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  1. Sarri is going to make Kante a better player
  2. There should be four things in transfers in my opinion. 1) Buy younger players that can already match the older players production with room to grow, 2) buy better production, 3) take fliers 4) fill in with veteran depth. It's expensive to buy better players both in wage and transfer fee. If you buy older proven players you risk decline, if you buy great players in their prime... no one wants to sell or unbelievable fees are being spent, especially on attackers.
  3. Here's my generalizations of roles in Sarri's system in the midfield. CM's job is to screen the back two central defenders and orchestrate the build up, not much in defensive responsibility other than screening back two, and delaying. Must have great vision and passing ability, and is typically the first option when the ball is won. Freed from some defensive responsibility to be the transition starter. The 2 outer CM's must be box to box midfielders and have to sometimes defend under the outside defender and cover the gap between the outside defender and center back. These two must have high work rate and balance offense and defense, he prefers his LCM to be the attacker / goal scorer. It seems natural that Kante is on the right as he's the ball winner, if we had a good left footed attacking CM their roles may reverse, but by having the LCM attack he can shoot right footed with a better angle more often. Kante on the right also helps defend against other teams (other than Liverpool, shooting right footed from some distance). In other words the only place for Kante to play in his system is RCM, Kovacic is the only CM we have that could play all 3 spots adequately - maybe Ampadu eventually, but he's seemed to be favored in the back). He doesn't play with the traditional roles in a 4-3-3 and it seems may pundits want him to play a traditional 4-3-3 it's not at all.
  4. Maybe, I still believe he would have made Englands top 11 better at the last World Cup
  5. First that was as a teenager.... before turning 19 so as a 17 and 18 year old. He just turned 20. He's 4 months older than Mason Mount, and Mount has been doing his thing in the Championship this year. Pulisic has been doing it in the Bundesliga for 3 years. And while he's no Messi or Ronaldo, he's much closer to them than he is to either of your comparison's. Pulisic did more before turning 20 than Townsend has his entire career. While I don't think he's Messi, I think he'll be better than Raheem Sterling.
  6. Not sure which players currently in the premier league have done more at a younger age than Pulisic. Look at Willian's track record before coming to Chelsea. Pulisic already has 100 appearances and 19 goals for club and country and just turned 20 this September. I can't see him burning out myself. From the Bundesliga page.
  7. Kepa's fault? Cesc was out of position then Christensen got beat. We'd bemoan any of our attackers if they didn't score from there. He got a clean right footed look just outside the 6. Sadly I don't think we give up either of the goals with Jorginho in there. He looks to get under the ball more.
  8. His possession was not good today
  9. I think many of you are drastically undervaluing Pulisic in today's market. He's 20, he could easily play for 4-5 years and be sold off at a profit. He's already experienced in the Champions League. He's pretty clean technically, but he has been knicked up this year. Sancho may be better, but this is a team they play for that will make it to the round of 16 in the Champions League playing the best young talent. I'd sign him now, and if Hazard goes to RM, go big on a 9.
  10. Willian's not even ball park with top first touch on the team. It's why he struggles so much when we have to play in a tight a attacking third. A good first touch isn't just taking a ball down out of the air when you're running, it's being able to play one time too. Even the rhythm of his two touch passing is just too much time. Jorginho, Alonso, Kovacic, Hazard, Ampadu, Luiz, Pedro, Cesc. I think CHO's first touch is better than Willian's right now. CHO is better now, if he had the #24 instead of the #18 behind age, he'd be playing over Willian. I think we will see more and more of Odoi as it goes on. I think if Sarri were already established with Chelsea, and players were used to his system, we'd already see more of Odoi. You can't convince me that CHO would only have 2 goals and 2 assists if he had Willians premier league minutes. NGola Kante has 1 goal and 2 assists, and many experts are bemoaning his play this season.
  11. It can be both with Willian, I disagree with he fits in well with a team trying to play a lot of one - touch two touch, he's too technically loose imo, first touch is rarely tidy enough for me. Willian's at his best when he has room to counter and run, and then he's dangerous. You have to love when he gets a chance run with the ball laterally across the top of the box, he's very dangerous. Games like derby where they try to take away the first line and force you to launch big balls to get in behind are where he shines. My biggest problem with Willian is not really Willian, he clogs a spot for CHO, as the back up to Hazard on the left. I'd sell Willian, get better on the right, and let CHO have the left backup spot. I think Hudson-Odoi is better right now today than Willian, and view him as a future star, that needs to be kept happy and improving. Willian's not good enough now to be considered a key squad member, and he cannot cost us CHO long term.
  12. Disagree on that, all three goals were strikers goals. And when I think his biggest attribute -its how strong he looks keeping balance when someone's in his back. He had 3 nice goals, but the one that stood out to me was the second, not sure anyone else on the roster scores the second goal - that was a diego costa / didier drogba goal. He was being held and thrown, and it just didn't matter. Would Morata or Giroud score that? If a guy wants to jump Eden's back, he runs him around and needs the space, RLC just takes the hit and keeps playing.
  13. Gotta live Wiki: Style of play[edit] Known for his eye for goal, Cutrone has been described as a "true number 9" by several Italian football pundits.[30] His main playing attributes as a forward are his physical strength, positioning, aerial ability, and heading, as well as his opportunism, movement, and ability to read the game; his technique and team play have been cited as areas for improvement, however. Due to his characteristics, he has been compared to former A.C. Milan striker Filippo Inzaghi, who used to train him while working as a coach with the A.C. Milan Youth Sector from 2012 to 2014. Although being an avid Milan fan since childhood, he idolizes Alvaro Morata.[30][31][32] Another player he looks up to is Andrea Belotti.[31]
  14. To be fair we paid 70m... but he only cost us 39m vs keeping Courtois, and I'm not sure what other option we would have had. The year of Courtois was offset by the year of Kovacic
  15. Odd you see it that way. I'm more worried in him playing himself out of a permanent move. I think with the way Sarri plays the left center mid is very demanding - technical enough to combine with Hazard / Alonso, and a good enough defender to cover some for Alonso to make his runs. I think Kovacic has been a very important player. I'd love to see RLC succeed probably more than most here (his brother was very good to me). I'm just not sure RLC is a center mid the way Sarri plays, he's very good on the ball, and the wider he gets the better he looks.
  16. David Luiz sure looks a lot like Willian.
  17. Isn't some of the point of the loan army to meet FFP? At some point, they can go after someone big and have 6-7 extra players to sell to balance it?
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