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  1. Oli

    That Sterling Incident

    The thing is he even stated the seats they have, they are always on tv. And he knew he was going to be on tv when he did what he did. So as an employer, youre seeing him in front of millions of people screaming in another mans face, over what, football. Im sure racist or not, theres a lot of companies that would do the same. Im all for banter and even taking the mick during football games. But the way them four practically fell over the hoardings to scream.in his face, racist ir not, it was embarassing.
  2. Oli

    That Sterling Incident

    I didnt expect them to do anything. But at the same time like i said in my post, its this disgusting behaviour that gives our club a bad name. Clearly you see no problem with people gloryfying they are racists, especially singing it with such pride amongst the rest of our fanbase, which is a shame really.
  3. Oli

    That Sterling Incident

    I didnt, no, it was the first Chelsea game i had taken my missus to, and she was terrified. I just made sure i got her away.
  4. Oli

    That Sterling Incident

    So i was at the PAOK game, a few weeks back. And after the game I was walking back to the station, and for a good 5 minutes these two youngish fans were screaming, we are rascist and we love it. And not one person batted an eyelid. Its idiots like these that really are giving our club a bad name. Granted it is very much in the minority, but if what happened to Sterling was rascist, then huge media furore or not, it needs to be dealt with in the harshest possible way. We need to look beyond the fact that its to do with Chelsea, and come together to say actually rascism has absolutely no place in our society. I was actually appalled that in 2018 with thousands of fans around me, people can get away with chanting we are rascist, and laughing about it, like its an achievment. I only wish i took a photo and sent it to the club.
  5. Tbh was a blatent penalty on Morata. Refs costing us big time yet again
  6. Oli

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    What happened to being a coach, and coaching these players. I thought Sarri said he wasent interested in the transfer market.
  7. Oli

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    The main problem with Sarri is his stubbornness. Ive said it now for a few weeks. However, Im happy he actually rotated a bit today finally. Also I wonder why in a game like this wolves have faith in GibbsWhite and we have shown none in Ampadu or Hudson Odoi. Another game where a blatent penalty hasent been given. Same against everton, same against spurs. We are getting cheated constantly and ultimately its costing us bigtime.
  8. Oli

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    When you have a rolls royce, you dont drive it on a dirt track, just saying.
  9. Oli

    Andreas Christensen

    Ye lets play a old Luiz instead who cant tackle, over someone who misplaced a pass. There was still a lot of defending to do after that. Also the first goal was Arizabalagas fault.
  10. Oli

    We've got a new Kepa

    Id start playing Bulka in the cup games, to gauge how ready he is. He looked phenomenal in preseason
  11. Just come back from the game, fantastic result albeit against a very poor side with a man down. I thought Christensen and Cahill were superb, Fabregas constant range of passing was a joy to behold, and glad for both our strikers to have scored. Hudson Odoi was brilliant too, not just the goal and assist, but he put in so many good crosses and also hit the crossbar with a peach of a shot. Every player put in a good performance.
  12. Oli

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Werent impressed by them tbf. Im a big fan of Sarri and what he has done, but I also feel theres clearly some things that he is way too stubborn about. Firstly david luiz can do no wrong, and wont ever be dropped. Secondly the 2 youngsters and christensen wont be given any real chances. To the point where he actually subs christensen in the limited minutes he gets. Thirdly, I thought Kante was one of the only decent players for us against Spurs, but he chooses to single him out, when his two sons Luiz and Jorginho had atricious performances. He also said Hudson Odoi needs to improve massively to even be considered, but i promise you if he goes to Dortmund in the summer, he will be playing for England within a year. I hope hes not going to be like mourinho, and think its ok to throw players under the bus to the media
  13. Oli

    Sarriball needs a plan a.1

    Completely agree. I feel this will be our downfall. There is such a distinct lack of pace its unreal. Partner christensen with Rudiger for a few matches, and watch a marked improvement. But we know Sarri is too stubborn to change, hes as much as said he wont change the back four.
  14. Oli

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    In Sarris eyes David Luiz can do no wrong. He is so stubborn it is unreal. I think its time we get used to the fact Christensen Ampadu and Hudson Odoi wont get a fair chance whilst hes in charge. This has nothing to do with the fact we lost btw.
  15. Oli

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Christensen needs a chance now. Im full of praise for Sarri, but noone is exempt from criticism too. Lets call a spade a spade, he is far too stubborn, and in the Premier League you need to able to adapt somewhat. Luiz whilst being able to start attacks has had so many blunders its unreal this season. The fact is most have not been punished, but yesterday all his faults were exposed. I feel ampadu or christensen no matter how much potential they clearly have just wont get that chance, and that is worrying. Sarris so much as said in most press conferences that he is not willing to disrupt the bacm four. Christensen whilst not actively running with the ball is actually pretty decent with his passing, and game by game luiz seems to misplace pass after pass. He also had a 92% pass success rate in the Bundesliga. He is also a far far superior defender to Luiz too, although that isnt hard. I dont think throwing 80m at a defender is the answer, but i think Sarri needs to be able to adapt and rotate, and not just for 3rd rate cup games.