outside of his foot, when under pressure ffs.
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