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  1. Now you're just building strawmen, I never said any of that. Question is are you really so deluded to think anyone can win the league with any squad?
  2. What a stupid thing to say. No it doesn't.
  3. I didn't. I was wrong. Doesn't mean I'm wrong now though.
  4. It implies that 93 points may not be enough anymore to win the league as long as Klopp and Guardiola are around. Yes.
  5. That was in the past. Do you think we could win with our current competition?
  6. B-b-but Mbappe! 😅
  7. Are you serious? Henderson is a grown man with tons of experience. Mason is a 21 year old kid going into his second season of PL football. Of course Mason is worse.
  8. An open question to posters in this thread: Do you believe Mason good enough to be a starter in a PL winning team? Because I'm with Brutos on this one, I just don't see it.
  9. Mendy Azpi - Zouma - Silva - Chilwell Jorgi / Kante - Kova / Kante Ziyech - Havertz - Pulisic Werner Was thinking this lineup as soon as our transfer target were announced.
  10. Penalty misses just happen and I will never ever hold it against players (missed the last penalty of the shootout myself in my youth many many many years ago. Game was far from PL level obviously, but I was so gutted I let everybody down). That being said, I thought he had a horrible game yesterday. He was supposed to get our attack going, but looked completely disjointed from the rest of our team even in the first half where we completely controlled the game. Missing that simple pass to Werner... well. Our worst player on the pitch until Emerson came on. Obviously I won't judge him
  11. I disagree. I'd love to see Kepa in a red shirt.
  12. Picked Silva. He makes our defence look completely different. Finally our midfield has an outlet at the back that won't panic or do stupid things. His positioning and calmness on the ball is superb. *edit* It was just Barnsley though.
  13. Just look at our front three in the last two seasons and how many opportunities they squandered. There were SO MANY games where we could've gone up two or three and won comfortably, but wasted everything in sometimes comical fashion only so we could sh*t ourselves in the last 10 minutes. One of the main themes of Lampards post match interviews last season was us being wasteful in front of goal. RJ isn't even a midfielder and still should've had at least 4 or 5 more assists when I look at the number of good crosses he put in... but fans will pick on the midfield (by far the best part of ou
  14. What are you talking about? In the first half Kovacic made two through passes to Werner who could've gone through one one of those but had a very poor first touch. There was also a ball over the top to Mount which Mason missed by just a few centimeters. Second half was another story, but we were one and a half (Kepa!) men down against Liverpool, so anything other than a loss would've been a small miracle.
  15. To be fair, it's whoscored.com. I don't even know why people are using whoscored. It's utter garbage when it comes to formations and weighting of things ingame. They get formations wrong so many times it's mind boggling. You can also flawlessly control the midfield the whole game and it won't be worth as much as the "assist" Jorgi provided to Reece James against Brighton. If your keeper makes a mistake at the back your rating will drop no matter if you're a striker, DM or CB and many many other things their algorithms don't take into account. When I have discussions with people and they q
  16. I just don't think Kova or Jorgi can hold defensive midfield on their own and I'm not sure wether we'll ever see the Kanté that played under Conte again. I guess Mount and Havertz can play together against a side like Watford or Brighton, but against the big teams I fear we will be completely unbalanced, especially since Lamps likes his fullbacks to join the attack (and RJ is a defensive liability imho). @dkw That's exactly my point. Mason and Kai can press, play offensively and cover an area, but I don't see them stopping very many shots. With Kepa between the sticks... well. @
  17. @Argo & @big blue Clearly not a central midfielder, but an offensive midfielder or on the wing. You really think Frank will play a 4 3 3 with two extremely offensive midfielders with last seasons defensive stats?
  18. Mason played on the wing most of those times though iirc. I don't think Frank see's him as a CM.
  19. Why do so many people think Mount will be fine when Havertz is playing exactly the same position? I feel his playing time will be cut in half.
  20. Makes one think that our academy should prioritize fitness and especially core training a bit more. Tammy, Christensen, Ampadu and RLC are all lanky guys that would benefit from a bit more muscle mass.
  21. Both. He basically sat on the bench until February and has a long term back issue since March. From what I read on german forums he had one very good game against Spuds in the CL (didn't watch it myself though), but wasn't reliable in his other matches. He was only their 5th choice CB there and not even used as CDM.
  22. The point is that you have a built-in excuse for young players that skewers your ratings. Gilmour player 191 minutes in the PL and 157 in the FA cup yet deserves to be higher rated than Jorgi in your opinion. You're also doing the expectation thing with Mount to rationalize making him your personal POTY (which is fine), but forget to drop Kanté's rating. N'Golo is our only genuine world class player at the moment but had a horrible year for his standards. Also, let's be real here. I don't want to come up with something on my own, because it's much easier to criticize others. 😛
  23. That's all well and good until another young player like Davies completely dominates Mount or CHO. Really not a fan of the "higher ratings for players with lower expecations."
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