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  1. Just like FA Cup final...Talksh*te and BBC are all about Man sh*ty...nothing about Chelsea...
  2. Mendy James Silva Rudiger CHO Kante Kovacic Chillwell Pulisic Mount Werner
  3. Got to say Tuchel got the team selection wrong again today...no way Jourinho should have been near that squad and why was Dave playing? James and CHO were the better option...now we're going to miss Dave for the opening 3 games of the next season...Tuchel needs to learn quick...
  4. FFS what is Jourinho doing even in the squad let alone in the starting line up...and why isn't CHO starting with James replacing Dave...and why isn't Kovacic alongside Kante...getting a bit f**ked off with Tuchel team selections
  5. Got a feeling that we're going to muller them tonight...but need to get the team right...
  6. The fear is that we will lose two finals and not finish in top 4...TT must learn from his errors...he's selected the wrong teams and been slow in making changes during the game itself...the same criticisms that were directed at Frank...
  7. Tuesday is a must win...the winner will guarantee top 4...Jourinho has to be benched and Kovacic must start alongside Kante...if he's not fit then Mount drops into that role with Havertz replacing him Mendy James Christensen Rudiger CHO Kante Kovacic Chillwell Mount Werner Pulisic
  8. Jourinho was a joke and Tuchel too far too long to make changes 75 mins was 15 mins too late...
  9. VAR was a farce...handball and on side...typical BBC didn't show any of that or any of BBC team wishing to discuss them... ..
  10. Talksh*te has all been Leicester too...all guests speakers are from Leicester and Cascarino hasn't called them out for it...
  11. Anyone noticed the media bias again ahead of this game...like last season which was all Arsenal, it's all Leicester this year...
  12. Mendy Dave Silva Rudiger James Kante Jourinho Chillwell Mount Werner Pulisic
  13. Sterling's reputation goes ahead of him...he was a diver with the bin dippers and again with Cash City...and BTW he should have been sent off in the first half...
  14. Mendy Dave Christensen Rudiger James Kante Jourinho Chillwell Pulisic Mount Werner
  15. Mendy Dave Christensen Zouma Kante Gilmour CHO Havertz Mount Alonso Abrahams
  16. What I want to know is what did Moyes say to Dave when he left the pitch that got him so riled up? And definitely a red card...foot in such an unnatural position in the end of the follow through...clearly trying to get a cheap stamp on the player...guess that the pikie way?
  17. Really flat performance tonight...TT needs to realise quickly to take lower league clubs seriously...should have played CHO and Werner from the start...Pulisic agaib got kicked out of the game...TT must learn from this game and WBA and get the team right for Wet Spam...and boy do we need Kovacic back...he seems the only one capable of taking on and beating a man...
  18. They won't dare after that performance last year...besides there must new refs that haven't had the chance yet
  19. Mendy Dave Zouma Rudiger James Kante Jourinho Chillwell Pulisic Mount Werner
  20. Awful referee...no protection for Pulisic and fell for every Porto play acting tactic...hopefully UEFA will bin him...
  21. Gone to a back 4...and no recognised centre forward...
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