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    c-punk reacted to Mod Stark in Super Frank Lampard   
    Ah cheers I missed that. Was too busy buying gamer girl bath water on there.
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    c-punk reacted to General in Willian   
    Willian has passed his sell by date, under normal circumstances he'd be gone already. But its not normal circumstances anymore- CFC are the 1st Prem club in the league's history to receive a transfer embargo. Thus only a MUG of the highest order would think its a good move to bin him now going into a campaign challenging on 4 fronts with only Pedro & Pulisic (unproven quantity) fit, if CHO signs or not he wont be available likely until 2020. If you have any better ideas then utilizing Kenedy, Musonda or the tea lady lets have them then.
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    c-punk reacted to ForeverCarefree in Willian   
    Yes. He’s pants.
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    c-punk reacted to Slojo in Mateo Kovačić   
    It's annoying, I often mistake him for Hazard a lot, it's not just that he looks like him from long distance, he's the closest player we have who can move the ball like Hazard. It's weird why Kovacic doesn't take advantage of this ability, he's scary at times when he moves forward with it. 
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    c-punk reacted to DaRick in Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed   
    It has been said previously, not least by Sarri himself, that results and the overall quality of performances might be mediocre during the first couple of months or so as the team acclimatises to Sarri's high-line, pressing and possession-oriented style.

    While acquiring his designated Napoli playmaker and field commander in Jorginho would have made it easier for Chelsea to adjust to Sarri's ways, if only because Jorginho could have directed his teammates as to how Sarri would like them to play, all I have to say is that if these initial performances and results are mediocre, then my toes are really curling up in excitement in anticipation of the performances and results to come!

    A few other observations:

    1) It was said that Sarri's main problem at Napoli was largely failing to rotate his squad. However that might have been down partially to a lack of squad depth because he's been more willing to rotate for the less important cup games, or alternately ease less than 100% fit players into the game/season for maximum effect (e.g - Hazard). Conversely, I felt that during 2017/18 Conte too often ran certain players into the ground (Alonso) or gave them more game time than they really deserved (Bakayoko/Pedro). 

    2) For the most part, with the exception of Alonso's defending to a degree, I didn't feel that Conte actually improved the skills of his existing players, so much as he placed them into positions where their strengths were best utilised and their weaknesses were mitigated (e.g - Moses at wingback to exploit his athleticism in favour of his weak crossing and erratic decision-making in attack). On the other hand, I feel that Sarri has actually improved the skill set of existing players. For example, at the start of the season Barkley was threatening going forward but he struggled for any end product (goals/assists) and his defensive work ethic was somewhat lacking, leaving the left flank open as Alonso surged forward. In recent games, Barkley has shown a greater willingness to get stuck in and dispossess players (e.g - the lead up to Hazard's goal against Southampton), while he has conjured up killer balls (e.g - to Morata versus Burnley) and goals from bombing runs forward. Even RLC has displayed predatory instincts in the box and finishing ability that I didn't know he really had. 

    3) He is more even-tempered than Conte, who was clearly prone to behavioural swings, was rather thin-skinned (being psyched out by Mourinho as a consequence) and let his personal feelings cloud his personnel choices as a result (witness him freezing out Luiz after being offended by his behaviour in the wake of the disastrous game at Roma). Conversely, Sarri has chosen to avoid allowing personal biases and feelings to cloud his judgement, seeming remarkably even-tempered (there was that regrettable incident where he allegedly called Mancini a 'faggot' but that seems like an aberration). In hindsight, Conte was always unlikely to last long at Chelsea because, even when his squad was strong enough to overwhelm the competition (as at Juventus) his penchant for picking fights with players and directors alike would eventually alienate him from his own club, making his position untenable. You don't get the impression that Sarri will depart in such a manner. 

    4) He has been compared to Pep in terms of managerial style. Both indeed have a high-pressing, high-possession style, but when you look closer there are a few differences. For example, while Pep's sides can play incredible football, he comes off as being a manager who needs an extremely powerful squad (Barcelona/Bayern/Man City) in order to play his best football, if only because his high-pressing tiki-taka requires both considerable skill and stamina to pull off across a season. When his side isn't clearly the best in the competition in question, he can struggle to get the best out of his personnel. For example, his 2016-17 Man City side was flawed but IMO were still weak favourites to win the title. They ultimately finished third by a distance. On the other hand, Sarri inherited a fairly middling Napoli side from Benitez (which finished below even Fiorentina in Serie A) and turned them into a highly competitive side despite losing his world-renowned striker (Higuain) in the process. He turned Mertens from merely a fairly good wing forward into a truly deadly centre-forward, transformed Jorginho from a fringe-player into the integral regista that we all know today and turned the unfancied Hysaj into a highly-rated full back. What can Barkley/RLC ultimately become on his watch? It will be worth finding out. 

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    c-punk reacted to RIP Mourinho in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    Keep Hazard until his contract runs out then let CHO come in as his successor when he is 19. If we need a superstar signing, upgrade the RW position instead.
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