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  1. Hang on a minute. Kante came on for Mount, not for Jorginho or Kovacic. Surely then the more relevant comparison here is Kante vs Mount? Are you similarly reluctant to recognise that Mount may have been the weak link/ suffering a loss of form as you are to acknowledge the improvement of both Kovacic and Jorginho and their contribution (it was after all his Kante-esque hard work and recovery that set up the second goal )? “Decent player” doesn’t do them and their improvement justice. As for Kante not starting - first game back from injury is a legitimate reason to not start him, even if you think he’s out best player (and few on here have any beef with that). On manager making an error: in my book having the mental agility to admit you were wrong and make a change is a vastly underrated skill. Tuchel did this today, but importantly (and this ties into the first point) - it wasn’t just about bringing on Kante, it was about changing the formation, ie NOT replacing Jorginho or Kovacic, but replacing Mount instead. Btw Im not picking on Mount. I love him but he’s not in form right now. Zero doubts that he will recover it from me. I always like an out-of-consensus take, Just, but 3.7/10 for Tuchel is a bit much.
  2. Another brilliant performance. Just keeps getting better and adding to his game.
  3. Had a really good game albeit under the radar, I thought, especially second half, no doubt benefitting, like all the players, from the tactical switch that saw Kante come on. Put in quite the shift and a complete performance, showcasing the full range of his ability (not just the good runs / ball retention ) - there was that insane flick near the touchline while maintaining possession, some crunching tackles, a brilliant recovery to set up our second goal. That much of it went unnoticed seems to underline just what a great team performance it was second half.
  4. While I don’t believe we have a first 11 as such (it depends who we’re playing etc), I would like to see us start a match soon with the same outfield personnel that finished today’s. But i defer to TT of course. He seems to know what he’s doing
  5. Really impressive and feels like we still have a few gears left in us / haven’t properly clicked yet, though what a difference a half makes. Chels is like a coiled spring. I think we’ll see some proper goal fests this season. No predictions from me beyond that:).
  6. We should feel blessed to have a coach who’s thinking a few moves ahead of us.
  7. That flick by Kova! Shame nothing came of it
  8. Bit of luck to offset the bad luck before! Yessss!!!!!!
  9. Fair enough. I expect TT will fix things/find a way
  10. Given their tactics seems would make sense to play Werner for those counters
  11. I like the spirit! I’m the same re predictions, but unlike you won’t make an exception today 🙂
  12. Wow, anxious sentiment on here today, with a couple of exceptions. Just an observation.
  13. Job done. Have to expect the various issues raised will be solved.
  14. Agree on all. Was also going to mention those two goals he scored for Croatia some time last year i think (can’t remember which match) as a clue.
  15. Finally! However, I can’t say I’m at all surprised. As I’ve said before, more than once (and sorry to harp on still now), he’s always had goals and assists in his locker. He’s played many great throughballs since joining Chelsea, it’s just that the recipients weren’t scoring. As for goals, although shooting is never going to be his forte ( we saw some of this too today), he should probably be scoring about 3 a season on average and it’s the dearth of goals (really since joining Real) that’s the bigger anomaly than his scoring one today.
  16. I expect Jorginho straight on for Saul at ht if not before?
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