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  1. The thing is a better system could be bought into place like as in other sports. But then youve got to think VAR was brought in to solve many issues, and all its done is favour the big teams, ie every goal scored against Man Utd being overruled. I just feel if they brought in something for this, somehow they would fond a way to completely balls it up, or to favour the Liverpools and Utds of this world.
  2. Quite like the team, we seem to struggle against bournemouth so maybe a back 3 with wingbacks is a good idea. Its up front where i feel we may struggle.
  3. Some people have an opinion and will stick with it no matter how wrong they are.🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
  4. I just knew he would score today. I was actually over the moon to see him starting for once. He always scores against them, noone they booed him throughout. I was certain he would score 2, but was unlucky with that peach of a freekick
  5. As i keep saying, hes our best defender
  6. All this talk about getting him out the club is a joke. As though he was solely at fault for the draw. Tbh hes probably been our best defender for the last few weeks, but i feel like fans have an agenda on here that just wont be interrupted no matter what.
  7. You must be on a wind up, hes arguably our best defender. Keeps the ball ticking nicely and good in defence.
  8. The guy slide in and took him out. I didnt seen will.i.an put his foot out. Just because he tried to pull his legs back doesnt mean he didnt take him out with his knees. That Tony Gayle has been at it all game..digging at Reece James for almost everything. What a prized c***
  9. We have 4 central defenders, of which only 3 play. We needed to ratate. Christensen arguably has the potential to be the best out of the 4. However ironically i would think Burnley is prob the worst type of game for him.
  10. Any links, i had the same as the one posted above. But seems to be showing the spuds 😤
  11. He gets a few minutes everytime he comes on. What do you expect
  12. Are pulisic and alonso injured? Alonso was immense against the spuds and was a big part of our attacking play. Also feel a bit bad for christensen seeing as we have 4 defenders yet he isnt being rotated in. We dont seem to keep any clean sheets no matter who we play in there. Other than that i like the lineup. Maybe an unpopular opinion but i wouldnt mind batsman starting a few games..hes always a threat, but then again maybe not arsenal away.

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