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  1. So many pundits and players coming out with plans around how players can finish season in the summer when (if) covid threat recedes. What most people are forgetting is that none of the players would be match fit and if anything it will again increase the chances of injury. For the season to start again clubs will need atleast 2-3 weeks of training. With that in mind I dont think EPL or any league can return before June.. But my thoughts right now are far away from when football restarts, we in my country are now entering the critical phase where Community Spread will start anytime. Hope people take precautions for themselves and others.
  2. Rotten luck for the lad.
  3. I read that post and have been keeping an eye out for it.. must say you were bang right on that one.. we have definitely stopped pressing so high all the time.. also with Kante not in the team we dont have the personal either for the Gegen
  4. Looked a real player.. a Chelsea quality arrogance about his play today.. come on lad!!
  5. Very good performance.. we didn’t miss Jorginho at all.
  6. So no handshakes due to Covid.. but hold hands of kids to walk them out .. lol
  7. The absolute lack of any homework before coming on to comment on a match by Gigs and Owen is scandalous.. if it were a regular job people would get sacked.. they bring up a point about Chelsea not scoring enough despite having so many attacking players.. and then 1. Struggling to name anyone apart from Barkley and mount 2. Completely forgetting the injuries in the squad.. Yeah you can’t watch every game but seriously amateurish..
  8. On that performance he definitely starts .
  9. I the UCL looks like Barkley.. in the league let’s c
  10. he will be out for the next two league fixtures after his 10th yellow.. With Kante out injured aswell, interesting to see who plays in the deeper role between Billy and Barkley. My money is on Billy starting considering how SFL has approached it.
  11. Seems to be playing at half pace.. wonder if he is carrying a knock..
  12. We didnt just lose one attacking player we lost the player who scored and assisted every second goal we scored and didnt replace him... as for defensive org. under Sarri - we got our fair share of drubbings at Spurs, City, BM under him too..

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