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  1. On 11/12/2020 at 12:36, Scott Harris said:

    I think that is a bit harsh. As an attacking full back, yeah, James is miles ahead, but I still think Azpilicueta is a better defender, even though James has gone up many levels in recent months. You'll struggle to find a better 1v1 defender than Azpilicueta.

    With the Everton lineup, I’d replace Kovacic with James and James with Azpi. Kante and James would both be encouraged to attack, but not at the same time. In other words, France with James as Kante’s Pogba.

  2. He has been recently switched to box-to-box by the conservative Deschamps. It works for France because he has a partner in Pogba who can drop back and defend. Chelsea does not have such a complete complementary player. And Chelsea is not going to be hogging possession against Liverpool or City, or their knockout stage CL opponent, anytime soon. To challenge for titles, Chelsea needs to make use of ALL that Kante can do. 

  3. Kante highlights v. Portugal.

    Ronaldo (@:40) and Jota (@1:52) are both still wondering what happened.

    Kante scored because he and Pogba are both authorized to play high, but not at the same time. (Apparently, France has never lost in the 25 games both have started.) Chelsea could well use such a complementary addition. That’s what Conte, Sarri, Lampard (previously) all attempted. And now even the somewhat conservative Deschamps has changed tactics to allow it.

  4. 4 hours ago, Wearyourblue said:

    think maybe the long entry ball [favors Cesc over Jorginho]

    They both play it, but Cesc sees the opening more often and is more accurate. Late against Leicester, for example, Cesc would have put Kante in alone with a long arcing pass if Giroud hadn’t put his beautifully coiffed head in the way.

  5. 8 hours ago, Giordano_Bruno said:

    ... and when he sees the box or an opportunity to shoot, his muscle memory shouts "stop".

    He shoots plenty and very quickly, but only when he’s fairly close and central. His shots are usually blocked (and so less noticeable), so he’ll sometimes sky one. His was by far the most dangerous shot that de Gea saved in the United game. On the rush, he tends strongly to pass to a teammate who’s more forward (as he should) or wide to an overlapping back to deliver a cross. The biggest problem, and not just this year, has been the seeming utter refusal of teammates to return a pass when he continues his forward run into a gap. With his pace and ball control in tight spaces, he should be treated more like Sterling.

  6. A few assorted, possibly related, facts:

    1. From today’s Guardian, “As for individuals [in the PL], few will be surprised that N’Golo Kanté tops the charts for covering the most distance so far this season.” 

    2. In an interview about a month ago, Sarri said Kante was Chelsea’s only DM.

    3. Chelsea, third in the PL, has given up the third fewest goals.

  7. 3 hours ago, abister1 said:

    As I saw things at the time it was the tactical switch Mourinho made and higher press and marking on Jorginho that forced us to play differently. Not the players willingly resorting to that.

    If the single, crucial “pivot” can be marked out of the game by a not-great opponent, what might it say about the strategy, in general, and Jorginho, in particular? (This is not a rhetorical question.)

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