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  1. I like the spirit! I’m the same re predictions, but unlike you won’t make an exception today 🙂
  2. Wow, anxious sentiment on here today, with a couple of exceptions. Just an observation.
  3. Job done. Have to expect the various issues raised will be solved.
  4. Agree on all. Was also going to mention those two goals he scored for Croatia some time last year i think (can’t remember which match) as a clue.
  5. Finally! However, I can’t say I’m at all surprised. As I’ve said before, more than once (and sorry to harp on still now), he’s always had goals and assists in his locker. He’s played many great throughballs since joining Chelsea, it’s just that the recipients weren’t scoring. As for goals, although shooting is never going to be his forte ( we saw some of this too today), he should probably be scoring about 3 a season on average and it’s the dearth of goals (really since joining Real) that’s the bigger anomaly than his scoring one today.
  6. I expect Jorginho straight on for Saul at ht if not before?
  7. Sounds about right. I guess we can iron out further details/make adjustments for injuries as the season gets started.
  8. He feels great! Djokovic is extremely well-disposed towards Croatia including the football team. He vocally supported them in 2018 and took a lot of heat from some corners of the local media and right-wing politicians. He has Ivanisevic as a coach. I imagine pretty much all the Croatian players think he’s an absolute ledge, and some (Rakitic) said so openly back in 2018.
  9. Indeed. I’ve noted it before but last night was just baffling. Italy had an obvious weakness (old, slow defenders) and Southgate apparently hadnt given a second’s thought to how to exploit it. To not bring on the likes of Rashford / Sancho / Foden earlier to seek to exploit that weakness was criminal. And then to bring them on 1 minute before the end and throw them in at the deep end… no words. It’s almost as if he wanted to offload his own penalty hell onto someone else.
  10. Lol noticed that too. He certainly doesn’t have a future in music when he’s done playing football. Nor does Kane
  11. I certainly didn’t mean to offend. FWIW I think Spanish cuisine is fantastic, one of the best. It’s just that Italy is THE best for me. V subjective of course. I would agree that some of the Spanish cured meats are better than the Italian ones and you can very plausibly make a case for Spanish food in general being better than Italian. Btw since we are doing Mediterranean food comps, my favourite cured meat of all is the Dalmatian one (dalmatinski pršut) especially from around Drniš. Has to be the best ones, not the one you can buy in the supermarkets. You should try it if you ever go there. I get that I could be accused of bias here, so let me also say I think by and large Croatia doesn’t come anywhere close to either Spain or Italy in the food rankings.
  12. Traditionally Italy have tended to beat Spain ex that period when Spain went on the rampage and swept all before them (they beat Italy in one of the euros iirc?). Also I wonder if Enrique will be haunted by memories of Tassotti’s elbow smashing his nose when Italy beat Spain in the 1994 World Cup. Anyone remember that?
  13. Obvs :). The coach even looks a bit like my Serbian dad. As for the players with yugo origins, there’s off the top of my head: Seferovic Gavranovic Xhaka Shaqiri quite a few and there may be more in the squad.
  14. Yeah I think you’re probably right. I think this about Neymar too, and extending the comparison that France may have developed a Mbappe problem similar to Brazil’s Neymar problem, whereby the individual is more important than the team and it ends up costing them.
  15. great performance indeed and what a day! I too was particularly impressed by Xhaka and their pens. And with Croatia getting knocked out, looks like former Yugoslavia still has a horse in the race for me to back 🙂. They are now my second team after England. Could this be one of those really weird euros a la 2004?
  16. Yeah I’ve been wondering, not for the first time during euros, about the commitment of some of the “bigger” teams and super star players to country vs club. A lot of the star players have seemed pretty uninterested (Bruno fernandes another bar the last 15 mins vs Belgium). “smaller” nations seem to want it more (bit like Eurovision?), so maybe more surprises to come?
  17. Have also had this thought (about deploying him as DM) and expressed it somewhere in this thread I think. The versatility of some of our players is a theme that interests me and could indeed, as @Scott Harris said (albeit tongue in cheek, at least partially?) save us a lot of money on transfers. James is another example that’s been talked about on the forum, but there are probably more.
  18. Indeed. Just so much more systematic than a certain other team close to many of our hearts. One does wonder what said other team does in training.
  19. Interesting.. at least he seems to be on the right path then :)?
  20. Yeah. A key factor for me is that, given his heavy involvement at the business end of the pitch, only minor adjustments are required for a significant potential impact (goals). We’re talking fractions of seconds in the timing of his runs, for example.
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