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  1. Now you have me worried.
  2. He really is a big unit who bullies defenders at 20, you just wonder how he will be at 25. He can be immense if he keeps progressing. His finishing reminds me a bit of Van Nistelrooy but has a bit more about him re assisting.
  3. At least this year we will have similar preseason to the others. One of the things I think that got to our team towards the end of SFL’s reign was our very short preseason because of the extended season before with the FA cup and the delayed CL second leg with Bayer
  4. Combined age of 70. Two fantastic players in their time but you’d imagine as the tournament goes on forwards with pace will be able to get at them. As far as Emerson goes I’ve always thought him a decent enough player at times but will never make it with us. Hope he gets a bit of a run in the Euros.
  5. Out of the five you mention I would imagine It will be Silva’s last season, Emerson I expect to be sold on this season if possible and Dave will be 33 come the new season so I only expect him to be offered a 1 year extension. However it shows that we could quickly end up short of options.
  6. That would be a good deal for everyone, Giroud, Chelsea and AC.
  7. Mixed feelings about CHO. Before seeing much of him I heard so much in the forum about him I think I expected him to set the world alight. Initially I was very unimpressed and thought this guy is going nowhere. I think Sarri took a lot of his attacking flair away. I young guy like that should be fearless but the more minutes he played under Sarri the more negative he became and kept turning back hitting safe square balls afraid of having a go and losing procession. Injury obviously set him back and then when TT played him I was impressed with much of his play and thought he’s going to
  8. Bags a brace tonight for France.
  9. I’ve seen a lot of complaints on here about intrusive ads but I rarely have a problem. I normally just go on my iPhone and an ad comes up on the bottom of the page which I close and that’s it.
  10. I can understand the Spurs hate for those in the London area but I think personal rival hate stems from all the pricks that are in the area you were brought up. I was totally surrounded by Man U and Liverpool fans so I see them as the ones I prefer to beat over any other team. Special dislike for Liverpool whose supporters seem to be stuck in the 70’s even though many can’t remember that era. They have this arrogant air of entitlement and we are the best supporters in the world sh*t. When they win they like to put out their little flags and their car stickers. Oh just f**k off. So f
  11. Heard Matt Law on a pod cast saying that he knows that RLC wants to stay and wants to do a preseason with us. I think he will do a preseason as I’m sure TT would like to see for himself but I suspect that he could be sold on at the end of the window. Great talent but unfortunately just hasn’t worked for him here. Still a young man and if he leaves I hope he can have a good career somewhere in the top divisions.
  12. £70m considered a snip!!! If we got him at £70m I think we should definitely go for it, probably a proven Premiership and English premium of £20m in that. Unfortunately if we go for him I can see WH holding out fir at least 90. They have no real need to sell and have him tied down on a good contract.
  13. God I really hope this doesn’t go down for the figures being bandied about. €200m transfer plus agent and £500k/week. Not my money so why should I care but these are laughable figures and would cause much disharmony throughout the squad. He’s only had one good season in top league and is not a certainty no matter how he looks on YouTube which admittedly looks f**king good. Hope we walk away from this because as sure as hell no one else will be knocking down Dortmunds door at these rates.
  14. A lot has been said about the Mount pass in the build up and rightly so but that’s a fantastic first time lay off by Chilwell.
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