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  1. He had better and more comitted players, they always knew exactly what the game plan was. Besides Chelsea has been having a terrible player signing strategy for a while despite having a lot of money.
  2. Jorginho and Kovacic together?? REALLY?? No wonder this team has almost no consistent defending nor attacking.
  3. Does anybody know the starting lineup for today's match?
  4. And your point regarding this game is...?
  5. Jorginho was also awful back then at Napoli.
  6. You can't win with Jorginho playing in your team, that guy is just awful in every aspect of the game, specially defensively.
  7. Even without the deflection i think that would still have been a great goal, because of the effect the ball was carrying after it left Higuain's foot.
  8. Upb78

    Gonzalo Higuain

    For those who have actually been following Milan the last couple of years, you must have realized that they have been really sh*tty in terms of hiring (both players and coaches) and playing. From the very first minute i found out he was signing for Milan i knew he was gonna regret that decision. I hope he does really well in Chelsea, and i'm confident that he will, specially because of Sarri, a man who always managed to squeeze out the best of pipita during his stay in Napoli. That being said, it's not a secret that his level decreased a lot the past year, he has to do a lot better in every way, specially in the mental part.