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  1. Well stick your head above the parapet & tell me who that is. Because I have seen no post hoping we lose with tuchel as our coach...
  2. Albert ferrer for me .. Always a steady 7 or 8 out of 10.
  3. I see the planning application runs out in a couple of months. I don't see Abramovich building it now. I think the club will be more attractive to a future buyer without a one billion pound stadium added to the cost.
  4. Yeah, I'm sure I saw someone picking potatoes....
  5. Yeah.. & we have emerson, so one just need one more..🤨
  6. A pity you didn't score some goals then.
  7. I think all of us frankie fans now need to except T T as our coach, get behind our team & stop watching with gritted teeth . Im sure it will be a lot more enjoyable for us. Up the chels.....
  8. Roman is getting quite a bit of media attention at the moment. He's even lodged a complaint about an article in the Times.
  9. Its a V12 Daimler engine...
  10. hmm, maybe they need to go off on a tangent.......🤔
  11. Are you a priest... if so I think some of us need saving.
  12. To all who wanted lampard gone.. Happy days.....
  13. I didn't watch the game just the post on here, & you made me laugh my nuts off all night..🤣 I think I had the better last 2 hours....
  14. Gullit was a lazy f#cker when he was the coach. He was more interested in his modeling career than coaching the team. That's why Bates sent him down the road. He was just as crap at newcastle.
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