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  1. goose

    Mateo Kovačić

    Tidy bit of play that but I remember when watching that live and he was going to ground I thought for a moment he was going for a studs up tackle.
  2. goose

    Antonio Rudiger

    A good quality no nonsense defender who isn’t afraid to mix it up, rarely goes for the on field love in that many like to have with opponent. Once you get crunched by a Rudi tactle your not likely to get a hand up and a hug, I like that. Hes very quick and deceptively strong. Fast becoming one of my favourite Chelsea players and imho the best in the league in his position.
  3. Many candidates this match for the right reasons. Azpiliucetas best performance this season. Rudiger missed nothing. Kante and Pedro both worked tirelessly. Went for Luiz for his defensive display as much as his pass and goal.
  4. What a brilliant performance out of the blue. First half we defended well and kept city confined mostly to wide areas. After the Kante goal we were excellent. Luiz fustates the life out of me. After that Spurs match to a put in a performance like that from the first to last minute. Great pass to start up the first goal and lovely headed goal. Most impressed with the defensive game tonight, won everything on the ground and in the air. MOTM.
  5. Unfortunately that’s the ways it’s going.
  6. He won the ball with the instep and followed through with studs up. If you are saying that he couldn’t adjust then it was reckless. Winning the ball does not nowadays excuse the reckless tackle. In my opinion it was a straight leg challenge, it was reckless and intenionly so and could have been a straight red.
  7. Just watch and enjoy a passionate game of football. Good to see that in the EPL for a change even though I despise both teams.
  8. Not at all. Followed through with studs showing with nothing else on his mind but to injure the player.
  9. Spurs beginning to lose it. Don’t much care for Arsenal but I’d like them to hit 6. Begrudgingly have to admit that Arsenal look good today. Bit of fight and heart, not at all like the more reasons Wenger teams.
  10. What a fantastic finish by Aubameyang. Quality goal, maybe a goal of the season. It might feel dirty but come on you f**king gunners. Tramp all over that spurs sh*te.
  11. Think they’ve taken a child’s body and added an enormous head with a scouse perm.
  12. goose

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    I think if we went back to 30% possession Kante would be the star of the show again with everyone raving about his tackling and winnin* the ball back. Thinks have changed for the better all round and I think he’s still doing a good job. Much better on the ball than people give him credit for.
  13. Pedro just ahead of Morata for me.
  14. goose

    Alvaro Morata

    Tend to agree about the service he gets. Really poor into him in the first half hour today. Sometimes maybe it’s his fault for not presenting himself or making the right runs. Earlier on in the season I thought our players were sometimes avoiding passing to him as a bad touch usually handed the ball back to the opposition. Recently however his touch is much more assured, he had a few really good first time layoffs today.