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  1. I agree the Azpilicueta shouldn’t have been in the position on the edge of the six and yes N’didi would have beat him in the air and would most likely have scored but he definitely switched off and didn’t get the challenge in. That jumping contact may have been enough to cause N’didi to put over the bar. Forums are all about opinions and I know some here are way OTT.
  2. Agree and disagree with your post. definitely not as bad as Ivan was during his final season. I think that you're being a bit hard on Mount with the header, he wasn’t moving onto it and difficult enough to create the power and direction. I feel the ball should have been played to feet and not to head, someone like KDB would have played that ball to feet but Dave is not a KDB nor do I expect him to be. Ref the Leicester goal, I’m not a fan or zonal marking either and wish we’d drop it. However that’s what FL has decided to play and Azpilicueta had a job to do and he totally switched off from it. The goal scorer did have the run of him and was taller but Azpilicueta did not react to the run and didn’t get any sort of challenge in. i think he has faded compared to what he was a couple of years ago but not maybe as bad as people are saying. I’m good with him for another while but think that he will soon need replaced and I don’t know if Reece James is the answer or not.
  3. You have to be on the wind up, but can I suggest that as well as giving the matches a miss why don’t you also give this forum a miss.
  4. Lucky to get a point there but we’re up and running folks. Definitely looked a bit leggy so maybe midweek had something to do with that. That’s 3 big matches in 8 days. some poor performances but well done Zouma. We’ve a lot of players to come back so things will get better. Leicester are an alright team.
  5. Struggling to get a hold of the ball atm. Tiredness could be a factor i suppose as we played a final with extra time on Wednesday in Turkey.
  6. But as someone else said, it’s not a handball. It’s some situation that has been introduced by someone to cover very certain circumstances which don’t fully make sense. Cant someone explain when the newly invented ‘accidental handball’ comes into and out of play in the build up to a goal. In the city match had the ball went to Jesus via another player, either City or Spurs, after the brush contact with Laporte, would the goal have been allowed. Remember the brush contact did not appear to affect the ball in any way, either by deflection or pace. In the case of the Chelsea Utd match should the VAR went back to the handball incident in Utd penalty area before the break for the second goal. I agree with VAR and the fact that it should get most decisions right re offside, contact in penalty area etc however I think they have introduced a new definition of ‘accidental handball by the attacking team which results in a goal’ which wasn’t really needed.
  7. How far does this handball thing go back. Had that brush against the arm went to Sterling who then past it to Jesus who then scored, would that have been disallowed.
  8. Yeah I’m aware of the rule Scott and by the letter of the law the correct VAR decision was correct. I just feel that it’s a flawed rule change when a handball is interpreted differently when it happens at different times in a match.
  9. That’s true but the brush against the arm had no bearing on the goal. It’s not handball at any other time or place in the matc(. Why did they bring this rule in, it’s madness.
  10. It looked to me as if the ball brushed pass his arm without an obvious deflection. How can that be a handball, no way is that a handball in any other part of 5he pitch.
  11. I just want good referring, that’s all that counts. Shouldn’t be able to notice what gender they are or would it matter. For what I’ve seen of the match, which really was only the second half, thought the game flowed well.
  12. @just and @EdinburghBlue sum it up for me. Haven't been a fan but looks as if he can flourish under FL.
  13. Yeah tend to agree that maybe it is a blessing in disguise in respect of accessing the squad and in particular giving the youth a fair chance. Unfortunately it has undoubtedly weakened our position and squad with losing Hazard and everyone around us buying in with the exception of Liverpool. Anyone else think that Klopp has been a bit naive in not buying in and strengthening the squad. I know he has a good team but a good length injury to VVD and they will drop lots of points. Would love to see Liverpool struggle for CL spot with all the hype surrounding them.

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