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  1. Try The Bluebrick, next door to the Premier Inn
  2. eltel72

    Another In The West Midlands

    The Bluebrick is about the only away fan friendly pub here. It’s next door to the premier inn, right behind the station.
  3. eltel72

    Joe Cole Retires

    He’s here, he’s there....
  4. eltel72

    Another In The West Midlands

    Train or tram mate. They close the road outside The Molineux an hour before the match so it’s chaos, especially on a Wednesday night.
  5. eltel72

    Another In The West Midlands

    Unfortunately not, had them in my basket. Wifi dropped out and I lost them. Gutted. Got tickets for me and my lad in the home end (we live in Wolves) but still on the lookout for a spare. If I get one I'll send the Mrs with the lad and go in the Chelsea end on my own.
  6. eltel72

    Last Movie You Watched

    He's 10. There's quite a few on my list he can't watch yet. Pretty safe with the Rocky films though. Not ready for Goodfellas yet!
  7. eltel72

    What TV Show Are You Waarching?

    Re-watching The West Wing and then listening to the West Wing Weekly podcast while I'm driving. Great series, great podcast
  8. eltel72

    Last Movie You Watched

    Rocky 4 with my son. I'm making him sit through all my favourite films!
  9. Hi All, lifelong Chelsea fan now living in the West Midlands.