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  1. And Mendy only misses City and Spuds for us. 🤣 I still think they will pick up injuries. We have dealt with our injuries well since the start of the season, don’t think they could do that.
  2. Out of the top 3 I think probably Liverpool on their day have the strongest team especially with Salah in the form he is in. However they are by far the weakest squad of the three and for that reason Klopp treats the FA cup with complete contempt and makes no effort to win it playing mostly reserves. Liverpool are only a couple of injuries from being League winning contenders to fighting for top 4. Also does Salah not head off to the African nations in Jan for 4 weeks. I think Chelsea and City to scrap it out for the League with City slight favourites and Liverpool third.
  3. I’m sort of in the same camp. Really hope he can get a prolonged period injury free.
  4. Utd are such a poor side with OGS in charge. Ronaldo was never the right signing for them, everyone could see that. With the right manager and a couple of decent signings they could be challenging. I think it’s time for the Utd board to really back their manager.
  5. This is what worries me. Really hoping for a Utd comeback here with a load of refereeing controversy thrown in.
  6. Not going to go with the obvious Mount, going with James instead. This boy could become world class, a hard man with the skill to back it up.
  7. It’s just great minds and all that @CaitlinCFC. No way do I check other title contenders predictions, except maybe @Mod Stark ; helps me decide what not to do.
  8. 4 English goal scorers. Must be because Southgate is watching.
  9. Some people can’t just sit back and enjoy a dominant Chelsea performance in which we are leading 3-0 at half time with 3 really good goals by academy players without having a snipe at some of the players who they do not favour. Lighten up FFS and enjoy.
  10. Obviously Mendy. RLC good but tired late 20. Back 3 in particular Christensen had good games.
  11. Was thinking the same after about 70 mins. Looked as if he was tiring although he did have a few nice touches in the final 20 we had lost control.
  12. Toney is a mouthy prick. He felt contact and just fell. Probably off side anyway.
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