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  1. What i dont get for the second goal is, Christensen makes a great tackle and Bellerin clears him out. Why has the ***** taylor blown up, and why havent var looked at it. Christensen was down on the ground after it aswell, and not a word was mentioned
  2. Oli

    Declan Rice

    I think added to the exciting flair players we have bought, rice would be a great addition. He brings that much needed steel and fighting spirit coupled with a real quality at his age. Zouma seems to have hit form. Id give them batshuayi and tomori on a season long loan and throw in 20m
  3. I think we will definitely be seeing a lot more of CHO next year and i believe he will really come good. The only reason why i think he isnt getting much game time at the moment is purely because since the restart every game has been must win for us, we havent had any time to take it easy. And with the immense pressure of trying to get top 4, i feel lampard is a bit more sceptical of putting him in. Come next year with a full preseason under his belt i feel he will definitely get more of a chance.
  4. say it louder. I cant believe the doom and gloom on here sometimes. We have had an unbelievable season all things considered. I really dont understand the criticism for a man who literally majorly contributed to the majority of all the successes we have enjoyed over the last 17 years. Hes had his hands tied behind his back this year in his first year of managing at this level, by not being able to bring in any of his own players. Add that to losing our best player by a country mile this year. Do any of you in your right minds think klopp or guardiola would of faired better. Remember guardiola got money thrown at him in his first season and just about scrapped 4th, klopp worse. Neither of them club legends for the teams they are managing. This year generally our style of play has been a major upgrade compared to years of defensive football. And after all this we are 3rd in the league, we our own destiny in our hands. At the start of the year we would of all taken that. Semi final of the Fa Cup to boot. We need to give frank time, a few years, but that doesnt mean what hes done this year hasentbin its own right been a great job, and dont let those fans who have nothing better than to moan convince you that weve been the best of a bad bunch if we finish 3rd or 4th. Fact is every team now is a hard game, and we have no right to just think we should beat everyone and handsomly.
  5. bring on mount for jorgi and put kova infront of defence
  6. Is Jorginho trying to lose this gme for us on purpose
  7. Were lucky norwich arent posing any threat, beause any other team and we would be behind by now
  8. Isnt Christensen taller than Rudiger??
  9. We paid oblaks buyout clause of 91m before we bought kepa, but he wanted to stay. I still think the only way we getting rid of kepa us doing a swap deal for oblak and throwing in 40m on top.
  10. Perfect team selection, except maybe jorginho for barkley. I feel maybe Jorginho might have been oining for a move to Juventus and its almost like a conte/diego costa situation again. Thats the only thing i can think of, because he was in good form this season. Also no kovacic??
  11. Swapping dunk for Christensen 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️. I dont know whats more outrageous, that, or saying noone knew about Fernandinho before city bought him. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
  12. Youd be surprised but theres a lot of young talent coming out of America and Canada at the moment, world class talent at that potentially.
  13. Ive been saying it time after time, hes the best centre back at the club. Hes actually been very good in a lot of the games hes played this year. Im not really sure why he gets so much criticism on here, esp as hes another player who played in our academy. In my opinion hes potentially world class. We saw what happened with De Bruyne, Salah etc, lets not drive out another top talent.
  14. The thing is a better system could be bought into place like as in other sports. But then youve got to think VAR was brought in to solve many issues, and all its done is favour the big teams, ie every goal scored against Man Utd being overruled. I just feel if they brought in something for this, somehow they would fond a way to completely balls it up, or to favour the Liverpools and Utds of this world.

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