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  1. Mount injured...no Gundogan or Stones starting...or Fernandiho
  2. Mendy Dave Christensen Rudiger James Kante Kovacic Alonso Ziyech Lukaku Havertz
  3. Let's hope TT takes the next round more seriously...10 changes is too much to expect a coherent performance...
  4. Still laughing 😅🤣😂 at Kante's deflected goal off Frankenstein's monster...
  5. Stronger team tonight....Sarr and Barkley on the bench...
  6. Time for Tuchel to revert to normal service... Mendy Dave Christensen Rudiger James Kante Jourinho Chillwell Mount Lukaku Havertz
  7. We got away with one today...the score line doesn't reflect the chances Villa had...Tuchel has to learb that making 6 changes in the Premiership leaves you vulnerable...let's hope that a normal line up returns againt Zenit on Tuesday night...
  8. CHO and Niguez are stinking the house out...time for 2 changes at half time...Jourinho and Mount on...
  9. This has the same disaster written all over it like last year's West Brom game...TT stop making all these fecking changes...and Niguez have an early bath mate...
  10. I agree...I know some the regulars have played 3 international games but always vary of making too many unforced changes...especially at the back...
  11. Tuchel has made a lot of changes...too many for me... No Dave, Mount or Jourinho...
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