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  1. i am glad SFL moved on when he did looking at how shambolic it is at utd. We remember him for getting us Mount, Reece. Showing us the capabilities of Cobham... Probably the worst under him was Bayern.. glad we never had to witness a 5-0 like this.. even when we lost 5-3 to Pool it was 4-3 and we had a chance to equal it.. Sad Ole might get sacked now.
  2. Redmond bettered that effort yesterday :).. On the comment - mendy was already in a forward position, playing as a keeper .. trying to go back would have put him in a no mans land ..
  3. The second goal was very technical.. the first touch took out the defender completely and gave him a great angle..I don’t want to jinx the lad but he looks good.
  4. Good performance.. still thinking he has an additional gear .. where for 90 mins he runs at people like hazard would do.
  5. Good cameo.. how strong and powerful is he.. makes me wonder how amazing he would be as a number 8 in a 433..
  6. I am the one who has doubted him the a lot .. and I am glad he is proving me wrong .. I believe I have called him weak and not a real defender ... I don’t think he has anything to prove to me .. for would love to see if this improvement can be carry forwarded to a back 4 too.
  7. I would actually be more worried about PSG if anything.. Part of the craze about Barca was playing with Messi .. Neymar I am sure not many are dying to play with Depay and the 18 yr olds yet
  8. aah.. i wouldnt want to go anywhere near Barca the circus they are at this moment and how they have been treating players.
  9. Has he signed the extension ?
  10. But Deino what position will you play them.. ? We play either two upfront with Werner & Lukaku .. or 2 wide men with lukaku.
  11. I actually thought Sarr had a poor game in the last 20 where his lack of aerial ability showed.. for me it’s no surprise that their big chances came from his side .. I can remember at least three 1. the ball that hit the post 2. the one TC cleared off the line 3. the one that Mendy saved with his face.
  12. Havertz was tearing up defensives .. Ziyech dominating in UCL - lukaku scored 30+ goals how can you cal then dross?
  13. I think at least for me why I am being negative is that I think part of the reason they are not scoring enough is the formation ..
  14. Our lack of height really was killing us .. the fact that Azpi/Chilly also struggled to stop crosses ..
  15. We really need to work on the offensive phase.. it’s a struggle we invite pressure and today we almost suffered because of it… been like this for a few games now .. against city didn’t do anything/ against juve nothing .. nothing against Southampton till 70 minutes and now this.. for ffs this was a promoted side..
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