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  1. Confession time. I had to leave the room for the pen! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. I like to think I’m old enough to have some healthy perspective when it comes to football these days. But for some reason I was a nervous wreck last night.
  2. Yeah agree broadly. They/Pep blow hot and cold. I think we will be better than them next season. Still can’t shake the feeling they will win the CL final though... in a painful way for us... pens?
  3. 😂 though for some reason (could it be blind faith?) i do still think he will be a big hit
  4. “no leaders on the pitch”, they said. What a beast! Love to see that fire.
  5. Laugh away but i STILL think he’s going to come good next season. Interesting to see he the good will among the fans and maybe he will thrive off that.
  6. Great to have him back even though he nearly gave me a heart attack. after a month out a bit of rustiness was to be expected. Unfortunate that his mistake led to a goal and nearly cost us the match. I hope he’ll be in full stride by the next match.
  7. This is nervewracking AF!!! Haven’t felt like this in a long time
  8. Ok fair points. Sorry if I misconstrued your earlier post. I tend to think the main reason Tammy isn’t getting selected is he just isn’t quite good enough. But this is admittedly subjective and it’s not hard to mount a case against that view with hard data like goals scored per minute vs Werner. I understand that.
  9. I disagree with this. It wasn’t just about the dressing room. There’s a laundry list of other areas where Frank didn’t quite measure up : - insufficient meticulousness / attention to detail (the data analysis etc that Tuchel espouses but is scorned by so many in the domestic football establishment is a crucial part of the modern game. The game is soooo competitive. You have to examine every detail, you have to do whatever it takes to gain even the slightest edge. Frank isn’t cut of that cloth). - lack of authority: not enough distance between him and the players / too much camaraderie possibly. Tammy and CHO may not be thrilled now but you can’t keep everyone happy. If they are not getting selected it’s based on merit and objective criteria (Tuchel probably has the data to back it up) and, crucially, they still have a way back in. It’s not comparable to the Alonso situation. He was shut out completely for months due to a spat. It was out of control and as a manager you can’t let that happen. It’s bad man management. From Roman’s point of view he’s still paying Alonso’s wages and this is a player who can win games. - misdiagnosis of what went wrong in post-match analyses. Always the players’ fault. - lack of tactical acumen: no system, too loose. Didn’t have answers when things went wrong. - not enough vigour when it came to motivating players from the sidelines during a game. Lampard and Tuchel are currently not in the same league. Lampard may go on to become a great manager, and I’d be extremely happy if he proved me wrong. But I don’t see it happening.
  10. That’s fair. My only slight counter would be - while not miraculous- it’s pretty impressive considering the competition. After all Liverpool did win the league last year and they seem to have rediscovered that form (including the subliminal pressure on refs to somehow make the margins work in their favour:))just at the right (wrong for us) time. As an aside, while this is causing us extreme anguish, it’s all making for a pretty fascinating end to the season from a neutral perspective and is great for the league.
  11. We were in a tailspin when Frank left. He’d lost the dressing room, and we were completely at sea, with no playing style, no system. We were past the point of no return. I never joined the pile-on and I didn’t clamour for his dismissal. But that’s what my head was telling me and I have greater conviction on it now. We were never going to make 4th. Of course we will never know the counterfactual so I can’t prove anything. But I believe time will prove me right. Frank has the attributes to be a good manager, but not quite enough to succeed at the very top - which is a very hard thing to do. One of the hardest things in the world. I can elaborate on what I think Frank lacks to make it to the very top of management but no time now :).
  12. As an after thought - for all the talk of Roman’s ruthlessness, i would argue he is probably LESS ruthless than the fan base on aggregate. If it were up to the fans, the likes of Scolari, AVB, Grant would have been sacked even sooner than they were. Sarri would have been sacked in February 2019. So Roman is pretty much in synch with the fans, a bit less ruthless, and reads the room pretty well. On that basis, perhaps we can assume that if the fans don’t think Tommy should be sacked, Roman will be aligned with this view.
  13. I guess we’re not going to agree on this :). That’s fine. See my response to Just for why i don’t think the numbers are the only thing that matters to Roman. There’s a qualitative element that I think is being overlooked. Put yourself in Roman’s shoes. Do you see an available manager out there who would have a) bettered Tuchel’s record so far and b) who is better equipped to get results (fulfil the quantitative mandate) next season? If not, why would you not give Tommy at least one full season?
  14. Just. I see where you are coming from. And I have paid close attention to how Roman operates over the years. But i think it’s a little more nuanced than how it’s often portrayed. He’s ruthless but he’s not daft. I think he knows a good trend when he sees one and knows not to throw away a decent hand when there may be no better one available. In other words, I think Roman will want Tommy to stay basically for the same reason that you do: he’s a rational guy, who sees the potential and improvements that TT has made. He’ll have seen enough to at least give him a full season. The fact Tommy has come in midway through the season and would have taken us from 9th to 5th (I hope better!) is a massive mitigating circumstance. I think Roman, for all his ruthlessness, would grant some leeway based on that. If we were to finish 5th after a full season and lose a CL final, then sure - Tommy would get the sack. Almost certainly. There’s a qualitative element to it too and this is where the Grant situation differed. Grant never really looked like a keeper, if we’re honest. I bet you didn’t want Grant to stay, Just. I didn’t. Roman saw that too. I’ve said elsewhere in the forum: while Roman is utterly ruthless, he’s usually right. The one scandalous sacking was Ancelotti. All the others were probably the correct decision. They made sense. Getting rid of Grant made sense. Getting rid of Tommy now would just make zero sense.
  15. That first comment is just absurd. Do you honestly think that? Getting to the final of the CL is massive. Surely you recognise the achievement? Surely you derived some pleasure out of watching us beating Real in the semis? Are you honestly saying it’s meaningless? If that’s what you think, why even bother watching those games?
  16. I hope not to get proven right on this (ie we do make the CL, rendering the discussion moot) but the idea that Tuchel will get sacked if we don’t make the CL is nonsense . This is some radical shifting of goalposts. Think about it for a second. If I told you back when TT was appointed that we would come 5th and reach the CL final, who would have said he’d be sacked? By saying TT gets sacked now if we don’t qualify for CL, the implication is that reaching the CL final counts for nothing. Zilch. That if we had gone out in the second round to Atletico, TT’s chance of staying would be the same as getting to the final. I promise you that is not how Roman and the board will see things. Roman is ruthless but he’s very far from stupid. He’ll recognise that reaching the CL final is a massive achievement. TT will be here at the start of next season whether people like it or not. 5th place (from 9th) and pro rata probably second or third + CL final are more than enough to secure that. again, I hope we never find out.
  17. Yeah I don’t buy into this “no leaders on the pitch” thing. This is a stale argument that no longer holds true. It’s not the reason for our last two results. Dave has been a great captain. Silva is a real leader too, whether he’s playing or not. Mount - exemplary attitude and a future leader for sure. Jorginho gives his all, whether you like him or not. Werner, James.... only doubt right now on this front is Ziyech. All in all, our team spirit hasn’t been as good as it is now in a long time. It’s one reason we’re in the CL final. If people wanna be negative that’s fine, but at least be negative for the right reasons.
  18. Yes these criticisms on selection are totally legit in my view, and are another factor I would point to in the event that we fail to make top 4 or win a final (above response to @charierre). I view this as something different to “choking” or “bottling it”.
  19. Ok I can take that on board. Let me clarify. If we are to lose every game starting with Arsenal through the end of the season, I won’t have much of a leg to stand on and will concede that we choked, bottled it or whatever you want to call it. But short of that outcome, there are grey areas and it’s not clear cut to me that not finishing in the top 4 will necessarily mean we choked. It might. But there are scenarios where it wouldn’t. As you say, “look how fast Liverpool turned it around”. Ok. Did we choke then or did Liverpool find another gear, having an outstanding run in? Now consider this scenario: we draw with Leicester and thump Villa. But we don’t make 4th if (last time I checked) Liverpool and Leicester win their other games (correct me if I’m wrong). Did we choke in this scenario or did Liverpool and Leicester just have a brilliant run-in? Now let’s add another dimension. In the hypothetical Leicester draw, we totally outplay them, have way more chances, a disallowed goal and two clear cut pens that aren’t given. Will we have choked or will we have just had really bad luck when it mattered? All I’m saying really is that just because we were 3rd by the tiniest margin for a week only to finish in 5th, also by the tiniest margin... that alone wouldn’t constitute failure. It might. But whether it did or not would depend to a degree on how we got there and (importantly) how Liverpool and Leicester beat us to it, so I have tried to outline those scenarios. Hope it’s clear.
  20. Totally get your argument - 4th is 4th. Over the course of 38 games the league doesn’t lie. This irons out the randomness you get with a single game, like an FA cup final. But then look at where we were when TT came in. He was starting from a handicapped position. Even if we lose our last two games, we would still have outperformed Leicester and Liverpool during his tenure (I think). Obviously, if we do badly in the run-in, everyone will say he’s a choker etc. He threw it away. That will be the narrative. But it might not be accurate. It could just be a bad run of form, with a smattering of bad luck, coming at the worst possible time. I would urge people not to jump to conclusions. If it does end badly though, and the the media and fans do jump to those conclusions, it will make a punt on Chelsea for next season all the more attractive, and that’s what I will do. Am optimistic about our prospects for next season, in case anyone didn’t notice :).
  21. I’d be willing to bet large that TT will be here next season even if we lose all our remaining games. Roman is utterly ruthless but also pretty rational, and will know that there are insufficient grounds for sacking him, that there may not be anyone better out there, and that TT has achieved enough to warrant being given a full season. @axman2526talks about TT being a victim of his own success in reaching those two finals as they may cost us 4th place. Valid point but I think the board and Roman will factor the success of reaching those two finals into their decisions. Another important point, I think, is that not all 4th place battles are equal. Last two seasons we were helped greatly by the teams around us choking at the business end of the season. This year the challengers are winning all their games. Also, other than perhaps Leicester who have punched above their weight (and credit to them - not enough of that being shown imo), were we MEANT to finish above those currently challenging for 4th, ie City, Liverpool and United? I know we’re supposed to hate our rivals, but let’s not forget they are all really good! In light of all the above, 4th spot this year is a tougher proposition and hence would be more of an achievement than last two seasons, which were arguably a bit of a fluke. The league overall is more competitive, which is reflected by it having two teams in the CL final. To sum up, no matter how the run in goes, TT has got us to two finals (one of them THE biggest in club football and something that was inconceivable when he took over) and on a pro rata basis has secured top 4. He’s not going anywhere, so we can relax on that front, unless you’re one of those that want him gone, which I think is plain nuts.
  22. Couldn’t disagree more. We are going in the right direction and will be challenging for the title next season (I happen to think we will win it). Last couple of games are indeed disappointing but could prove down the line to have been a healthy setback that made us stronger. Bit like West Brom, which also threw so many into a panic.
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