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  1. Mendy Zouma Christensen Rudiger James Alonso Kante Kovacic CHO Mount Werner
  2. What? 3 1 down puts the bin dippers in the driver's seat?
  3. Mendy Dave Christensen Rudiger James Kovacic Chillwell Ziyech Mount Pulisic Werner
  4. It was madness to start with Silva today...he should have come on later on if things we going well...and if no Kante then Gilmour was the obvious choice...Jourinho is stinking the house out...need some changes straight away...Chillwell for Alonso...Mount for Jourinho
  5. Mendy Dave Christensen Rudiger Alonso Gilmour Kovacic CHO Mount Pulisic Werner
  6. We got away with one today...Tuchel needs to stop tinkering...players like Pulisic need a decent run of games to get his form and confidence back...
  7. Pulisic clearly needs a decent run of games to get his confidence up...Tuchel needs to realise that he can't please all the players all the time...
  8. When has Emerson played as a CB...if this goes west Tuchel will get some fecking stick...especially when there are two recognised CB on the bench...sorry there's rotation and then there's madness...especially when there's a two week international break coming up...
  9. I know we need to rotate and rest players but 9 changes? Emerson as CB??
  10. Looks like no Silva till after the international break and Tammy may have had a setback on his ankle training today...no news about Christensen but hopefully he's illness is over so he can return on Sunday...Tuchel hinted that Giroud will start in Sunday...so hopefully we'll see CHO on one side and Pulisic on the other sending in the crosses for him...
  11. Kepa James Silva Rudiger Chillwell Jourinho Kovacic CHO Mount Pulisic Giroud
  12. One of the few games that I felt we were in total control throughout...Kante was immense...and Rudiger nice and aggressive...gave Rat Boy nothing...looking forward to the draw tomorrow...hopefully Silva is fit enough to play on Sunday...
  13. Wasn't it wonderful to have 3 women in the BT studio to discuss the game and to have a female co-commentator...they really brought genuine insight and credibility to the programme...
  14. Mendy Dave Zouma Rudiger James Kante Kovacic Chillwell Mount Giroud Werner
  15. Wow you really think that players only respond to kindness? That's really naive 😕
  16. Can't agree less with you...if CHO is to improve then he needs to given the hard word when needed...don't remember him once beating a man or putting in a telling cross...
  17. I like Tuchel's ruthless streak...taking CHO and publicly digging him out for his lack of effort...reminds me of Mourinho and Ashley Cole...I've got good feelings about Tuchel...he'll get the players motivated or he'll ship them out...
  18. We seem so slow...need someone creative to open them up...it's so predictable sideways, sideways, sideways...take a man on and break the press
  19. Mendy James Silva Rudiger CHO Kante Kovacic Alonso Mount Giroud Werner
  20. I'm just taking the game as one of those...10 changes, pudding of a pitch...FA Cup final for them...won ugly...into the next round with a home draw...forget this game and start thinking about Newcastle on Monday...next...
  21. 10 changes from the weekend on a pudding of a pitch...Atkinson once again can't see the obvious...refs are now so poor that they're entirely reliant on VAR to save their arses...
  22. 3 LBs in squad and 2 playing...with 2 RBs on the bench...what??
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