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  1. 1 minute ago, I Am Gay 4 Diegod said:

    I love Sarri I've hated reading about him being another Scolari this week .. I didn't like scolari he always reminded me of a bent politician in a film about cocaine .. infact it's a film called the business set in Spain I think with Danny dyer .. there's a gay mayor or something that lets them smuggle coke in exchange for a rent boy haha and looks like big phil .. 


    Sarri is pure genuine and class tho love his pressers. 

    think i saw him on an episode of narcos mexico

  2. 40 minutes ago, RIP Mourinho said:

    You've confused me massively here. Where exactly do you think he used to play? In France he played as a RCM in a three man midfield and previously in England he's played CM in a 2 man midfield. In every single team he's played as the energetic box to box midfielder, never as an anchor. So do you suggest we drop a CM and go back to a two man midfield? People always make the sweeping statement of 'play Kante where he has before', without actually saying what that means. Kante playing where Jorginho would be a completely new role to him and he doesn't have the technical ability to do it well enough.

    Trolls mate.


  3. 2 hours ago, Sindre said:

    For the record. I support Sarri and want him to succeed.

    But as many already have said. For this project to work he’ll need to be backed properly by the club. It’s an incredibly challenging way of playing football, especially in this tough, physical and fast league and I’ve always maintained the belief that you’ll need to perfect squad to succeed with this kind of football in the PL.

    The club needs to decide if they want to spend 3-400 million on creating the squad needed for this to work.
    If they aren’t prepared to do that then this project will have to be ended before long.


    The club stated they would use stadium money for the squad.

    obviously FFP is a big point but we need players just like sarri said

    Hes choosing the best of a bunch of average grapes imo


  4. https://en.as.com/en/2018/12/05/football/1544017500_938845.html


    Real Madrid now have a deal in place with Eden Hazard as they bid to sign the Belgian from Chelsea next season, according to a report on Spanish radio. Onda Madrid says that, after a summer of flirtation between club and player, the LaLiga giants have agreed terms with Hazard, 27, whose Blues contract runs out in 2020.

    Chelsea after 170m euros, Madrid keen on Kovacic part-exchange

    However, Chelsea will not let Hazard go easily. The Premier League club value the attacking midfielder at around 170m euros, a fee that Madrid - who are thought to be eyeing a part-exchange deal involving Mateo Kovacic - would not be willing to shell out for a player entering the final year of his contract.



    im half dead and zombied but wtf

  5. 1 minute ago, brownindian said:

    I cant speak for the rest but what i want to see from Sarri is tactical flexibility. Different teams have different strengths and weaknesses and there is no one solution fits all (Unless you are Pep and City and plan to buy everything under the sun). We have been very rigid in our system and our substitutions and other teams are now on to us. 


    we dont have the squad for it.

    old boys are managers or tyre salesmen now!

    didn't buy well enough to replace and now restricted without being completely corrupt and hustling ffp city style

    What the club needs is faith, Patience and a pinch of positivity in the face of adversity.

    Cannot get on sarris back for a mixed up squad lacking key assets before bloomin xmas.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Slojo said:

    It would be ridiculous to do so. 

    I'll admit that I wasn't sold on Sarri, but I didn't know much about him, I do actually like the bloke and we were playing some great football. But I'm not going to get too pessimistic about it, we need to give him time, first season is always going to be tricky for him to adjust. 

    I just really really hope we give City a good game win or lose (probably the latter), I really don't want to see a Spurs performance again. 

    i'm just happy there's still some rational chelsea fans here.

    its like reading the_donald on reddit on here sometimes

    particularly last year or two!

    He came to England saying he needs players - got 1.

    If we aiint challenging and much better next season then ill shut up


  7. 1 hour ago, The Liquidator said:

    He's a very good manager but like many very good managers, he's failing at the easy parts of the job. He needs to start picking the right players not the notoriously fraudulent ones ,(Willian, Morata and Alonso being the biggest of the 3) . These 3 players in particular are undoing a lot of the hardwork he does in the training ground. 


    The moment Morata and Willian especially started to see heavy minutes, our form has dropped. We were getting better results and playing better football with Pedro and Giroud. Sarri needs to trust them more. 

    hes doing a job with what we have.


    this forum these days



  8. 10 minutes ago, Dixon said:

    The hard facts are that Roman has sacked a World Cup and CL winning manager half way thru a season. We've taken a big punt on an elderly manager who's never won a sausage and after a promising first half a dozen games, things started to stagnate and then go significantly backwards. Too many fans were blinkered just looking at league position and results rather than actual performances and opposition missing clear cut chances. Sad to say, Sarri is already looking way out of his depth and doesn't know what to do next.  He put all his eggs into the basket of the absolutely woeful Jorginho and now what? Unless we win the Europa League we have almost zero chance of being in the CL next year, and would mean a massive change of philosophy from Roman if he is to be in charge next season.

    The only thing in Sarri's favour for him being in charge next season is where the hell the club would go next??? Whatever happens and whoever is in charge the next season or two, the team needs a massive overhall over the next couple of seasons. Try and keep Hazard to go forward with Kante, Rudiger and RLC and keep Barkley, William, Dave and Pedro as squad players. Bin the rest over the next two years.

    Plastic moaner club back I see

    Do me a favour :face_palm:

  9. nothing official yet, sky europe via twitter 


    Chelsea are resigned to losing Eden Hazard. The Belgian has long been linked with a move away from Stamford Bridge, with Real Madrid thought to be the frontrunners for his signature.


    The Blues accept that the 27-year-old's departure is a matter of when and not if and have started preparing for life without the winger. 

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