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  1. Want to see Lampsey on for the last 10/15.
  2. Hull manager sees that Kova had too much space first half and desides to close down quickly. Kova lost at the moment and need to switch on.
  3. Great start to second half for Hull. Chelsea look very suspect at the back. Pedro has forgot to come out this half. Leader needed.
  4. With all our possession we don’t create near enough open chances . Ok there was two one on one but I want to see more chances being cut back to our forwards for first time shots inside the six.
  5. From our 18 to the opponents 18 we are quite good. In the two most important parts of the pitch we are pretty sh*t.
  6. It’s a bit of the same old same old atm. Nice play but not working the keeper.
  7. goose


    For me Cavani would be a good option in the short term to maybe get us over the line in the top 4 race. He has great movement and more importantly a fantastic header of the ball which would suit the James crosses. Not keen on massive wages or anything over the £10M transfer wages but would be i good purchase for 18 months.
  8. Anyone blaming Kepa need to wise up. Perfect cross that he couldn’t come for which was headed down from inside the 6 yard.
  9. Raising your studs and going into that tackle was reckless wether he won the ball or not. Cahill got sent off for lungeing in recklessly a couple of seasons back and he did even make contact with the player.
  10. Just saw the highlights on MOTD. CHO seemed to be impressive and involved in all our best moves. Only highlights I know but hopefully this will boost his confidence and he can bring something similar to the EPL matches.
  11. @Slojo you have been a big critic of Kanté this season and you are quiet entitled to your opinion. I don’t think he has been near as bad as people make out although I’ll admit he’s maybe not his usual brilliant. I think why people say vendetta is that there are posters here who are obviously looking for Kantés mistakes and when he makes a misplaced pass or mistimed tackle they are straight on saying how sh*t he is this season and questioning why Frank is playing him. Other players play an awful lot worst without the level of criticism Kanté gets.
  12. Unfortunately we can’t ignore his injury history coco. He’s 24 in a couple of weeks and so far has only managed 70 senior appearances between Chelsea and Palace. Compare this to Mount who has almost that number and a lot more if you include Vitesse at 3 years younger. In full flow there is no better player to watch in Chelsea blue. I’d love to see him in a long injury free run with us but unfortunately I can see huge frustrations ahead as he gets back into the team for a few weeks only to be back on injury list once again.
  13. I think people are expecting more from RLC than we should and remember him being a whole lot better than he really was for us. I really like RLC and there are times that he can look world class but he rarely dominates games and those thinking that he can be a Chelsea season saviour, I fear could be greatly disappointed.

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