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  1. No staying power, the old pricks.🤣 Well done to all the mods and contributors who have kept it going since CSR days. Great dedication and effort.
  2. My thoughts are that Kepa is a decent second keeper. Didn’t let us down anytime when called upon last season. Very difficult to get a quality keeper who is prepared to be second choice.
  3. Wouldn’t put it past him. 🤣 Had a look at the incident on YouTube there. He’s a dirty tramp. Should never been allowed back on tv again. Imagine it had been JT.
  4. Jamie Carragher did it and he’s still working on sky.
  5. Everything you say is spot on. It was immature but f**k it I’m in my 60’s and still do stupid stuff. Ironically it’s the social media bit that gets me. Why did he ever think that it was a good idea to post that.
  6. My fear is that he is responsible for a mistake which gives an Italian goal, either directly or indirectly. The hate would be immense.
  7. Had a poor first half although I thought he improved the further the match went on. £100m is a ridiculous amount being quoted, half that would be too much.
  8. Agree with @Munkworth on that. He’s had a good tournament but as you say it’s Sterling who is grabbing the headlines. Sterling has been frustrating but he has been a nightmare fir defenders with his directness.
  9. Yeah noticed that. Down to personnel ability and some good club management.
  10. That’s has to be a booking, for Sterling.
  11. Good player but I despise the twat. His diving is cheating and he gets away with it week in and week out. Also hate his backing in dangerous challenges. Having seen any of those in this tournament, perhaps he knows the foreign refs will call him out on it.
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