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  1. Quite right. ....Bisright1 needs only to remember what claudio did against monaco in 2004 to see what influence they have on a game . He threw away a champions league final .... By tinkering.....3.1 & they had 10 men.
  2. I Hope for the win, but will be content with the draw. Expect willian, hazard, higuian to start.
  3. Out for me.. Got to nail your colours to the mast.... Or pick sides, or what ever its called these days...
  4. I think you will find our comments are tongue in cheek. Just a little light hearted banter.
  5. Do you think the swingometer will come into play......??
  6. 0.1% turnout .... don't look like the members give a toss.
  7. If i vote out..do i have to wait until the 31st of october for the result...?
  8. Is this going to be, best of three.?
  9. When it comes to signing strikers, The board just seem to have brain farts.
  10. Support your team sh1thead. mummy let you stay up late.. on half term.. he's still been crap..
  11. Yep, maybe open a burger stand. Mind you it looks like he already has..

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