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  1. I think Zouma is better than he looks. Just because he looks awkward and uncomfortable with the ball doesn’t mean that he is. Don’t think he should be an automatic starter but definitely a good squad player and I’d hate to see him leave.
  2. BBC news this morning was all Leicester and I was thinking are there not 2 teams in this final. To be expected I suppose, and if Leicester were playing any of the other bigger teams I’d be backing them too.
  3. What alternative world have I stepped into. God I feel old. Not knocking all the stats and g’s xg’s and whatever and they are increasingly becoming more important in the game. I also understand that people just love following stats and analysing every detail. For me it just comes down to ‘they did good’, ‘they was sh*t’. As far as TT goes, he’s done good up to now and if we get just 1 of the 3 goals that we are aiming forward it’s been a positive season. Achieve none, I think he’s still done good work and look forward to next season.
  4. 6 days between villa and CL final, more than we have had for months. Don’t think tiredness should be a problem. You do risk injury of course.
  5. Yeah but Man Utd threw the Leicester game in order to go strong tonight. I’m not blaming them because the schedule forced them to. Better rescheduling and they could have played full teams both matches.
  6. Don’t know why people are surprised the way this is going. The FA have f**ked ourselves and West Ham over with the terrible rescheduling after the Utd thugs breaking into the ground. I’m sure they are pleased with themselves for helping Liverpool to top four.
  7. Not sure he got it wrong with selection. We’re the better team by far, not scoring our chances which has been a theme all season and then one of the most experienced players has a complete brain fart.
  8. That’s what happened in the build up to their goal. I bit of slick passing in our right defence to get us out of pressure then Jorginho having a chance to play a forward pass instead turns round and creates all that mucking around at the back he loves to do. Just doesn’t have the vision to see forward passes.
  9. Jorginho should come off. We’ve seen this before with him. When he’s bad he tends to have a mare.
  10. Kepa has done ok anytime he has come in this season. Have faith folks. In Kepa we trust. 🤞
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