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    KnowItAll got a reaction from Skinnedy in Welcome N’Golo Kante   
    Today, Kante’s defending begat the crucial counter, as his interception of a pass went straight to Ziyech to Werner to ... to Giroud.
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    KnowItAll got a reaction from wallosh in Jorginho is a Blue   
    They both play it, but Cesc sees the opening more often and is more accurate. Late against Leicester, for example, Cesc would have put Kante in alone with a long arcing pass if Giroud hadn’t put his beautifully coiffed head in the way.
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    KnowItAll reacted to General in Welcome N’Golo Kante   
    Have a butchers at this little vid and make your own mind up after re is Kante been moved positionally just for the sake of accommodating Jorginho 
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