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  1. When glen hoddle left for the england job Uncle ken put in his next programme notes. The king is dead, long live the king . Life moves on..
  2. Its just like when ozzie went to Southampton.
  3. Steve Bruce, Alan pardew, Harry Redknapp..
  4. What are the roots that John Henry dosn't understand. ? They seem to be doing ok.
  5. I dont think his nationality should have anything to do with him buying the club, english or other wise. He said he was looking to dip his toe into football in this country. My point being that a club like Notts county who were one of the founding clubs of the football league, could do with a little help. especially after falling out of the football league. He is from manchester, Nottingham is not that far from there if britishness comes into it. Im sure, as & when RA sells the club the buyers will have more than enough funds in place to see the club move on. If he wants cfc i see it only as a statement for him. But not fussed either way.
  6. Not so much a battle, More like a pillow fight.
  7. Jim Radcliffe. Put your money intoNotts County. Then I'm sure your venture into english football will be seen more as a fan of the game, than someone who can buy a trophy..
  8. Same old same really. Lots of huff and puff but no end result. Nice to have the away goal but should have put the tie to bed. Plenty of possession in the second half but nothing to show apart from a luiz free kick. Hopefully we can finish them off at the bridge.
  9. A point was a fair result for us. I posted yesterday i think we will get 5 points max out of our last 3 games. I don't see anything from today that would change that. I just hope the gooners carry on with their current form so we can nick 4th place.
  10. If sarri can't motivate the players to a win with the spuds, arse, & utds last result going into this game he don't deserve to be with us next season. So please maurizio get it right. 3rd place is now ours come the end of season....
  11. Not expecting any more than a point tomorrow... Everton and liverpool away showed our frailties on the road in recent weeks. We couldn't hold on to a lead at home to burnley . What ever sarri normally says a half time, I hope he says the opposite.Then maybe we will get something from this game.
  12. But surely they could also include up the M1, M6, down the M5, along the M4 and back to the M25 then we would have a lot more London derbys..
  13. Alan Hanson." 1st is 1st seconds no where" apparently it was their little mantra.
  14. Hmm ..looks like their biro leaked.

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