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  1. I actually really liked what he did.. so many times he was pressurised with2-3 players but with a single touch managed to get away and play so many neat paces that quickened the pace of play...
  2. i agree on almost everything you say there.. apart from Werner.. i think he had a shocker.. he should have had atleast one goal today..
  3. actually they changed the rules of handball for VAR.. there is no longer phases involved.. only check is on the goal scorer (Tammy) and assist maker (Mount).. In terms of the actual handball a west brom player deflects the ball on to Havertz's hand from 2 yards away.. Havertz' hand was not in an unnatural position.. so maybe 50-50 on that piece.. but the ref didnt call it.. But yes West Brom can feel hard done by on that play.. but i think 3 gifts from us were enough to make up for it tonight.
  4. i dont think we are at a stage where we say frank is fighting for his job.. unless its a complete car crash in the next few months.. Well there are options available - Allegri, Nagelsmann, Ten Hag.. to name a few.. But i still believe frank will fix this.. i love the legend.. but today wasnt a great night for him..
  5. as far as i know VAR can pull back handball only by assist maker or by goal scorer.. so then Andy Gray needs to do a better job of his chosen profession and understand basic rules.
  6. Among this doom and gloom.. i am really happy for CHO the lad deserves a break... this will give him massive confidence.. i dont think people understand his game a lot when they judge him.. he is not sancho .. but i would actually say a bit similar in style to Ziyech.. he can shoot well, has vision and a good passing range.. maybe a bit more pace than ziyech.. i dont think he is a player who will repeatedly beat his man in the dribble like pulisic but would use quick feet to make space and then shoot or try to assist.. untill lamps changed the formation he had their RB on toast.. Th
  7. Lamps and team wants to play high pressing football but so far tactically they are not doing a good job of it.. Our pressing is very hit and miss and that is costing us.. to compound matters our players keep making rookie mistakes in defense..
  8. he serves up such shockers every now and then.. maybe with Chilwell coming in he doesnt want to fight for his place..
  9. a match fit with the sharpness doesnt make that error..
  10. bit of both.. some players just didnt look at it and under cooked such as SIlva.. and then with 20 minutes to go.. a bad tactical switch
  11. It was too soon for silva.. should never have started..
  12. I hope lamps learns from this.. i want to see a back 4 of Azpi, Zouma, AC, Reece.. untill chilwell is fit.. A midfield 3 of Kante and two no 8.. along with CHO and Werner and Tammy upfront... till Pulisic and Ziyech are fit... no more random rotation.. this has cost us 2 points this season..
  13. The blue boys bailed us out.. but not happy with Lamps selection and tactical switch later..
  14. bad decision to bring on giroud.. tammy and werner are useless on the wings..
  15. a lot of people have said this.. too many changes week in week out are not helping this team..
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