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  1. (This was a rant about the political way this important thread has went. But why bother ranting because it will make no difference so I’ll just f**k off instead.)
  2. The NHS has been underfunded for a lot more than 10 years. Tonights show of appreciation was to show support for the people who I believe have a very tough few months ahead of them. Any chance that we leave politics out of this until the we have beat this thing and then there will undoubtably be a major inquest.
  3. Could well give people a wake up call to see what is important in life and prioritise accordingly. Players/agents have been eking out every last penny from clubs and it’s the supporter that ends up paying. Probably won’t change but one can hope.
  4. @Boyne hope you’re feeling better soon. My daughter seems to be coping well and some work colleagues have dropped supplies to her door. I don’t mine the self isolation too much but I’m very lucky in that I live in the countryside with acres of open space round me and miles of country roads to run/walk. I have another daughter who lives close by and I had to leave some things off at her house. I was leaving them off at the gate when the grandchildren came out to the door to shout over to me. This was a hard thing which will get more difficult as the weeks go by. Hopefully it will only be for a few months until we get past this thing. Stay safe everyone.
  5. My daughter would appear to have got the virus. She has been working in London recently and only got home last Thursday. As it was building up quite quickly in London she decided to stay down in her house in Belfast rather than come and visit family so she has had little exposer to others this past 5 days as she has also been working from home. The first noticeable symptom she had was a lost of Taste and smell three days ago accompanied by headaches, a little rise in temperature and low energy.
  6. Some people are pissing me off. Going on as if all is ok atm so why should we be concerned, no one seems that sick. They don’t seem to get it that what we do today effects next week. Next week, when things will have inevitably got a lot more serious they would not dream of behaving this way. But hey ho the damage has been done you f**kwits.
  7. Does this mean the season will be voided if all games are not completed, say only manage to play 33 games. If Liverpool have already got enough points by this stage to make it mathematically impossible for others to catch them would they still be crowned champions even though maybe European or relegation cannot be finalised.
  8. I know it may not seem fair but imho something isn’t won till it won, anything can happen. if the league can’t be finished at the normal date then the season should be scrapped, there will always be winners and losers in all situations. Worth a watch. 1.32
  9. Off subject a wee bit but someone mentioned earlier about a special players ability to control balls into him and awareness. I haven’t seen much of Man City’s Foden before Sunday’s cup final but that is what stood out to me. His first time control of some difficult passes was immaculate. I think Foden will be a special player. Gilmore showed similar qualities last night and I hope he can fulfil his potential.
  10. So many good performances tonight. Stand outs for me were Kepa, Zouma, Giroud, Pedro (run himself into the ground for us) and MOTM Gilmore.
  11. Unlucky Pedro. He has been working really hard defensively the whole game. Just run out of steam.
  12. I was enjoying our more direct high energy style of play. Got a feeling this might change now.
  13. Dodged a bullet there I feel, even with our lack of quality at the back.
  14. Did Jorginho get booked again, wtf for this time, let me guess, he got the opportunity to leave a really hard tackle in one of Bournemouth’s most dangerous players leaving him hurt and having to be carried off. Or did he get caught out by poor positioning, lack of pace and do a pointless silly foul. That is I think about 10 bookings this year. He is a liability and I’d hook him off.

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