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  1. The thing you have to realise though is that these players can only perform with whats put infront of them. I admit stellar was a bit much. But i do think its when we see these players getting a chance, is when we see our best performances. Its a shame the premier league has been a disaster for us recently with the same players guarenteed to start no matter how bad they play. Also bare in mind Hudson Odois complete lack of minutes. Its very difficult to keep putting it on when you arent getting minutes on the pitch, with whatever limited time youre given. But he still always performs. I thought he faded out of the game in the second half but yet again he still scores. And when his pals RLC and Ampadu came on you could see how his confidence grew. He has always got an output whether a goal or assist no mater how good his performance varies over 90 mins, and he will only improve by getting more of a run in the team. As for Christensen esp who i bang on about in every post, and also Emerson. I really think its criminal they arent first choices on the team sheet for any of our big games. Not only that but i feel they are considerably better than Luiz and Alonso, and even go as far as to say better than Rudi and Azpi on the other side. You can see how solid we are when Andreas plays, and his pace coupled with tackling ability and constant knack of snuffing out danger is what has cost us in all the big games he hasent played. Son tore us apart earlier in the season down the left. And man city ripped all four to shreds. I cant see it but i really hope Sarri picks players on merit in the final. I dont even think the system or tactics are as much to blame as his poor selection of players. Anyway lets hope this breeds confidence and somehow we can turn it on Sunday. For me the Europa League and Carabao Cup would be a phenomenal season if we were to win both. Plus it would mean Champions League football for next year.
  2. Like i said. Other than Hazard and Kepa, thats probably our best lineup. I thought Kovacic was very good in the Regista role. Him coupled with Rudi Christensen and Emerson and Kante infront provide so much needed pace in defensive situations. Its no coincidence that these players keep putting in stellar performances in the Europa and why we have done so well in the competition so far. Some of them, ie CHO Christensen and Emerson must think no matter how good they play every game, they will never get the chances.
  3. Our best lineup bar Kepa and Hazard. Shame its for Malmo.
  4. Oli

    Eden Hazard

    You could see he was desperate for us to win the match and go through. Its a shame after all hes done for the club, some fans question his loyalty and would rather we sell him in favour of Sarris failing tactics.
  5. I dont think ive ever seen a manager so stubborn in all my life. That Zappacosta substitution was the final straw.
  6. Ah just give it a rest for once. Dont you have an off switch. I dont think anyones in the mood for your constant Sarri worshipping without any shred of evidence to back it up. We arent an attacking team. If you think for 4 months struggling to get goals and barely having any shots on target is attacking, then help us all. Every single game we can name the starting lineup to a man, and we can name every sub. Its so predictable its unreal. Hudson odois treatmemt has gone from a joke to outrageous now. Our best defender in Christensen never gets decent gametime, and our slow defence gets torn apart. He blames the players when we lose, and when we win then its his football. Ive had enough for a long time now. Our play the majority of the time is boring, hes so predictable, hes alienating all our young talents, and our season is falling apart. We have now lost at home, and never once in that second half did we look like scoring. Those substitutions were disgraceful.
  7. We won two titles in 2 years, thats how
  8. What the hell were Luiz and Alonso doing for that goal. Why the hell arent Christensen and Emerson playing today
  9. This is what weve been saying for 4 months now. We brought in a manager who was supposed to bring us attacking football. But weve been starved of goals, and we play dull lifeless football. Possession doesnt mean attacking football. I much preferred what i saw under Conte bar one or two unacceptable defensive displays last year. Im probably the 100th person to say it today, but the treatment of CHO has been absolutely shocking. 7 mins. Thats all he gets. Sarri is so stubborn its unreal, and i dont understand why he decided to play him for one or two games only to completely freeze him out as soon as the window shut. If you have no intention of ever using him, let the kid leave and become a star like Sancho.
  10. Ye the Sarri can do no wrong camp. Did anyone watch Sancho recently against Hoffenheim. That is a youngster playing week in week out on top of his game. Hudson Odoi is being stunted majorly and its clear as day. If he wont give him any chances, i thought atleast today was his day. But he literally has zero faith in the youth.
  11. Oli

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Thought that Leandro Paredes looked good yesterday when he came on, faster, good in the tackle, shame we didnt get him, but no matter what, sarri wouldnt drop his son.
  12. Im really not looking forward to this one. That being said ill be watching and hoping for a win. I just dont have much enthusiasm for this team or the manager. Id obviously love to see some of the fringe players get a chance, but even if they do, it will only mean the same predictable lineup in the Premier League. Christensen is our best defender on current form, Emerson has been performing better than Alonso bar one bad performance again Bmouth. CHO has to be finally given a chance. And for me so does RLC. However i feel like they need to be facing UTD rather than Malmo. Ps do any of you think if zivchenko was in our team he would be given a chance or Dalot at UTD. Kimpembe or Kehrer at PSG or Zaniolo at Roma who all played today. I feel all these young up and coming footballers turned managers are embracing this new pressing attacking philosphy and blooding talented youngsters. And whilst that is what we brought Sarri in to do, i feel like he is too set in his ways, and its destroying the morale. He only trusts older players by the looks of it, and refuses to change or adapt in even the slightest of ways.
  13. Oli

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    The thing is all the defending of Sarri is revolved around playing attacking football. If thats his one defence, why have we been struggling for goals for nearly 3/4 months now.
  14. Unfortunately i agree with this completely. The only difference is, we arent even really getting attacking football either. We have been struggling for goals for months now.
  15. When we were being destroyed left right and centre and they scored 2 goals by that point and missed an empty goal, i think its safe to assume we all thought it could be a cricket score. If you said it will be 6-0, that would of been impressive.