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  1. Would love to hear your favourite, player, signing, game, couch etc...
  2. Best game would be against bayeren on allianz arena. That was just a dream came true. Favourite player is Cech, i think he was the reason we won so much. Second favourite is Lampard, coz i play also midfield and always tryingto copy him .. my favourite player right now is Kante .. he is just great .. i ge retires at tge club he will be my alltime favourite
  3. 22 yrs old, have been a fan since 2005. Chelsea is the only and first team i supported. Before that i watch football coz all others did (i loved playing football much more). I always supported the opposite side, the other team or the weak team .. until one day. Just to say it. In Norway the majority is liverpool/united fans .. and the reason i went with Chelsea was, we always had good results against Liverpool/ United. Im glad for that. Since then i have been and always will be blue.

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