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  1. We will see, we’ll definitely have to set up differently as Liverpool will come on to us more. Im a lot happier going to Anfield now than I would have been a month ago.
  2. We have been the better team and created loads of chances but Kepa has been the busier keeper. We just don’t seem to test the keepers enough.
  3. Apparently he scored a cracking free kick in 2007
  4. Not a fan but thought he was good tonight
  5. We have been good this half, Hazard has been brilliant. Disappointing that it’s only 1-0.
  6. Hasn’t been his best 40 mins but what he give us when on the ball is directness and he’s put over a couple of decent crosses.
  7. Shoulder charge taken to the esteem there.
  8. Well here’s hoping they drop three today, still 12+ to go. Everton should really be home safe and dry by now.
  9. Arsenal are so open. With a bit more quality and composure in the final third Everton could be be 3 or 4 up.

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