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  1. best attacking player tonight... looks even better when playing with Reece on the right.
  2. i dont think we are realising how tough this market is .. there are 3 teams desperately trying to get in reinforcements in us , Utd and Spurs all with urgency especially in the CF position.. but unfortunately there arent a lot of quality CFs available that actually improve us.. Dembele doesnt want to move.. Cavani want to play in Spain.. whom are we going to target?
  3. I remember seeing this chance and thinking i want to watch that again so thanks for posting... i just feel as i analyse this game 3 players in Ross, Pedro and Bats get it completely wrong.. Look at the three in this clip Play 1 : We attack with CHO: Bats is poor in this. (Markers in Red) In this play. Now Bats has two options either he makes a near post run taking the defender with him and opening up space for CHO to run into or he needs to check his run because at this point its clear he is running into an offside position. .. . If he checks his run he again pulls the nearpost defender towards him giving CHO the option to go on the outside Play 2: We attack with Ross: Both Pedro and Ross mess this up (Markers in Black) Pedro .. he starts level with CHO but somehow is still behind the play when they arrive at the box!! for me in this entire play he is a big reason why we dont score.. he should have occupied the furthermost defender instead he is nothing but LAZY in not making the effort.. the defender steps up and cuts the angle for Barkley.. He was doing a professional pretend.. players who want to really score would have bust their gut to occupy the space shown with the arrow. Barkley.. well he needs to hit this first time and then his first touch was shocking .. instead of taking it on his right and taking the ball away from the defender he turns into 3 defenders and can do nothing more than a poor layoff to Pedro.. While its true we should never be losing or drawing the number of games we have.. .for me with certain players they simply dont work hard enough for themselves or the the team.. we still have enough quality to be wining against brighton, southampton etc..
  4. Also most people thought Bakayoko and Morata will be great signings esp. the way they started.
  5. looking at him its feels as though he is doing everything at 90% .. always seem to lack conviction in tackles, crosses or trying to retrieve balls.. All attacks were from the left side in the second half..
  6. Scrappy at best.. Some really poor performances by non-regulars in Alonso, Pedro were particularly poor, some of the kicking from Willy was dire .. Barkley got caught too many times should have scored with the brilliant ball from Mount in the first half.. Mount Kova and CHO were absolutely electric in the first half but completely faded in the second.. Simply put this squad needs quality and i must say Bats' hold up play is championship level..
  7. Jangz


    Strange didn’t he have a season at Barca..
  8. For me he is the perfect YouTube player.. has skill but not the mentality to be a top player.. this shows how important the mental side of the game is ..
  9. Jangz


    Because I think Willian is well settled and doesn’t want to leave London.. owns a restaurant .. is probably our best attacking player this season after TA.. i think a deal maybe fairly close .. and he himself said he will not speak to any club before his Chelsea future is resolved.. My sense he will give us a couple of years before retiring at a west ham or a Crystal Palace.
  10. He has been the most consistent and his errors an he counted on fingers and have not lead directly to any goals.. intact yesterday he was again very good and won almost every battle against a physical direct team.. he is certainly one of the best CBs in the epl.. Rudiger hasn’t been rotated been pretty much constant at the left.
  11. While most people talk about the header he missed the most pleasing thing for me in his performance yesterday was how he scored. Given the keeper should have saved it but for me just as Reece is about to deliver there is a slight nudge on the defender sending him off balance. And suddenly when the ball came he had enough space to score.. you don’t reach those instincts that’s what a top quality CF knows and why I thing this kid will always score tons of goals..
  12. Was good going forward today.. saw him take on his player and for the majority glide past.. positive step in the right direction. He needs to build on this performance and try to repeat against EPL opposition.. but looked much sharper then i have seen him recently..
  13. lot of arguments there lets break it down.. but before that some stats - 1.) Tackling/Pressing is not at the same level - this is true on an average he is making much lower number of tackles, interceptions and is also losing more duels than he is winning. But this also coincides with the change in his position from a 2 man midfield in a counter attacking style to a more box to box midfielder in a 3 man midfield under Sarri and Lamps.. 5-10 % possession is a lot in football,, and for me the drop in numbers is similar to the situation when you play for a team with a bad defense as a Gk you end up making more saves.. point being now he seems to get deployed much higher up the pitch where the opposition many more options to pass making it difficult to intercept/tackle and most of the time you end up running to apply pressure.. for his defensive contribution look at the total number of goals that get scored from his side of the pitch ? 2.) Kovacic vs Kante debate - Apart from one category under the duels section- Kante despite playing less and coming post multiple injury layoffs is more effective.. from an attacking sense while Kovacic has neat feat.. Kante also offer similar industry by running with the ball especially in counters.. neither has the vision or the technique to really score or assist consistently but Kante does seem to get into very promising positions and emerges more as a threat. 3) Connection with Jorgi and the team i think not just Kante a lot of the team is learning to play with each other... also Jorginho himself has been poor in a lot of the games giving the ball away.. tryng to many hollywood passes or getting caught out of position.. 5-6 games are just too small a sample set to conclude that Kovacic / jorginho relationship would have given better results.. considering kante was probably the least of our problems in some of these games... i think there is clear evidence to suggest that Kante today is not the Kante of 15-17 but that is more down to the managers trying to play him in a different role.. his tackling and understanding with Mount/Pusilic/Tammy will improve as the season goes on and he has more games under his belt.. remember he missed the entire pre-season.. is he top player absolutely.. for now i am happy for him to be a part of our mid
  14. Jangz


    hmm if we are counting 2009-10 we cant count 2019-20 :)..
  15. doenot include player sale for certain Hazard and luiz... that is also an easy 12 Mil pounds in player wages alone.. plus 120 Mil of player sales

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