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  1. OMG drenched in alcohol free beer, can think of nothing worst. No more Rafaball from me then.
  2. You have to admit though that ‘Rafaball’ has a nice ring to it.
  3. @ForeverCarefree I feel your pain. I’ll just put it out there that I’m easily bought should you feel the need to open up rival thread.
  4. Hope we’ve a match next St Patrick’s Day, that’s a Tuesday night match, I’d reckon it should be at least quarter final stage of CL.
  5. Rarely listen to Talksh*t anymore but they were talking about this this morning. Sounds like supplementary £100m. Quoted prices for Lukaku going as £75m and if Pogba goes, (and I hope he doesn’t) £150m. Now who in their right mind would give that sort of money for him, would be luckily to get back what they paid IMO. To me Progba is the most overrated player in the planet. Sure he has some nice moments and even a small run of games but Progba is all about Progba and the image and not the good of the team. His beautiful pass or touch is often followed an inept touch or pass or just sheer laziness and not getting back and marking and doing to hard dirty work that makes great midfielders great. One of the most unrecognised things about our own great SFL was that he just wasn’t all about goals from midfield but his chasing back, covering, blocking and doing the dirty hard miles.
  6. Was almost asleep there, on family holiday and have to get up in 5 hours for early flight home. Thought I’d have a peak at TSE to see if I could find a thread without all the bashing and see the return of this lot. @Scott you could be right, it’s only a dream. I wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom and find Loz and BB in the shower. Good advice Loz by your legal team. Geezer, don’t mention the war. btw I’ve just downed the best part of a bottle of cheap Spanish rum so I’m really not sure what’s happening.
  7. WTF is happening, have I hit some sort of time warp.
  8. Agree with that, especially with spuds. Son looks so much better when Kane’s not there and the whole team looks more dangerous. Can’t argue with his goals record though.
  9. Haven’t seen the incident but again the debate of what’s a handball. If it goes to just hitting the hand we’re going to get to a position of players just purposely trying to hit penalties by aiming the ball at defenders arms. It will be like hockey where attackers only try to win short corners by knocking the ball into defenders feet.
  10. Yeah you’re probably right but a bit of a low ball by them especially as they had the first option to resign him.
  11. Doesn’t surprise me, nothing much was made of it, surprise, surprise. Had it been the other way round the media would still be talking about it. Tackle I think was early on in the match at 0-0 when Liverpool had to win 1-0 to qualify for knock out stages. They’re there by default.
  12. Don’t think I’ll watch it. To me, and it’s more to do with living in N Ire which is full of Liverpool supporters I would prefer Spuds won. I really loathe Liverpool as a team and fan base more than any other group. Hope it’s a sh*t final and for me justice would be Van Dijk getting sent off early for a discussing tackle a bit like the one he should have been sent off for against Mertens in the group stage decider.
  13. Can’t blame him after the abuse they give him when he left. arsenal fans have no class, he was their best player for many years. Look at the difference to Chelsea fans with Hazard going. All I’m reading on here is best wishes to Eden for the future and thanking him for what he has given us.

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