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  1. Agree it wasn’t we were having chance after chance I think they were quite comfortable with everything happening in front of them..
  2. Agree chilwell is very frustrating not sure if he really is an upgrade over alonso in a back 5.. plus Jorginho is these sort of games is a liability can’t shoot can’t and no creativity..
  3. We needed to win today with pool back in form and playing like devil may care.. with just a point difference between us and them theoretically we need to win both our games ..
  4. CHO did much more than pulisic did in the entire game.. why are you picking on hain?
  5. Piss poor .. very static back line.. havertz was not the right selection for the game.. Jorginho can’t play a ball more than 2 yards away.. probably his arms extend further than his passing range.. pulisic offered nothing .. wrong to move mount in midfield killed our attack.. 3 points gifted to a very average team..
  6. I think some of it will also be down to tactics.. somewhere i think TT wanted him to play considered till 0-0 post the break he asked him to push up 10-15 yards and he destroyed mendy...
  7. Agree with this one.. i think he really struggles with runners off him.. unsure weather to go with the runner or hold his line.. and it becomes more complicated for him in a 3...
  8. exactly.. and even the first one was not a penalty.. Jesus actually jumps away from the ball and barges into Gilmour.. that was not a penalty..
  9. you know while we are upset they are not talking about us.. the fact is that City are champs and they will talk about them.. i guess used to be like that when utd and us used to go at it.. and the commentators would ignore the Arsenals and Pools.. 😞
  10. has always been a sore loser.. nothing new in that..
  11. in all of this the pass from CHO was world class... hence the belief that TT has shown him .. by coaching him at the end it shows how much he loves him and believes in his potential..
  12. even in live it looked a very bad challenge.. but not in line with the story.. most channels were preparing for city being champions.. so now they need to build a narrative to defend their performance...
  13. i think he meant a "dog".. for werner due to the constant running he showed.. I think Werner was the best 9 on the pitch..
  14. Owen is schooling the ex-ref gallagher.. just shows how the refs have no understanding of the game..
  15. sterling is an arrogant prick.. remember the incident with the Pool defender on england duty or refusing to shake Azpi's hand ...serves him right would have been better if he had gotten sent off for the horrible challenge.. Had it been a Barca /Madrid player they would have rolled around so much they would have gotten sent off..
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