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  1. He will play.. contrary to popular belief most top strikers miss a lot of chances apart from Lewa, Aguero and to some degree Kane.. After these 3 you can pick any and people miss chances.. The encouraging part for me is his goal involvement.. which is kay stat..
  2. I think last season was so stop start with him .. now he is back with his fitness levels quality is there for all to see.. a big upgrade on both Kova and Jorginho in their positions..
  3. I think we also won’t play as high a line .. try to compete for headers..and won’t have our keeper rushing out anytime they have the ball near our penalty box.. i still believe that Ederson was culpable for both goals.. there was absolutely no reason to rush out..
  4. mount was subbed by then... i think between Thiago and Havertz .. one of them screwed up.
  5. Whom do you sub werner for ? forget chelsea someone who follows football will know a lot of managers do it.. Mourinho does it the most and even later.. unless he is trying to make a point. which lamps also did with GIlmour.. Most players have fitness levels to last 75 mins... so how is it wrong to make a sub after 67 mins? Yes Werner was awfull but i think we dont have that left sided sub with Pulisic off..
  6. really of all things to blame.. you found this.
  7. the ref has forgotten his cards at home.. been pretty poor IMO..
  8. Yeah.. infact werner too..i would want to rest both..
  9. he had his back towards silva and eyes on the ball and the situation .. no way he could have seen Silva move up... but on the other few occasions Chilwell has been poor.. infactboth Werner and Chilwell are having a stinker..
  10. yeah.. you hardly see Jorginho cover the passing lanes always stays central due to his lack of pace... but Kante does that regularly making a huge difference..
  11. i think in that play.. Silva too made an error in stepping up.. it was quite an easy spot to see that Chilwell cant progress and will pass back..
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