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  1. Guess he should also say that for Salah when Madrid come for him.. because for all the talk of a big club.. Liverpool has one lucky champions league to show in last 25 yrs.. but i think he is just stupid and is trying to sell his name as a pundit.. a very average player and even worse on air..only person worse then him is Tim Sherwood at the moment..
  2. In a team which struggles for goals Luiz's errors costs us points.. I would much rather have a more solid defender.. every big game he has made errors.. Utd, Spurs. City, Arsenal.. Christensen needs to be braver with his heading.. he seems to shy away at times.. otherwise he looks a more solid bet and maybe would have displaced luiz by now..
  3. Sarri is like a Dinasaur in management.. he maybe could coach but certainly is very ooor at three critical things.. man management team selection media handling which makes him not good enough for a top 4 team,..
  4. Absolutely nothing against relegation no hopers
  5. Who failed to deliver in 30 matches this season.. rather than using the momentum of a young lad on a high.. shocking management for me..
  6. Wow for a well rested team .. they are getting dominated by Cardiff ffs.. sarri couldn’t motivate captain America forget a modern footballer..
  7. The number of mins.. he has played this season.. and the fact he only played one full game .. in weeks anyone who thinks this is to rest him is kidding themselves.. simple truth is he is too direct for Sarri’s style.. he will never really trust him until CHO changes his style.. Sarri can sod off .. he is a dinasaur..
  8. RLC needs to start over both... I can’t even recognize this Barkley...
  9. Jangz


    Too static without the ball.. great at carrying it from defence to attack...more suited in a counter attacking team.... he did play for Shaktar in a deeper role early on.. may not be the worst thing..
  10. Was dire yesterday got caught on the ball too often.. and always played the safe ball... for a 60 nil player expect more... also lacked any sort of energy and intensity in the defensive phase.. which is surprising given he was up against Harry winks and sissoko too band average footballers... and every time anyone stuck a leg out we won the ball back...
  11. Lol.. plus I don’t think CHO is really blasting his way into the squad yet.. Willian has improved over the last 2 matches and she’d start over CHO on merit.
  12. To the contrary he looks a proper footballer.. the technique displayed in the first touch.. made the right decision most times -when to pass when to hold.. will get better with game time .. he came short and stretched the defense I think he looks a great signing..not just to do a “job”till the end of the season.
  13. Doesn’t fall over .. likes to score.. feels good to finally have a striker.. plus he is Argentine .. you would rarely see him not give it a go..
  14. We still give them new contracts it seems.. btw luiz might have played himself out of one after this one..
  15. looks difficult for him now.. he played a big trump with his media mind games.. but you also need to be bold with tactics and selections... only time we seem to play well is when we win the ball up top or go long in his system.. otherwise its a constant endeavor to flick and trick which rarely come off.. and his team never applies enough pressure on the opposition while playing a high line with an incredibly slow DM... everytime the oppostion plays a simple ball down either side our CBs get pulled out and we are in trouble with an overload on the opposite side.. this happens everygame.. for all the writing he doesnt see the obvious.. bye bye Sarri..

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