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  1. Does Hakimi mean the end of Dave and CHO? And what do we do for LB? Emerson may go as part of the Hakimi deal which leaves us with Alonso as Chillwell's back up...
  2. Probably only made £80m from willing CL so will need to clear some of the chaff...
  3. We need to sell on some squad players to fund this...
  4. Hell no...never wanted Stinkwater anywhere near our team...
  5. What about getting Bamford back?
  6. I suppose you can add to that list Loftus Cheek, Gallagher, Ampadu, Brown, Kenedy, Baker, Zappacosta, Miazaga, van Ginkel, Moses...
  7. Happy to see Tammy sold...will never be good enough to be a primary striker for this club...ifnwe can get £40m for him, then happy to spend that money on someone else... Need a big clear out this summer...all of these can go... Alonso, Bats, Tomori, Emerson, Jourinho, Barkley, Abraham, Bakayoko and Kepa amongst others...TT needs to make up his mind about CHO and Ziyech too...
  8. Time now to start planning for next season...TT will get a new contract which will give him comfort and confidence...need to decide what to do with Dave, Silva, Jourinho and new CF...
  9. What's Jourinho doing in there and why Dave not CHO?
  10. Just like FA Cup final...Talksh*te and BBC are all about Man sh*ty...nothing about Chelsea...
  11. Mendy James Silva Rudiger CHO Kante Kovacic Chillwell Pulisic Mount Werner
  12. Got to say Tuchel got the team selection wrong again today...no way Jourinho should have been near that squad and why was Dave playing? James and CHO were the better option...now we're going to miss Dave for the opening 3 games of the next season...Tuchel needs to learn quick...
  13. FFS what is Jourinho doing even in the squad let alone in the starting line up...and why isn't CHO starting with James replacing Dave...and why isn't Kovacic alongside Kante...getting a bit f**ked off with Tuchel team selections
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