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  1. I've said this repeatedly that FL is at best a Championship manager and doesn't have the experience to manage a top team like Chelsea. We need to get a new manager in ASAP if we are to get anything out of this season...Tuchel or Allegri is looking for work but I'd like to see Brendon Rogers given a chance...though it would grate to see a Celtic man get involved...
  2. This looks like FL last game in charge...players don't seem motivated by him...
  3. Now confirmed...delayed till Saturday 5.30pm...Fulham are now playing Totthenham on Wednesday instead of Villa who are struggling with Covid-19...
  4. Have you seen the Leeds result...beaten 3 nil by the Gatwick Car Park...
  5. Deeply unimpressed so far...we're too slow, too predictable and unwilling to take on a man...
  6. Ziyech needs minutes...and Pulisic is fragile and needs to be managed carefully...
  7. Happy with that team...plenty of quality...if we don't smash Morecambe today with that team at home FL will be gone...
  8. So no Kante, Christensen or James...and a few academy players likely to get some minutes according to this afternoon's presser... Kepa Dave Zouma Rudiger Emerson Gilmour Mount Havertz Ziyech Werner Pulisic
  9. This should be our best team out there...they desperately need some confidence and Werner needs a goal to get him going (even if it comes off his arse). Mendy Dave Zouma Silva Chillwell Gilmour Havertz Mount Ziyech Werner Pulisic
  10. Well we need to see what managers are available straight away...Tuchel? German manager to help German players...Allegri?
  11. And think all the criticism I've taken questioning FL managerial ability...well it's come to a head now...RA can't allow this to continue having spend over £200m in the summer...
  12. Frank will you turn the light off on your way out...
  13. I loved to see DC back in a blue's shirt...
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