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  1. Christensen needs to be starting, hes been our best defender in preseason
  2. Christensen and Rudiger are definitely are starting 2 centre backs, with Zouma excellent cover. Hes now starting for the best national team in the world, exciting times.
  3. Really hope he has a horrid time there, fans turn on him like they do at that hellhole, and hes coming back to us next summer. It will also be a lesson hopefully to all those other players who say its their dream and want to leave us. As for the player, hes the best ive seen in my lifetime. Hes carried us to more or less all our recent successes and cups and what a guy he seems off the pitch. Its hard seeing him leave and was even harder reading his message. I dont think any Chelsea fan can thank him enough for all hes done for us. And i know its not the time, but to think how many people were saying mid season we should sell him because he doesnt fit sarris style and system, pathetic. Anyway thanks Eden, i can only hope you will return one day.
  4. Omdz...just bring back Batshuayi who can score goals..and even Morata. Higuain has got a finish on him and nothing else. And even then he has been missing quite a few easy chances recently. Hes way past it.
  5. Batshuayi on fire..6 goals in 10 games. Still cant understand how he never got a chance with us, seeing as his numbers even just before he left us didnt lie.
  6. Was at the game. The atmosphere was electric and also toxic at times. Thought we played well first hslf, but as soon as the second half started, we were terrible for the rest of the match. Thought Ruben and Jorginho were by far the best players for us, as well as Kepa. Hazard looked absolutely terrible, worst game ive seen from him. Was a shame Christensen and Loftus had to come off early..but anyway great result despite it all. Come on the Chels
  7. Hes been on everyones radar for ages. Hes out of our league by a mile, not to mention the transfer ban
  8. The last 2 days have been a horror story. If these ******* dont show the heart that liverpool or spurs showed ill be furious.
  9. Who else was it going to be. Our best player on current form and he got dropped for our most important game of the season. Luckily he still got on..get in!!!
  10. We could of gone 3rd a few gameweeks ago tbh and evrry other team around us has faltered and week after week we havent capitalised. I dont know why we thought it would be any different especially against a very good watford team. We have 45 mins to go into 3rd with one game remaining. If theres anything about these players, we find out now.
  11. Higuain scores that we finish top 4. Now its still a gamble. Infact we would be pushing for 3rd. Why was giroud not brought on or even starting.

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