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  1. I think he will compete with Kovacic to start at the base while Barkley & RLC will compete for the AM position. I think mount will see game time till september in the EPL till RLC comeback and then its a slugfest. My sense is we will keep one out of Baka and DD, which i cannot split between - DD has the advantage of being Brit but Baka is younger and with a year of football behind him.. lets see who do we move on.. if atall.. but at this moment 8 midfielders is one too many for 3 positions...
  2. Saw the above piece.. some people really have no idea about what they are talking... i dont know how they manage to earn a living with that garbage ability to prepare and present an argument.
  3. I think we need to get a grip, its ok for a youngster to take time and evaluate his options that's his right. Sarri screwed up by not playing him for 6 months and now its a big decision for the lad. As a club by investing into him we have a clear selfish motive its not a charity just as he needs to be selfish about his carrier. This next contract and 3-4 years will define his career whether he ends up like a wonderkid like Pato who never quite fulfilled his potential or a sterling. For all the talk of Bayern we have been guilty of this aswell and Bayern owe us nothing. We did steal Sturrdige from City in a very similar scenario. I think given that there has been literally no chatter in the media about CHO NOT signing i would expect its a matter of days before he signs and if not the club will know either ways. In all probability the club would have set a deadline for him post which most will become clear.
  4. i just cannot but only say we'll win it ..atleast at the start of the season.. so 1st for me.
  5. yeah .. i really appreciate the club in freezing out agents like Mino Riola which i believe while maybe good for the player (monetarily) and the agent in the long term do more damage to the club. I really dont know enough about CHO's brother but i guess in most cases when family are agents it seems club relation suffers..
  6. It happens to all clubs with great academies, city lost Sancho, Barca lost Pique, Fabregas, Utd lost Pogba etc.. I dont blame us in the entire CHO episode either.. none of the "youngsters" that have left us (i am excluding KDB and Salah) really have set the world on fire.
  7. i would add to the list Niser Kinsella.. has been on the money for me.
  8. On a blasphemous note.. AW is available. Perfect man for the job.. Play youngsters squeeze into top 4.
  9. May have been lost in translation. But second time he is referring to Chelsea in a negative way. Maybe he is trying to win over fans whom he showed a finger to. He also burnt his bridges with Napoli the club who made it happen.. I think at times he came across as a emotional guy.. especially when the video of him apologizing came out after the heavy BM defeat...or maybe his only love is football and clubs/players are the support cast. If his observation is to say Juve have been more successful then he is correct.. and probably that is what he meant.. But it will serve him well to stick to Juve now that he is gone.. he doesnt need to comment on his previous employers.. Whatever it is.. i think at chelsea we are used to Superstar managers and his style just didnt fit in.. He was uninspiring and more a coach than a manager..
  10. For me the biggest reason he has to stay is for continuity .. new manager every year is scary with this squad
  11. Jangz


    He is better than Pedro.. right now.. need him as a squad player...
  12. I think luiz will be the VC
  13. It seems maybe it is just me .. but I really don’t think Andreas Christendom is Chelsea quality to be playing in a back 2. Especially with Luiz. his heading is below average and puts the team under trouble every time. Also has a mistake in him.. I understand his disenchantment with Sarri.. only tells me why I don’t want him as a long term head coach.. his relationship with DD, CHO, Morata,Fabregas, .. all players we needed to be more involved in the team .. for me me a proper defender who had some really good moments for us.
  14. Guess he should also say that for Salah when Madrid come for him.. because for all the talk of a big club.. Liverpool has one lucky champions league to show in last 25 yrs.. but i think he is just stupid and is trying to sell his name as a pundit.. a very average player and even worse on air..only person worse then him is Tim Sherwood at the moment..
  15. In a team which struggles for goals Luiz's errors costs us points.. I would much rather have a more solid defender.. every big game he has made errors.. Utd, Spurs. City, Arsenal.. Christensen needs to be braver with his heading.. he seems to shy away at times.. otherwise he looks a more solid bet and maybe would have displaced luiz by now..

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