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  1. You must be on a wind up, hes arguably our best defender. Keeps the ball ticking nicely and good in defence.
  2. The guy slide in and took him out. I didnt seen will.i.an put his foot out. Just because he tried to pull his legs back doesnt mean he didnt take him out with his knees. That Tony Gayle has been at it all game..digging at Reece James for almost everything. What a prized c***
  3. We have 4 central defenders, of which only 3 play. We needed to ratate. Christensen arguably has the potential to be the best out of the 4. However ironically i would think Burnley is prob the worst type of game for him.
  4. Any links, i had the same as the one posted above. But seems to be showing the spuds 😤
  5. He gets a few minutes everytime he comes on. What do you expect
  6. Are pulisic and alonso injured? Alonso was immense against the spuds and was a big part of our attacking play. Also feel a bit bad for christensen seeing as we have 4 defenders yet he isnt being rotated in. We dont seem to keep any clean sheets no matter who we play in there. Other than that i like the lineup. Maybe an unpopular opinion but i wouldnt mind batsman starting a few games..hes always a threat, but then again maybe not arsenal away.
  7. Why are we so shocking at defending set pieces. Three crosses three goals. Alonso and Azpi have been particularly hopeless this half both in defence and in attack. Emerson had to play this game.
  8. Unbelievable. 🤦‍♂️
  9. Tbh as soon as i wrote that last bit i wasent sure why. Pedro has always been a great professional. I think what i meant to say, especially in regards to him was that this season will prob be his last with us as a starting winger. I see him prob playing more of a bit part next year and as this season ends. And youre completely right that the experience he brings at the highest level, as well as dedication and hard work, he will be needed in helping to shape these young boys as a person to aspire to, both on and off the pitch.
  10. Oli

    Marc Guehi

    Was at the game, he had a great game. I really dont know what game you were watching but i assume youre a troll.
  11. Just got back from the game, one of the best matches ive been to at the Bridge, and i think its down the the feel good factor of the academy products. Gilmour was absolutely unreal. Like the kid was just brilliant, eveything he did was just perfect. He gets the ball and pings it first time, inch perfect and that isnt just easy passes, through balls everything. He was so composed and confident. Reece James, joint man of the match for me. The guy is solid at the back and great going forward. Was literally the perfect performance. Yet again so composed, and so much confidence. 2 assists and a goal, and a teenager outmuscling grown men. Hes fast, strong,technically good, and ultimately has great end product. Marc Guehi, again extremely impressed with this kid. Like the other two what impressed me was their supreme confidence and composure on their full debuts. He didnt put a foot wrong and put in a great performance. Alonso put in a good enough performance, and zouma had one of his better day. I thought pedro was decent in midfield, and barkley was good but very very frustrating too. The amount of jeers from the crowd anytime he did anything wrong makes me think he wont be with us much longer. I thought batshuayi put in a very good performance, he looked so hungry and its clear he has always been a goalscorer, but his link up play and desire was very good. The two wingers were a little disappointing, hudson didnt have his best game tbh and missed a few sitters but ultimately he scored again, and pulisic was very quiet, i expected him to grab his chance more. As for the subs i was impressed with that left back maatsen, the way he was bombing up and down the wing with his electric pace. Anjorin seemed decent too, a little bit big and clumsy at times, but these two are 17 and hopefully will have very bright futures. Its just such exciting time at the bridge, but one thing to take away is i see a lot of the older players playing their last season. I cant see how pedro and willian will be there next season, we have already got rid of luiz which was a few seasons too late. But with all the young talent coming through, the older ones will seriously need to up their games or be ousted.

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