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  1. In the final I’d say most definitely. In the tournament maybe the hand of god. Nowadays goal line technology would have sorted the Hurst goal however not so sure if VAR would have seen the handball!!!
  2. We didn’t really get a manager boost though. We showed bits and pieces but overall we probably got what we deserved at the start with results. This past month we have seen improvements throughout the team as the team becomes more comfortable with the type of football Lamps wants to play. I know there are going to be down periods but overall I think we’ve a good team and a good manager and we’ll go from strength to strength.
  3. Wouldn’t have mattered if it had been 55 mins. For all that possession arsenal looked toothless. Looking at their team man for man they are a very ordinary team. Only thing they have going for them is a couple of decent strikers.
  4. This second half may be hard to watch as Arsenal will dominate. Hopefully SU can hold out.
  5. Yeah looks like he’s expecting it to be scrubbed. Well that mistake/cheat or whatever could well cost someone a CL place at the end of the season.
  6. Hard to say for sure with that view but it looks like upper arm rather than shoulder to me. I take it the ref overruled VAR which I could understand in some cases but not with the attackers arm touching the ball in the lead up to a goal and with the number of angles that VAR have surely you have to go with VAR.
  7. Tough game which should have been put out sight a lot earlier. I thought CHO was superb today, he has great vision and great range of passing. Well done Pulisic when he came on although I thought he lacked a bit of confidence in front of goal, hopefully he gets a bit more game time. Good second half’s for Willian and Jorginho. Alonso was poor but got us the winner. Disappointed with Tomori today, give away a couple of really short passes which could have cost us another day. He really has to cut that out, it’s happening every match now. Well played Frank.
  8. Alonso has been dreadful today. Looks like he’s always on his heals.
  9. Shaky at the back per usual. Midfield not really controlling the game as much as I’d like. Mount and Willian have been quite. CHO is the pick of our players so far. Hope we can take the game more to them second half and control MF.
  10. I’m not one of CHO big fans on this site but he’s really impressing me today with his distribution. Every pass has been perfectly weighed and on another day could have had 2 assists.
  11. Barkley needs to settle. Either misplacing or miss controlling everything at the moment.

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