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  1. These lot get a penalty every game..and when theres a stonewall against maguire, nothing. Typical. Btw the first thing sky brought up after the break was rashfords appeal..and evra and hasslebaink had to put them in their place and say no, and actually chelsea should of had one a few seconds earlier. I cant believe how many replays there was for the man utd one, but they clearly glossed over the chelsea one.
  2. I cant actually remember the last bad game he had. Even in that liverpool game, i thought he was very very good before he bear hugged mane to the floor. Im not sure why he gets the amount of hate he does on here. Our other defenders make big errors that cost us games. Put him and thiago in defence with mendy in goal and i think we will thrive. Look how good zouma looks when with them two.
  3. You posted this same message literally 20 times on this thread, you need to get a life. Hes not responsible for zouma making mistakes today. Its getting boring now, give it a rest.
  4. Didn't get to watch the match properly, but heard our defence got no help from our midfield whatsoever. If thats the case it makes sense why we conceed so many goals. It seems like weve improved on a very attack from last year, but it doesnt seem like the defensive phase of our play is getting any better. I think the reason we looked more solid against Crystal Palace is that Thiago silva was constantly talking to kante and jorginho and prob marshalling them well.
  5. Coming for the obvious why is Christensen starting comments. Hes started the season so good for club and country, bar a sending off against mane. So why wouldnt he start. Rudiger and Tomori both have mistakes in them and havent looked solid this season.
  6. Thought we were absolutely abysmal in the second half. This is for a chance at a quarter final of a cup, against our main rivals, in a match we were clearly dominating. I just dont understand how there was no fight or no passion. Bringing on Abraham was clearly going to do nothing. But i told my dad as soon as we borught chilwell off, that was going to be a mistake. I get its his first start, but this is a cup game. We bring on emerson and he ultimately costs us the match. I just cant believe how bad the start of the aeason has been for us, but the lack of passion today was the thing that real
  7. Thought he had an excellent gamr today. Thought bar getting sent off he was very good against Liverpool too.
  8. He was actually very good today, two well taken goals for Belgium.. Hes a proper goalscorer, even last year before christmas, he seemed to score most games he played. I think we should be able to get decent m9ney next year with a good loan spell
  9. I have no idea where you got this info from, but its almost a complete opposite to reality. In spain especially in recent seasons everyone is beating everyone.
  10. Agreed, and if you watch ESPN all Marcoti does is praise Chelsea to the nines. What he basically meant by his comment is Chelsea will not be conned and will make sure they get a deal that also suit thems, and half of.you guys are having a panic attack and calling him an idiot. Hes been around for so many years, as a respected journalist, and as someone who bigs us up on every interview ive seen on him, and when he made the comments he wasent pretending he had insider info, he was saying we will make sure the deal suits us. It really is laughable seeing peoples comments on here. Just relax
  11. Saying that though im certain we know all about him, and possibly we havent thought he will come in and improve the team, but on todays performance he definately looks special.
  12. The guy is purring..he seems to have it all. Seeing as a lot of teams around europe have looked at him, im surprised we havent been more closely linked. Hopefully Frank and Cech are watching this game closely.
  13. What i dont get for the second goal is, Christensen makes a great tackle and Bellerin clears him out. Why has the ***** taylor blown up, and why havent var looked at it. Christensen was down on the ground after it aswell, and not a word was mentioned
  14. I think added to the exciting flair players we have bought, rice would be a great addition. He brings that much needed steel and fighting spirit coupled with a real quality at his age. Zouma seems to have hit form. Id give them batshuayi and tomori on a season long loan and throw in 20m
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