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  1. I just think that he needs to make more runs off the ball.. he always seems to come short to get the ball.. if we look at most modern forwards who score a lot.. they tend to make runs in between the CB and fullbacks.. something Pedro used to do a lot too.. by coming short he literally takes up a position which means he will rarely score..
  2. I have long held a view that the pitch at SB is just too small to play possession football.. teams are able to sit back given the narrow pitch size.. teams that have in the past done this well.. like barca.. city ... All have bigger pitches.. I think at home we need to go more direct..
  3. Wow some of the reaction here is unbelievably naive.. this is a team which has only played 4 months of football together.. with there being 3 -4 new players who are also quiet young.. our play was static because these players still don’t recognize each other’s movements..constantly under hitting passes getting in each other’s ways.. making the wrong runs.. give it time the kids are fine.. mount is good enough and doing well he will score at least 10 this season .. Pulisic was just tired.. CHO was impressive in his cameo.. bad bad result but this was bound to happen .. especially consider how Willian’s form has tapered off..and our problems in defence.. i think the Spurs game will give us the bounce ..
  4. Pusilic was clearly very leggy.. we didn’t create enough.. Tammy could also not hold the ball up well enough.. extremely poor set pieces.. mount did nothing of note.. Tactically Jorginho should have played the quarterback .. too expect zouma and rudi to play so many cross balls is madness.. Kante .. no idea what he was doing.. we really need a forward who scores goals.. Willian needs to replace mount and play centrally.. with Pedro on the wing or CHO.. on the right.. this was a painful watch.. Bournemouth looked very comfortable..
  5. Its a long way back for Kepa now.. to win the confidence of fans.. he is certainly a long way off from the levels of a Cudicini, Cech and TC..
  6. also the boy is 19 and missed pre-season .. and his making his debut .. but for the first time i saw another side to him where we was shouting in AC for not covering a run...
  7. i thought we needed to get rid of Cahill because he was average in a 1v1 situation and also limited in ball playing.. but the two we had yesterday couldnt deal 2v1.. it will be a while before we sort this out i dont see a ready replacement that we can bring in either..
  8. 1st goal was on the defensive line.. AC was already occupied by DLC.. the other striker made the late run.. while zouma instead of taking a commanding positioning was ambling back and to compound Kante made no attempt to block the run..
  9. also there was a clear change in tactics with willian beind instructed to go wide to create space for our mid fielders to run in.. while in the first half willian was tucking in so RJ could overlap.. but we conceeded very early.. which all started with a poor ball from Azpi that practically sold out his entire team... very irritated by the defensive errors today.. these are all seasoned pro's but failure to jump for the ball.. unexcusable..
  10. feel for him.. he is still young.. the problem is he seems to not have improved in his general play.. he is positionally very good.. but always plays the safe option for a ball playing CB.. he is actually a good height but just doesnt have the strength and got bullied by DLC who is actually of the same height... but is no drogba..
  11. Just when you thought it cant get worse... Spurs 2-0 inside 10 mins..
  12. while we are going hell for leather on our CBs its also important to point out that both against valencia, and today our midfield didnt cover itself in glory either... for some reason late runners are not being tracked.. Kante today could have easily blocked off the striker for the first goal... similarly Jorginho against valencia.. and why are we so weak in tackle.. in our box.. the thhird goal.. we had enough back to prevent it ...
  13. yeah i think both were poor in general.. my comment was more inline with the second goal..
  14. i think AC was worse then zouma... even if zouma had a bad clearance AC got bullied by DCL and let the ball drop which was criminal.. but 2v1 they should still have sorted it out.. They are just to panicky and light in defense.. they both are just poor defenders..
  15. In the pursuit of attractive football we have lost our dirtiness and spunk .. playing Chelsea seems enjoyable.. bunch of nice guys.. we need some aggression in our play..

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