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  1. Didnt know where to put it so putting it here since Tammy was the player fouled. But its hilarious to see Klopp crying like a baby and refusing to accept his team was pretty average against united and didnt deserve anything.. I know its the usual tactic from managers but the media has jumped onto his wagon.. I would like us also to make more fuss about some decisions that go against us.. if we all remember there was a clear foul on Tammy in the Sheffield game as they broke and score against us.. i think VAR operates like DRS in cricket where in cases of doubt stick with the "Refs's call".. I would want us to create more noise because it reeally does influence refs.. Fergie did all the time.. I will be surprised now if Pool dont get more 50/50s their way in the next few games..
  2. Congrats to the little magician for another piece of little magic.. God Bless the Hazard family!
  3. i think for his age the thing that surprises me the most is his decision making and also his use of his skillsets in pace and dribbling.. Most young players want to beat the entire opposition team before releasing the ball .. with him its about the best option which will leave opposition players guessing.. especially the accuracy of his first time passes.. quality lad.. left wing for a decade..
  4. great call to bring on Pusilic.. It was clear to see Mount was taking up wrong positions and struggling to create an impact.. i think Lamps' substitution have usually been very spot on, expect the gilmour one against Sheffield utd.
  5. wind up is this? there were 4 separate occasions on which he won the ball of Sain Maximin.. he won the ball from Joe Linton for the goal.. broke up numerous attacks... and led our press.. and this is just defensive side of things.. honestly dont know if you actually watched the game!
  6. Unfortunately there aren’t many great options out there.. and given chilwell will easily cost 80 mil.. I am not too excited by our prospects here.. in Alonso and Emerson we have two squad players alternating as starters.. I have heard good things about marcel halstenberg from Leipzig and ferland mendy..
  7. It doesn’t surprise me that two of these performances have come with a back 3.. also even in a back 4 having a more willing defensive phase from CHO will also help.. I still think the LB position is our achilies.. and no chilwell given his lack of pace is not the answer..
  8. Been a very start stop season for him.. with a busy Christmas period around the corner.. i think we really need to treat him with kid gloves.. with him and Jorginho we have a world class midfield.. probably the vest in the world... so hope recovers soon...
  9. Cavani is available next season on a free.. we could probably tempt him if in the UCL.. top class striker with an insane work rate..
  10. did he say .. no need to move "YET".. i dont know maybe i am reading too much but the lad needs to be smarter with what he says.. but he is on a 5 year contract so that yet is a fair bit away i assume..
  11. i think finally we got the zonal right, which was a hybrid system of marking their central players and keeping a zonal line aswell.. i think for this to succeed we need to prevent players from having a free run and jump .. because even if you put Drogba there then its impossible odds to defend.. on the other hand even if you have a mount inhibiting their run slowing them down it will improve our chances of defending in a zonal system,,
  12. this is true for every keeper in a team that wants to play from the back.. Allison, Ederson, Leno, Loris (hope he is recovering well).. all have nervy moments especially given the inexperience in out back 4 and the lack of clean sheets.. i am confident to say that apart from the pool and city lads we have the best all round keeper in the league hands down..
  13. He also tried to win the ball ahead of Akone allowing him to turn.. could have been 2-1 to them at that stage..
  14. Good strong performance.. some of the boys will grow up with matches like that.. I thought Tomori especially will learn with this kind of a match .. 2 big errors from him .. one bailed out by Zouma’s kast ditch talent and the other by Kepa
  15. For me Jorginho would be a good option to lead us..

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