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    goose reacted to Wearyourcolours in Tammy Abraham   
    My apologies 
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    goose reacted to Valerie in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    O stop it, this is getting very tedious.
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    goose reacted to Sindre in Atletico Madrid v Chelsea (CL) Tues 23rd Feb 2021 20:00 GMT   
    Christensen deserves recognition.
    Pocketed Suarez.
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    goose reacted to dkw in Atletico Madrid v Chelsea (CL) Tues 23rd Feb 2021 20:00 GMT   
    Just said on commentary it was mount who touched it but then the defender played at it so he's onside. I know it worked in our favour but the offside rule is so f**king stupid now.
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    goose reacted to dkw in Atletico Madrid v Chelsea (CL) Tues 23rd Feb 2021 20:00 GMT   
    Koke has one of them faces you wouldn't stop enjoying punching...
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    goose reacted to dkw in Atletico Madrid v Chelsea (CL) Tues 23rd Feb 2021 20:00 GMT   
    If your going to cross it then just f**king cross it. Don't take a touch, look up, look down then cross it for f**ks sake...
    Stop going f**king BACKWARDS....
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    goose got a reaction from mojo in Atletico Madrid v Chelsea (CL) Tues 23rd Feb 2021 20:00 GMT   
    Diving c**ts
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    goose reacted to Barry Bridges in Welcome N’Golo Kante   
    I'd rather watch back to the wall defending for 90 minutes than 75% of a game be center backs passing back and forth on the halfway line was my thoughts back then........ perhaps bias, but I truly felt as good as that Barca team was they could be one of the most boring team to watch at times.
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    goose reacted to Scott Harris in Welcome N’Golo Kante   
    Even when Barcelona and Spain were getting called the best football teams ever, I always said I hated possession based football. It's just boring.  
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    goose reacted to Nibs in Random Rumours   
    f**k no. Was always underwhelmed by Oscar and any player who ducks out to go to China when they should be at their peak - that tells you all you need to know about them.
    Nowhere near good enough.
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    goose reacted to just in Welcome N’Golo Kante   
    Actually spent an hour researching Kante and Jorginho's passing stats in the EPL this season. Makes interesting reading if stats are your thing.
    Pass success percentage Jorginho 89% Kante 86.7%
    Average passes per game: Jorginho 61.1 Kante 55.5
    Long balls per game Jorginho 2.6 Kante 2.9
    Key passes Jorginho 0.8 Kante 0.8
    Assists Jorginho 1 Kante 1
    So even analysing solely on the basis of Jorginho's alleged key strength, his passing, there is not much difference in their figures. And no difference at all in terms of key passes.
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    goose reacted to Dean in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    Why are so many so quick to conclude that Havertz and our other signings are all flops? There needs to be a lot more leeway for new league, lack of experience, covid etc. They need at least two seasons. I fear we’ve been conditioned for instant gratification. That’s the attitude that cost us Salah and de Bruyne. 
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    goose reacted to Scott Harris in Southampton v Chelsea (PL) Sat 20th Feb 2021 12:30 GMT   
    That was wasteful from Husdon-Odoi, he has to pick somebody out quicker.
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    goose got a reaction from dkw in Southampton v Chelsea (PL) Sat 20th Feb 2021 12:30 GMT   
    It’s not the losing that’s pissing me off atm, that happens, it’s are manner of play. For years we were known as an entraining team to watch, it’s a part of our DNA, but we are woeful to watch. 
    don’t think we’ve recovered from the Sarri sh*t style of football.
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    goose reacted to Coxy15 in Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea   
    I can just imagine how people on this forum would react if we sold him and in 3-4 years time he was ripping it up at city, united etc a la Salah, De Bruyne... Maybe we should learn our lesson with young players and give them more time than we have previously. Its only been half a (covid-impacted) season, give the guy a chance. He's been underwhelming without a doubt, but lets give him 3 years. Maybe a loan in january next year if he still hasnt settled or shone. See how it goes, but to write him off now would be crazy. 

    Having said that, if Tuchel has to pick between Mount or Havertz right now, he'd be stupid to pick Havertz.
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    goose reacted to ForeverCarefree in Christian Pulisic - Official   
    Curious why you feel he's our best attacking player? 
    Players like Abraham and CHO have some of the best goals/assists per minutes played out of the attacking players we currently have. 
    Pulisic has shown flashes of good form since joining Chelsea but I'd argue that for the most part he over plays things and wants too many touches and his overall decision making is probably his biggest weakness. 
    He's still a young player and has potential to become a quality player but no way would I be making special concessions for him as a player right now. 
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    goose reacted to Nibs in Mateo Kovačić   
    I've got no problem with Kovacic or Jorginho not scoring or assisting, all the time they are putting in really good performances like Kova did against Newcastle. Would still expect the odd goal or assist here and there but as long as they keep playing well and others are converting the chances, I have no issue. But let's not pretend the Newcastle performance has been the norm. Both Kova and Jorginho have been very patchy this season and both need to be more consistent.
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    goose reacted to dkw in Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21   
    Yep, they want more games over a longer period of the season. The groups are a joke now anyway, only there to make money. How often does any lesser team get through them, its pretty much the same clubs every season in the knock out rounds.
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    goose reacted to coco in Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21   
    You can only squeeze so many games into the calendar, Uefa want to take away parts of the premier league calendar and replace them with their version, probably promising more money to them, but the clubs are not daft, EPL is the golden goose, no way it stops laying.
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    goose got a reaction from coco in Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21   
    Isn’t that what it comes down 99% of the time. 
    If it was more financially beneficial to the Premier League they would probably support it but as it stands they’re trying to protect their golden nugget.
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    goose reacted to RMH in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    If that were true, which it isn't, the contrary would also hold, that some wanted Frank to lose games so that we could move on to the next shiny coach as soon as possible and not wait until summer.
    And those that had no patience with Frank will be the ones turning on Tuchel as the sh*t hits the fan, with those that wanted to give Frank until the end of the season sticking by him to honour the contract and give time to show if he can get out of the slump.
    What some don't get is that we are not against Tuchel or want Chelsea to fail, it is that we understand that a contract is something to honour and that, as everything in life, a team/coach will go through ups and downs, and that the same person that is in the sh*t at some point, given time may be able to come back. We don't despair on people or want immediate success but long term stability and a sense of direction as a Club.
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    goose reacted to charierre in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    Ironic it will probably be ones who wanted Frank out that will do the most shouting again if Tuchel has a downturn. Many on here have stuck with the club through very dodgy times and will continue to do so, win or lose. Believe me it is far easier to follow a winning team than one that drains you year in year out. So the idea that some would prefer us to lose it totally absurd. As for Frank, he is a legend as a player, I would have preferred him to be given a little longer but accept the club is a business first and hopefully the club have made the correct decision. We are all Chelsea fans and I think I speak for the majority we would never want us to lose regardless of manager.
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    goose reacted to ForeverCarefree in Mateo Kovačić   
    Reece James in 60 appearances (less than a quater of Jorginho and Kovacic combined) has 8 assists for Chelsea. Two less than those players have managed between them. 
    He also has 3 goals, which I think matches their output for goals from open play. 
    So for a 21 year old with a season and a half of football in the top flight under his belt I would say he's done quite well so far.
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    goose reacted to ForeverCarefree in Mateo Kovačić   
    Yes Kovacic was unlucky not to get an assist against Newcastle but let's not pretend that regularly setting up goalscoring oppotunities is one of his strengths. In two and a half seasons at Chelsea, in all competitions, he has contributed 2 goals and 7 assists. 
    Jorginho has a whopping 3 assists in the same period. 
    Combined they have 248 appearances for Chelsea so contribute 1 assist between them every 25 games. 
    Yes, there's more to what a player contributes that just goals/assists but you would hope they'd occassionally chip in. Personally, I don't think that contribution is enough. 
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    goose reacted to Eight Times in We've got a new Kepa   
    I'm just happy the lad is building his confidence back up.
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