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  1. lol.. Arsenal Mania are already in one.. i remember 10-15 years ago where we got only to hear the final score a day later
  2. did well today. should have scored atleast a brace though.. we need an Aguero type dead shooter..he is on the level below that.
  3. Yeah but his positioning and read of play in whatever I have seen so far doesn’t look chelsea standard
  4. hudson Odoi and RLC looking good. Make or break for them.
  5. i think its getting to the same point again which was JM II and AC second season.. its clear from the outside we need a striker especially we dont trust the ones at the club.. i am sure we can definitely get an upgrade on the ones here.. But at this point we dont seem to have a 2nd or a 3rd choice? the second area was to get a physical presence in the midfield for certain situations.. dont see that adressed at all.. it was clear from day 1 that both Halland and Rice would be difficult signings but i dont see the second /third option activated either.. we seem to be in for Kounde.. which will be a slight upgrade over Zouma.. but other than that i dont see anything close to getting completed.
  6. Barkley - sell RLC - keep Baba - sell Emerson - sell Alonso - keep Zouma - sell Drinkwater - sell Gallager - loan Zappa - sell Tammy -keep Broja - Keep Salter Clarke - sell Miazga - sell Ugbo - loan Sarr - loan Baker - sell Ampudu - keep
  7. Ross Turnbull - you might have just placed a cutout instead.
  8. Bang on with Tammy.. i think the manager doesnt trust him and he is not a young player.. understand him stalling and wanting to leave.. When Lamps was here there was talk of him for the Euros since then Watkins overtook him.
  9. 1) if you have noticed it is not one but 4 highly rated academy players that are leaving. No one bats an eyelid when its a one off case not when 4 decided to not renew, especially when we barely managed to secure CHO a couple of years back 2) You can not compare our academy to what it used to be. The investments we have made/ the scouting networks we have built are only starting to bear fruit in the last 4-5 years. I am not talking about world class players but players who are good enough to be first team players - RLC, Mount, Tammy, Reece, CHO,Ake, Muisala, Boga, Chalobah, etc.. to name a few. Why will a supporter not worry that we have left the next Sancho/ Rice leave. 3) I dont think it is as simple as a club teaches and footballers learn as per a contract. The investment that the club makes over the years in a young player are significant and usually there is an unwritten rule that most players who are showing signs of playing for the first team would stick around to find out if it happens especially since it is quite impossible for most players to figure what the ceiling is at 18. Football is not just a business it is an emotional sport - supporters give and demand loyalty (most). So they will expect the youngsters who they follow keenly for years in various age groups to give it "this shot" 4) Lastly there is no way to know weather the club tried to move heaven and earth to keep them - and the lads rejected. This is not a knock on the club but an acknowledgement that probably this generation of young players is quite impatient.
  10. i think its not just us... across everywhere the players hold the keys - look at united with Pogba / Pool with Gigi/Barca/Bayern etc.. all are struggling in this area..
  11. I think for me why i am sad and more with the club on this one is because.. the club has shown this lot the loyalty by investing in them giving them exposure/world class coaching. I think Tino was our player of the year.. unless the club was forcing them to do a 5 year contract i am sure .. there is a pathway for our player of the year that gets talked about. obviously at this point it is conjecture and personally for me since academy grads excite me more a bit of disappointment. But surely our academy boys would have a dream to play for the first team but moving on at 18 just seems to me that they have not even given it a proper shot..
  12. With Lewis bate also moving .. I don’t understand how a 18 year old is moving for first team Opportunities? I also feel that somewhere they could have been more loyal to the club and given it two years.. I am sure even in Leeds he will start with under 19s .. I am sure Chelsea could have arranged plying time for him.. but I find 18 year olds not signing for Chelsea very strange.. if you are aiming to play at the top level then they are giving up a great opportunity..
  13. Seems like we giving up on youth again.. Of the ones who made the cut under SFL .. tomori is sold, Gilmour is out on loan, CHO looks to be out of favour, guehi is sold with every second report linking him with an exit. Tammy been treated like sh*t in the second half last season .. while we keep getting linked to kounde and varane/try to buy hakimi . no wonder livramento and bate want out… I thought last season proved it our youth system is fantastic.. at the same time the amount of impatience in our youth today is annoying.. gor every sancho there is a solanke..
  14. in a second full season he has literally played 70 games... my apologies if he looked a bit stale.. this is the problem with England international football.. clubs are literally more important to ppl than the national team.
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