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  1. Disgusting... worst shirt of my lifetime I think
  2. Keeps flirting with Liverpool though
  3. Jordan711


    Fair shout .. what a way to start the decade that would be then!
  4. Jordan711


    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Tammy here could potentially finish as the highest scorer of the decade!
  5. 100% he deserves to start he's been in incredible form. I'd say probably the most in form England striker at the minute. Although I hope he doesn't play any games so he can be fresh when he comes back
  6. 180k a week is a lot, in fact as much as I wanted him to sign maybe a little too much? Hopefully he can justify that sort of money in his performances
  7. Confirmed to Leipzig. Let's hope he gets some good minutes and even better performances
  8. I'm willing to pay your ticket on the condition it's one way only
  9. Absolute beast of a performance on Wednesday let's hope his shaky moments are behind him and he can continue to improve. Could easily see him there for the next 10years if he carries on like that
  10. I think sarri has done a decent job personally at the start of the season my expectations were a top 4 finish and hopefully a trophy. We are confirmed top 4 and still have a chance of a trophy. I think overall he has achieved right on expectations and deserves another season, there was plenty of people prepared to give morata another chance so why not the same for sarri. Remember people klopp and guardiola didn't exactly set the world alight in their first seasons but how quickly that's forgotten. Let's all just get behind the team whatever happens. KTBFFH
  11. Guardiola and klopp both took a couple of years to build the teams they have now. A little faith from the board and fans can take a team a long way
  12. Wasn't he linked to city for around 100m sure Guardiola even commented on this not too long ago
  13. What a great player. Has no one invented a time machine yet so we can get him back in the first team. A true legend hope to see him back at the club soon.
  14. Imagine if they had to play a full 90 mins next to each other

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