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  1. Hes pumped so much into this economy, not to mention jobs etc. As soon as relations turned sour with Russia, and it happened to be the same time as his visa renewal, the govt all of a sudden is playing hardball. Im almost certain had all of this not happened, he would still be at nearly every game.
  2. Oli

    Alvaro Morata

    Good goal as well
  3. I remember after the PAOK game outside the game, a few fans chanting we rascist and thats the way we like it, at the top of their lungs for a good 15 mins. Came on here and was being told theres nothing wrong with that, its not a crime. It will be a sad day if our club becomes some sort of breeding ground for these people to join. Other clubs have issues that get swept under the carpet, but tbh we cant concern ourselves with that however unfair it seems. We should be more worried about the idiots in our fanbase giving our club a bad name.
  4. Are any us surprised, this was primarily Sarris first team for a lot of the last 5 months and we were atricious. Had it not been for the Europa League team, and fan pressure for them to be our starting eleven, we would not be seeing the upturn in fortunes we have had recently.
  5. Only changes id make for the liverpool game are Giroud and Christensen. Then we have our best 11
  6. Another goal or assist for CHO. Its almost guaranteed any time he plays more than 40 mins. I just hope Sarri hasent caved to the pressure for this one game and reverts back to type next game. When i saw the lineup before the game..i dont think ive been as excited for a very long time. Christensen and CHO need to be playing the majority of our matches. Not just because they are our future, but because they are currently much better than our present. Same with Loftus-Cheek although hes been a bit quiet today and not finding the right spaces.
  7. The best is a month ago half the people on here were saying he plays for himself, he isnt following sarri-ball etc etc. Its beggers belief.
  8. He cant get a game because of Sarri, theres no other reason. He plays, he scores or assists, then is dropped for a few games. Not to mention he has started for his country at 18, but his old club manager refuses to start him in the League. Your might want to defend Sarri on your other posts, but theres no way i trust Sarri with giving CHO more game time, and today was a prime example.
  9. Ill see you in the Champions League next year when Man City/Juve play Bayern Munich.
  10. Get in, 1 point off 3rd. Im buzzing after that even though we have completely robbed them blind. Seeing as weve been cheated time and time again this season, i cant even feel sorry. However Sarri if not now needs to be gone by this seasons end. Loftus Cheek with yet another goal and another performance that has changed our whole gameplay, but yet again, brought in with 20 mins or so. No Callum Hudson odoi, a ful England Int who cant get 5 mins for us. Defense of rudiger and Luiz both abysmal game after game, and yet Christensen whos been great this year cant get any minutes. Alonso with another woeful performance. If Hazard goes next season we are completely finished if Sarri is in charge. Again he did more in 35 mins then our whole 11 in the first half.
  11. I actually fell asleep about 15 minutes in. And woke up to see i didnt miss anything. By the sounds of it, weve been boring. Please dont tell me weve had no shots again? Although why are any of us surprised? Bar the Europa League when the irony is our better B Tean plays, this season has been a joke, and im not talking about our league position either. People wanted attacking football, well i was more inspired under park the bus Mourinho.
  12. Hence why Christensen needs to be our first pick
  13. Out for the pure reason he is alienating some our best players, ie the youngsters. Conte introduced CHO Ampadu and Christensen to the team, and i feel like Sarri has stunted all of their growth. Its not just a case of them progressing but with CHO Loftus and Christensen, they are actually better that Sarris so called best eleven equivalents. If after failing again and again with these same players all season, and refusing to change, how is it going to get any better in the future. The difference with pep and Klopp was in their first few seasons, they got rid of the old deadwood. With Sarri its like the opposite, lets play people who are past it and shouldnt be in our first team now, let alone next year. If this continues Bayern will take CHO, Juve/Man City will be back in for Christensen and yet again this club will sell two players destined for the top. And for people blaming the board, they blocked both players leaving, its not their fault Sarris refuses to play them.
  14. I really feel for the eyropa league lads. Esp when the so called first team deliver such dross. Why arent RLC, Christensen playing. A strong case could be made for Giroud and CHO too
  15. Oli

    Alvaro Morata

    3 goals in last 2 La Liga games. Seems to be finding his form again.

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