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  1. Why do you say that ? What have city got to come out of the bench better than us ? Sterling / Mahrez and gundogan were the only players who weren’t playing .. we were missing mount pulisic havertz ziyech Saul to cal off bench.. with the investments we have made I don’t think there is too much of a difference in squads .. we can give it any spin.. fact is the way we were set up .. put us on the backfoot and we never recovered .. we didn’t even create a half chance .. this one was on the coach .. which is ok - he is a fabulous coach but he got it wrong on the day and can happen. But I think post match he spoke about belief .. for me he needs to show more belief in our forward players too and also try out a 4-3-3 etc.
  2. no we did improve when Havertz came on - we finally were able to pass the ball out of the back.. Yes we have the players to compare - This wasnt the strongest city team we have ever played.. In the past they would come with Aguero , Silva, Yaya, Kompany all world class players.. Foden / Rodri/ Jesus / Silva (bernardo) arent at the same level.. I would argue Havertz/Lukaku /Ziyech should be able to compete . The way we set-up it has been tough for our forward players - which has been one of the criticisms of TT ever since he took over.
  3. frustrating part is a starting 4 of Foden, Jesus and Grealish is a far cry from Silva and Aguero .. I cant believe that a forward 3 of Lukaku - Havertz- Werner/Ziyech is not better than them.. TT needs to trust our forward players.. these negative formations are killing their confidence.. If needs to experiment it has to be a in a more agressive formation by going to a 4 not a 5-3-2...
  4. TT did a pep today.. he needs to trust our forward players more than this.. we have played like an away team. in the long run it is affecting the confidence of the players too. We have some of europe's best attacking players and mid fielders.. to see us first go to 3 at the back and now to 5.. the players were raring to go today.. but all the chasing in the first half cost us. we can go tow to tow with this city team for sure.. by going for 2 at the top it meant we were not able to play out from the back or push them back. Extremely frustrating to see a squad assembled with $400 mill playing like that.. not impressed at all.. Tuchel for me is the one to blame for this defeat.
  5. Oliver has given all 50/50 to them. But we have been extremely poor .. not happy with the coach and some of the player performances.
  6. This is one is done .. not a single half chance extremely poor performance.
  7. Quite irritating they way we set out .. the coach got it completely wrong today .
  8. Nothing unlucky about it .. we played relegation stuff .. on tuchel this one.
  9. No our pressing will improve .. we will also pin them back.
  10. sh*t show so far .. can we bin the 5-3-2 as quickly as possible .. looking bang average .
  11. Jody Morris used to call him a Rolls Royce as a player and a couple of times he showed that. His passing is so effortless - i think more than Saul he deserves to start.
  12. When i see him today i see he has physical attributes to be a good center half.. could bulk up a little maybe - but has showed composure , can tackle or defend by staying on feet, is pacy and can handle the ball on his feet. Centre halves generally dont mature untill a certain age.. VVD was playing in scotland ( i am using this as an hyperextension of my example) to amplify my point only. But the fact is things like game reading /positioning etc do improve with experience. with him i think the basics are there.. so no reason why he cant go and play at the top level for a top team.. in comparison Tomori made more mistakes in possession last season. For me the lad is an upgrade on Tomori.
  13. this is the first comment i read and reacted to it. fairplay to you then if that is your view. As for the 3 to back 4 - the argument is both Rudi and AC also have struggled in a back 4 who are our first choice players.. So its weird to single out Trev in saying that the back 4 exposes flaws. If 90% of the team trains in a back 3 and then you put in Trev with Sarr.. i would expect the same performance in most cases.
  14. Extremely harsh views on CHO must say. The lad was playing a wingback .. everytime he looked up there were a couple of players around him and he tried stuff which didnt come off always. but that is what made him stand out. If anything i see him actually try to dribble and take players on and not pass sideways. There was absolutely zero moment from ziyech cant remember a single time where he tried to run behind the defense to create space. Maybe i have my blue tinted glasses but i think he is been given a raw deal by most for yesterday's perfroamcen. instruction was to stretch play and create problems.. he had Ashley on toast for most of the game.. had one or two poor moments in the final third towards the end. but nowhere near as bad a game as Ziyech or werner (who apart from the goal) didnt do much.
  15. Wow - first season with Chelsea talk about picking on a player. He was easily our best defender snuffed out many attacks.. Goal wasnt his fault.. there was no pressure from Chilwell didnt close down fast enough . RLC and Saul made a hash of the transition and it was a superb delivery and header.. The lad is 22/23 hardly played 2-3 games, played with Sarr who had no positional discipline - given this context he is doing extremely well. As for him not being a first team player the 70mil one we almost signed has such moments once or twice every game. Not far back Rudiger had much worse. Lets support the lad.. i dont think he looked "dodgy" - given we play back 3 in most games moving to back 4 would feel unnatural to most. i hope the coach has more faith than this
  16. again not true. .. only player who is trying take ons and completing any.. rest all are backwards or leaving to the others .
  17. yet continues to rack up appearances in the front 3 ahead of CHO.. bizzare for me tbh.
  18. he is playing the Jorginho role.. how many does Jorginho create? you replace Saul with him positionally and he will have better impact. Your comment doesnt really apply - his job is to be the libero which he is doing a good job of..
  19. it would have been good if we could have tried a new formation.. our forward players are struggling.. Apart from Lukaku they havent been able to create impact.. with team playing a low block and we playing with two forwards tucked in.. everytime they look up they are up against 2-3 players..
  20. people keep talking about Ziyech and his quality have seen nothing from him apart from 2-3 games where he has looked chelsea quality..
  21. RLC is the deepest lying player.. not sure what you expect from him.. has distributed well and kept it tidy..
  22. RLC is a so good technically.. cant believe Saul has had a start in the league while he hasnt..
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