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  1. Zouma and AC looked better this game.. But they still make those errors that could have costed us.. Zouma gifting the ball straight to the striker with no pressure leading to a set-piece in a dangerous situation and for not being alert and closing the gap between the CBs, luckily Hugh fluffed his lines.... AC for losing Danny twice.. It will be great to get one complete performance without mistakes..
  2. should have atleast one goal.. great performance.. shame he didnt finish better with a couple of his chances.
  3. satisfying win.. but worried about Kante.. we needed him for the run in.. But i think again we overplayed him.. should have gotten a rest against Leicester...
  4. hmm... ok.. not about me trying to be right mate..... i am just really pissed with the inconsistency of this lot.. Lamps and coaching team need to obviously find better solutions - getting tactically outclassed by long balls is not acceptable.. but gawdd some of what i saw today from professional footballers.. you dont need a coach to tell you that.. i think i will try to forget this game.. and hope everyone around the team - playerscpaches/managers pull up their socks .. still a lot to play for .. KTBFFH
  5. Wenger once said that London teams have it tough due to the number of derby's ...didnt think much of it then .. but to reflect most of our Bogey teams down the year tend to be london clubs.. be it WestHam, Crystal Palace, Spurs away, Qpr for a season.. in that sense i guess the northern teams have it easier..
  6. we will have a huge game against Wolves towards the end.. that could decide the last position..
  7. i was talking about the second season to be honest.. the moment Terry and Cahill waned and the current lot plus Luiz took over we have been porus at the back..
  8. lol.. i agree with you on that.. Zouma needs to play.. Starting Tammy and bringing on RLC .. bad decisions .. On frank completely.. Problem for me is i dont think any coach can improve this lot too much . we have Conte try , Sarri too and now Frank...
  9. i think the Zouma decision was the one that he would have had to make at the start of the game... chasing a game i think he wanted to go for more attacking options .. i am not saying Frank is not blameless.. starting Tammy over Giroud, bringing on RLC who is clearly off pace... or not finding a solution to the long ball by asking Kante to stay back more... all i am saying is that more than frank his players let him down.. to score two goals and not win is on the individual errors that were made .. which cant be coached at this level.. We all hoped for 7 years that Luiz could be coached but at this level some players have it others dont..
  10. didnt we have tammy covering the back post .. till he fluffed his lines.. ? Agree on Azpi covering the big lad.. Not letting Yaramelenko come on the his favored foot.. was on Rudi.. I am sure that information is given to players.. My reading is that Rudi panicked and was worried about getting caught in a 2v1 .. since Christensen didnt take out the man he lost.. -- having said that the play preceding the first goal or when AC lost his man for the second or the keeper jumping out where much bigger contributors to the goals which were individual errors
  11. i think i will not dignify the majority of your post with a response since laced with personal attacks.. the only question i asked you was which of the goals today were not down to individual errors.. which you ignored.. so once you are want to respond to that.. we can have a conversation.. else we will just let it rest.
  12. i dont agree on the banging on .its a simple question - which of these are not individual errors ? I agree about the corners but they have been bad since Sarri was here . My question is specific to the game.. how would any amount of coaching change that?
  13. no i guess you have troubling breaking a play down.. ... how do you coach a defender to not give silly corners away or a goalie to not go jumping off... ? what is the alternative.. to this line up?? can you tell me one goal in today's game that was not down to individual error!!? reality is the back 4 we have is not good enough...
  14. Are you kidding me how do you train a defender to not toe poke a ball into a corner with no one around.. or a keeper not to come flying out.. the only thing you can blame frank is for playing Rudi over ZOuma.. Rudi is playing championship level football..

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