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  1. I’ve a stream with no sound. Surely if mason passed the ball no matter if it came of defender it was still offside at point of initial pass. Maybe mount didn’t touch the ball and it was a defender pass!
  2. I’ve really only seen him in clips but he looks the real deal. Very strong for a 20 year old and seems he doesn’t get bullied. Technique looks brilliant. I’d imagine he will be spoilt for choice when he decides to move. A big fee and huge wages are almost guaranteed so he and his agent will surely look at other things to decide where his further will lie. Surely it will not come down to who offers the most. He should be looking at the style of football, the manager, team and image profile, and for a striker the number of chances created. We fall terribly short on style of play
  3. This is actually the part of his game that I dislike. I understand his importance in being available when players get in tight positions etc. However it’s the times that he makes himself available for passes from the back line only to play it back to them to receive it again and play it back again. This IMO slows our rhythm, takes sting out of our attacking options and let’s the opposition reorganise. I think TT is maybe trying to get him playing a bit quicker and a bit more forward.
  4. It’s not the losing that’s pissing me off atm, that happens, it’s are manner of play. For years we were known as an entraining team to watch, it’s a part of our DNA, but we are woeful to watch. don’t think we’ve recovered from the Sarri sh*t style of football.
  5. This is really boring the life out of me. All procession and no penetration. We have created eff all.
  6. I think RLC is a good player in a good team when you can appreciate what he brings. when your team is struggling for results his languid style may not go down so well even if he is playing ok.
  7. Isn’t that what it comes down 99% of the time. If it was more financially beneficial to the Premier League they would probably support it but as it stands they’re trying to protect their golden nugget.
  8. Great game last night, MOTM without doubt. He is all energy and got so much skill in getting out of tight positions. Definitely see a change in that he is getting forward or passing forward more. Really wish he would score though and I think we should expect more goals from him. Even like 4/5 a season wouldn’t be too much to expect from a player of his caliber.
  9. I thought he drove into the box well tonight and put in a couple of decent low crosses which just needed to be tapped in. He is working hard at his defended and doing much better than I thought he would. Really wish the lad would shoot more often and believe. We’ve all seen that he has a decent shot on him. I think he has the ability to score 15-20 goals a season. If he adds that to his game he could become world class.
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