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  1. Board need to make a big decision at the end of the season...if the transfer ban sticks then I don't want Sarri to be in charge of the likes of Abraham, Bats, CHO, Pulasic, Mount etc.
  2. Kepa Dave Christensen Rudiger Emerson Kante Jorginho Barkley CHO RLC Higuain
  3. Right...Pedro off...CHO on...Jorginho off...RLC on...Sarri off...Frank on...
  4. Kepa Dave SSB Rudiger Emerson Kante Kovacic CHO RLC Hazard Higuain
  5. Thought Barkley was generally poor...would have liked to see CHO start or at least get a half and RLC needs to start ahead of Barkley...SSB long-range passing again was stunning...
  6. Time for 442 Kepa Dave Christensen Rudiger Emerson Kante Willian RLC CHO Hazard Higuain
  7. Can only hope that future managers like Frank will have a different attitude to young players so we don't end up in the same position again...can't see CHO staying beyond this window...and if he goes to BM then I can't see us getting a buy-back clause either...can only demand £35m up front and hope the powers upstairs put more pressure on future managers to bring the kids through...

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