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  1. Didn’t see or hear the match today but that handball someone posted I thought would have been a pen most games.
  2. Thought he struggled when we went 3 at the back but just unsure of his role I think. I'm really impressed with his crossing. He doesn’t take the easy option of just floating a cross in but mixes it up well with high, low, floated, stingers, pull backs and front and near post crosses. Clever player I think, and look forward to him cementing his place in the team.
  3. That was unbearable. Bats cannot lead the line. He’s ok for coming off the bench and pushing for a winner but overall his football is awful. Valencia were the better side tonight and deserved to win but we were the better side at home and lost to them so honours sort of even. Wish we’d have won though.
  4. I wish people would stop quoting and replying to cuppat, as then I see his posts. Have a look at his profile and see from his last number of posts that he is a total wum and not a Chelsea supporter.
  5. Sometimes we could do with his (Luiz) passing from the back. We got stuck passing from side to side so much today, partly from our inability to see the long forward pass or maybe the ability or confidence to deliver it. Do I miss his defending; GOD NO. Have to also give credit to City for keeping the pressure on our back line in the second half.
  6. Brilliant cross by James there, pity no one gets on the end of it.
  7. Jorginho has been fairly crap today and his usual yellow.
  8. Need to try and get the front three involved, at the moment they’re totally isolated.

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