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  1. I agree.. wouldnt trade him to get Hakimi.. i think he is a big asset for us..
  2. have a good feeling about werner... really think he is going to explode this year.. have him down for 20+ goals...
  3. Saw the highlights.. looked like quite an ill-tempered match.. But clearly it meant a lot to the USMNT .. Mexico had a good squad too.
  4. both are in Euros .. doubt Gilmour will start. But will be interesting to see Ampadu's work. i think both Gilmour and he can be a part of the team if they reach the required levels.. Kante is 30.. I dont think Jorginho will start every game.. A lot will depend on what happens with Rice.
  5. Amongst all of this where do we stand on Ethan Ampadu?.. was the next big thing under Sarri .. not much talk about him .. guess the Germany loan really stalled him.. Got some minutes at SHU hope he does well in the euros.. Another player was M.Sarr - no gametime at all this year
  6. PVA is a defensive liability.. wouldnt touch him with a barge pole.. but great to see he had a decent EPL career.
  7. 50 million more than what we should pay for him..
  8. i would like him to stay at the club.. gives a different option.. will probably not complain about that much game time... loads of experience to mentor youngsters.. A UCL and WC winner you need that nous around a club.. will be an important part of our team next season maybe more for off field reasons..
  9. yeah.. i think that is an area where over the season i have seen a massive improvement.. but the other thing i like in that area is unlike say a Gerrard he doesnt try a hollywood pass everytime.. but i think he has it in his locker to do it more.. having said that he has started doing it more and more now..
  10. how about Ollie Watkins? Brilliant first touch - pacy and can finish.
  11. i think from last season to this season the biggest change was his strength on the ball and confidence to take on people.. For this season i would want him to build on his ability to control games more.. i think this season at times he has faded away in the second half.. maybe due to the number of games he played.. but next season i would want him to take more responsibility to decide games...
  12. arsenal look prime candidates.. if the spanish fraud is still there
  13. i think if can sort his injuries we will be unplayable.. with his direct running people will have to go tight to him leaving spaces behind.. and then if you coupled that with Werner's ability to run behind defences it will be absolute mayhem..
  14. I cant believe Arsenal did the double over us.. that too this season of all times to do it.. I remember when Arsenal used to be 6 points nailed on especially with Drogba on the team sheet.. My best mates are Arsenal fans .. but i have given them so much grief over the last two decades.. i think somewhere i feel sympathy for them.. but bin dippers i just cant stand .. hypocrisy and blinkers ... which extends to their players and fans.. and coaches and the media... i really to revel in their misery..
  15. When it comes to rivalry most are defined by geography like Spurs/Arsenal/WestHam..etc and then there are others that are triggered by specific events like with Leeds//Liverpool. For me i always have hated losing to Arsenal and Pool and also Spurs ..... Wonder what others on here hate losing too and consider as our biggest rivals?
  16. True that.. but i am still willing to bet on Werner - hope he tears it up in the Euros and brings back the confidence from there.. he does a lot of stuff right for us.. if we starts banging them in.. it would really take us to the next level.. If we buy someone new we will have to change formations systems.. and one of Havertz/Mount/Werner will lose their attacking position in the front 3.. which may not be the best thing for us..
  17. i think i am in minority but i dont want a striker.. i would stick with Havertz, mount, werner in a 343/3421 or have pulisic starting in a 433.. i actually would go in for a CM upgrade in the pivot with Rice.. Kova and Kante to partner him.. On the defensive side i think i would give another chance to AC and Rudi as first choice. i believe we dont need 2-3 signings that TT wants.. I might as well check on Bakayako atleast in the pre-season.. and spend more energy in moving out barkley/drinkwater/ (RLC?)
  18. i couldnt believe my eyes.. AC was an absolute collosal at the back... was very impressed.. he is 25 now.. next season is critical for him.. make or break! Him Ake/Chalobah and to a lesser degree bertrand where the best scholars for us in the last 10 years before Mount and Reece.
  19. after the banter with Mount Kroos actually congratulated CFC.. nice touch.. must be pleased for his German mates too..
  20. Most liverpool fans believe that TAA is god's gift to football.. and that he is a player and half of what James is.. the surprising part is that they would give up on their country and say they would want GS and by extension england to fail if TAA doesnt go.. very strange behavior.. but suits the dippers!!
  21. Has it sunk in lads or we still celebrating it? Hasnt for me for sure!
  22. if its an Arsenal player - likely to be "ZERO"
  23. always had he foot in mouth problem.. kept on saying Hazard needs to move to a bigger club in europe.. complete w**k**r who wasted the golden generation of belgium..
  24. oh lord Bosingwa after his injury was dire.. but for 60 mins at camp nou.. he did something amazing at CB.. against the best attach of the last 20 years..
  25. we have also gone for mass changes everytime we have won - under Conte we sold Matic and Costa. Under Mourinho - Players aged out and we bought Papa Djibouti.. and Baba Rehman for Felipe Luiz.. i just hope we build on top and not go far mass changes..
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