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  1. Luton had an active firm in the 80s and 90s but when it mattered in some high profile games they came up short. What you sadly experienced was an inferiority complex hangover. If they had come to SB it would have been their cup final and every scum bag in that deprived town would have shown. A few decades too late to be honest.
  2. Your first post and you lead with this, you’ll have to try better on the wind up ...
  3. Let's see how it goes mate, at the end of the day we all support the same team...the mighty CFC and no matter what, we support the best football club in the world. Even when we were crap we always had style about us.
  4. The reality is that Frank over achieved last season and only lost out on 3rd place due to goal difference. Most pundits were predicting we would be lucky to finish in the top 10 so Frank deserves real praise. It might sound counterintuitive but for me it was obvious that this season was going to be tricky due to the signings. Frank needs time and so do the players. Yes, it is frustrating, and things are not going well. But it is too early to push him out and next season was always what It was going to be about. It’s great that Chelsea are on the TV so much but if you are listening to
  5. Jealous that you were actually able to get tickets for these games
  6. Not sure this is a must win game (how many times we will hear that this season? Every game is a must win game?). I would take a draw but obviously want the win. A loss would be …unwelcome and place Frank under a lot of pressure. My hunch is that Chelsea will play well and either draw or win.
  7. That’s the spirit and Fulham are not bad at the moment.
  8. A wise post and something us old time football fans have to get our heads round.
  9. I have enjoyed reading this thread and well done to Osgood was good for starting it. Being honest when I read the title of the thread, I thought you were going to discuss Frank’s backroom staff and speculate on whether Frank was receiving the right support and guidance as an up and coming manager. CFC overachieved last year and ending fourth, only missing out on third sport due to goal difference, all things considered, was a fantastic achievement. This season was always going to be riskier as Frank spent money. As painful as it is, this current teams needs to be given time and
  10. RIP Have read some great stories about him during his time at Chelsea.
  11. Frank is obviously trying to build something here at CFC. The big money signings have not jelled as yet. We need to be careful and more patient. Yes we have a track record in winning things but we also have a reputation for short termism. De Bruyne and Mo Salah are examples of our impatience. Frank overachieved last season. Most people had us lucky to finish in the top 10. We lost out to third spot on goal difference. He deserves a lot of praise for last season. This year we spent money and the expectation has increased. It is obvious to anyone with a football brain
  12. Out of Arsenal, Villa and City, I always considered the Arsenal game as the most tricky. Today’s game should be exciting. Two decent teams, one low on confidence and the other playing with no inhibition. Our players are good enough and professional enough to bounce back and overcome a promising Villa team. UTC.
  13. I feel ashamed that I called this defeat. We look poor, 3 away defeats on the trot. The simple fact is we are not as good as some Chelsea fans currently think. Some players clearly off form. Things will get better but we might have our work cut to reach the Europa. UTC
  14. My pessimism has returned. Not so long ago we played this lot in a cup final and we were clear favourites...Frank was his normal understated and measured self in the press conference a few days back. He knows we can’t be too cocky.
  15. A stirring speech dear man, KTBFFH - Let's make this a blue Christmas!
  16. Arsenal just can’t keep losing. Statistically they have to win some time. Last season when we played Everton away they had been on a bad run but they beat us to then go on a decent run. Even this season Wolves had been on a poor run prior to beating us. Of the 3 games we have (Rectum, Villa and City) it is the Rectums I worry most we will lose to. Apologies for the pessimistic outlook. It would be very disappointing to lose to one of the worse Arsenal teams in decades. If we do win be sure to watch their silly tv channel - funny as f**k.
  17. The sign of a good team, play relatively sh*t and win 3.0. But in all seriousness there were some positives, Silva, Kante, Mount and Tammy all had decent games. Things are not quite clicking at the moment but they will again soon. UTC.
  18. Should be an exciting game, hope we give a good account of ourselves, I am of an age when this fixture used to really mean something. Hope our fans are in good voice, UTC.
  19. Chelsea almost the best team in the league at the moment. I get why Frank is being cautious for certain games but this current squad can go onto bigger and better things. I would not write Chelsea off as title contenders just yet...it's going to get more interesting as the season goes on.
  20. There is an anti-Chelsea bias in the media. I agree with what has been mentioned in previous posts. Sometimes the bias is more subtle but equally annoying. One example being…Chelsea have spent big this season, bla bla bla! Reassuringly Peter Crouch has been measured when he says things like “Chelsea have spent big this season albeit on the back of a transfer ban”. These subtle more balanced comments make a difference, it’s just a shame that TV journalists don’t subscribe to the same professional standards that many of us must exhibit in our working lives.
  21. To be honest mate if we were playing West Brom this forum would be rocking. It’s only the Spids, why waste your breath?
  22. What’s there to say? We hate them, they hate us. We want to win, we are going to win. It’s been said before, even now I reflect why am I even wasting my time on a keyboard speaking about the inbred chokers from N17.
  23. Totally agree with you mate. Horrible, bitter fans getting ideas above their station. Be good to put the Spids in their place. Exciting times for CFC and let’s hope we can put on a class show. 3 points is what is needed.
  24. Well, I have just spent time looking around a Spids forum, the sh*teing cock or something. It was timely because it reminded me just how bitter they are. Boy do they hate us. Their resentment reveals a powerful inferiority complex. They are mostly super confident of a defining victory. When it mattered most their fans were a cowering, quivering blob of jelly. Their aggression is 20 years out of date at least. Pathetic club with a laughable Tim Henman disposition …chokers! And that new stadium of theirs just about sums them up…all fur coat and no knickers. Really h
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