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  1. mount the best on the ball.. thought werner was very lively.. Giroud produced the moment of quality..
  2. I think we are a team of misfits..and lamps sacking only has accentuated the problem.. now we only want to play 3-5-2.. which a squad built for 4 at the back..
  3. Werner can’t link up play at all .. half the time he over hits/under hits misplaces quite simple balls.. if you can’t do this then the ball is always getting recycled back and there is no pressure being put on the opponents... yes we can play him in but when jostling with defensive deep lines first goal is important that happens when you do the first piece right.. once you score you find more spaces..
  4. Callum wasn’t the problem.. Werner didn’t even touch the ball in the second half.. a half decent forward with minutes on the pitch would be scoring more..
  5. i think Anthony Taylor and he has a history and the ref got under his skin.. he completely lost it and that derailed us....
  6. if Werner is playing as a second striker he needs to be able to pass a ball.. every time he has the ball he invariably looses it.. underhits and overhits.. his passing ratio would be in the low 50s...
  7. even with the back 3 we had we should have burried S'ton.. was pathetic during the week even worse now... we should be hitting our peak now.. not stuttering and bungling...
  8. i agree the reason we drew is because our forward line was unbelievely poor.. cant think of one decent moment between the likes of Werner, CHO (maybe 1), Ziyech, Tammy.. absolute dross! not good enough for EPL
  9. we need to create more the balance is not right.. Azpi was so defensive today didnt move to create the extra man... players looked tired and without ideas to be honest..
  10. we kept punting ball up hardly gave him a shout.. Kova lost his compusre because of the twat of a ref and that 5-6 mins cost us..
  11. If Jorgi was Sarri's son.. mount Lamps then Werner is certainly TTs... the man cant pass to save his life still starts every game.... Rudi and Zouma in a back 4 are disaster together since they are both awful with their positioning.. Ziyech and Tammy looked lost in the system... dreadful performance...
  12. He has been too direct for my liking needs to move better.. has been getting into goal scoring positions and not scoring but that can be said of all are forwards including Timo, Ziyech, Giroud Tammy.. i think he will get it back the moment he scores a few.. looks a confidence player to me.
  13. Doesnt surprise me - i think after a point he simply gave up..
  14. for me late in the game against Sheff Utd. there was a ball that came to the box and mendy simply barged through everyone to collect it..releasing all the pressure. While Mendy hasnt made a lot of world class saves... this kind of stuff just releases so much pressure of the defense.. i wouldnt want Kepa in goal for any EPL matches at least for now..
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