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  1. I agree to a certain extent. I think he was blowing late on & should have come off. Put on Werner for the last ten minutes with balls over the top, diagonal or what ever to give their pairing something to think about... but that's not Rls fault that is down to TT & a different thread.
  2. He had as good a game as anyone else who played. But if you don't like the player you can always find fault. He should have done this, he should have done that. Its not hard to see those on here who want him to fail.
  3. What a pile of old sh*t.. We are champions of Europe with Mason Mount in the team..
  4. " Hope for everything, expect nothing" Come on Chels..!!!!!!!
  5. 🎶 He's fat, he's round, his arse drags on the ground, Eden Hazard..🎶
  6. Drogba spent his first two seasons laying on the floor when ever he got tapped. Then toughened up when JT told him to stop rolling about...
  7. Can you all please stop this sp*rs doing us a favour sh*t. We beat Leicester last week and that's what got us over the line. That thought makes me feel better.🙂
  8. Well done tom.. two to go.....
  9. Its not going to happen. Abramovich has enough egg on his face with the ESL debacle, & that new sh*tty home kit.
  10. A good result. That's what matters at this stage of the season. Well done tommy. Keep up the good work.
  11. How is it that all the players have nice neat hair cuts.. I've not had mine cut since two weeks before christmas & look like I've been to Woodstock..
  12. Good... If you don't play them in the semi final, you are sure going to meet them in the final . If we beat them, I'm pretty sure we will have our tails up in the final.
  13. I'm getting Tom to do my lottery numbers this week, he's one lucky bugger..
  14. Tommy has certainly had the rub of the green with our leeds result this weekend. With Everton, & spuds both losing their games after we had played. 🎲🎲
  15. Well done Tom, a good result. But still not beaten a good team.
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