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  1. Again, Kane and Bale - “pleeeeese!!! me me!!”
  2. It was a shambles but a good response from TT and the team - normally enough to get at least a draw but wasn’t to be. Lots of work to be done / issues to fix (desire / spine not one of them), but I’m still positive about next season. We won’t win the CL this year. I have conviction about that and have done for a while.
  3. Good on Azpi. The passion got the better of him
  4. They’ve responded well to 2-0 down. The accusations of spinelessness are unfounded.
  5. Whatever the outcome, TT has taken necessary risks with the subs. This is commendable.
  6. Yeah I feel we need to see one if not both. CHO and Alonso (Chilwell been really poor imo) may have something to offer.
  7. Indeed. As I said a few pages back, he’s much less trigger happy than the fans in aggregate. We’re a demanding bunch and would have got rid of Scolari, AVB and Grant sooner than Roman did, and we (not me mind) would have sacked Sarri (who Roman of course never sacked) in February 2019. Mostly Roman just does the fans’ bidding with the inevitable lag that executing a sacking / finding a replacement requires. The only sacking the fans didn’t want was Ancelotti. Possibly Mourinho first time round, but Roman was right. Lampard even with special dispensation was probably 50/50 for/against? So it may be safe to assume most of the time that if we don’t want someone gone, that someone is staying.
  8. Yeah. I and others mentioned during and after the Leicester game being struck by the favourable reception he got from the fans. The reason it stood out for me had a lot to do with the stark contrast vs the sentiment on here. Naturally during lockdown this forum has taken on more importance as a sentiment gauge. But this contrast makes me wonder how reliable. Or maybe the sentiment on here is skewed by the more vocal naysayers? I’m just thinking out loud but curious to hear what others think.
  9. 😂 😂 I think this wins the forum today Just!
  10. Or... he would opt to not strike it with his foot, but slide in on the ground and try and arm it in.
  11. Haha! You know what - I will be much more relaxed for that one weirdly and that’s partly because I have low expectations and it’s not a must win (for now and I hope that is the case when we get to it!) in the same way yesterday’s was. It will be disappointing to lose of course but I’m resigned to it. Losing or drawing yesterday would have been horrid.
  12. Dean


    I went for Rudiger though I acknowledge: 1) it may be more about the rate of improvement; 2) it’s a bit unfair given that he was only really playing for half a season. Silva and Christensen were my other contenders, and then Kante. The clear pattern emerging from the voting, unsurprisingly, is the strengthening of our defence and, by the same token, the work that our attacking players have ahead of them. Next year I want a Werner or a Havertz to be POTY, while the defenders maintain their superb form.
  13. Yeah was more about the game in general as per my response to @Gol15
  14. Gol thanks for your response BUT - this wasn’t really about Jorginho. More about the game itself. I would probably have not only left the room but also gone upstairs and blocked my ears had it been Werner taking the pen.
  15. Confession time. I had to leave the room for the pen! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. I like to think I’m old enough to have some healthy perspective when it comes to football these days. But for some reason I was a nervous wreck last night.
  16. Yeah agree broadly. They/Pep blow hot and cold. I think we will be better than them next season. Still can’t shake the feeling they will win the CL final though... in a painful way for us... pens?
  17. 😂 though for some reason (could it be blind faith?) i do still think he will be a big hit
  18. “no leaders on the pitch”, they said. What a beast! Love to see that fire.
  19. Laugh away but i STILL think he’s going to come good next season. Interesting to see he the good will among the fans and maybe he will thrive off that.
  20. Great to have him back even though he nearly gave me a heart attack. after a month out a bit of rustiness was to be expected. Unfortunate that his mistake led to a goal and nearly cost us the match. I hope he’ll be in full stride by the next match.
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