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  1. It's the same with Higuain, Chelse MUST create better quality goal opportunities.
  2. Higuain was slow and lacked precision most of the game but when it came to finishing he is always a menace, he moved a lot between their defense and won the position many times. The first ones his shot was always blocked in time by the defenders, his first real goal opportunity came with a great shot magnificently saved by the goalkeeper. The second real opportunity ended with a great finish (a trademark finishing). He's still slow for the rhytm of PL but i'm confident that he will improve a lot with a good preseason with the team, it's only his first PL experience.
  3. Like i said before, Higuain and Giroud are not the problem, there's absolutely no cohession and no identity in this squad.
  4. That's what some people don't seem to realize, it's extremely difficult for a player (and not a young one) who has never played in PL to fit in and adapt to the system and its players in just 3 months. Of course eveybody expected a lot more from him, but the other strikers at least had a preseason, which is key.
  5. He was having a pretty decent game for a change, Sarri completely misread the situation once again. The last 20 minutes of the game were completely appalling.
  6. Jorginho/Kovacic = utter sh*tTTTT But the worst is that everybody knows that, yet Sarri insists with these two useless twats.
  7. He has no business holding the ball so much time and in that part of the field, unfortunately this is not the first time, he shoud quit that habit right away.
  8. In case you are still trying to figure out Higuain, his only true problem is his state of mind and confidence, not his fitness or his class. Unfortunately the first thing has been ruling his head for quite a while now.
  9. Hazard is playing in "Messi" mode today.
  10. I've been a true defender of Higuain so far, i always said that he needed these kind of teammates to reach his best. Today he's had that chance, but other than a couple of good runs he just seems too slow for the PL style of play. Too bad because i still think he is a great player.
  11. Defensive midfielers shouldn't carry the ball ofensively at all, there are enough naturally offensive players to do that job today.
  12. Playing with Jorginho/Kovacic/Barkley at the same time!!
  13. Jorginho/Kovacic/Barkley trio is a complete vomitive combination.
  14. Jorginho and Kovacic at the pitch together? AGAIN??? R U F KIDDING ME???
  15. Totally agree, besides it's not like the team was doing great offensively before Higuain came. The main thing is that the team is very inconsistent, chaotic and really poor in execution in general, not just individually. Like i said before in other posts, Higuain's best career moment was with tho wingers constantly moving and feeding him and creating spaces for him. The thing is he only gets 1 or 2 respectable services throughout the whole game, and he's been having the same kind of service in the Argentina national Squad for quite a long time. Of course he could be more effective but it's not like he got many one-on-one opportunities against the goalkeeper, and furthermore if you analize Higuain's yesterday's game you will see that all the chances he got were created by himself almost from nowhere. And another thing that's very underrated about him, he is constantly signalling his teammates to give him the ball doing great movements between the defense but nobody seems to see that enough.
  16. I was just talking about this game, don't get so sensitive.
  17. With Hazard and Pedro only playing for themselves it's impossible to create scoring situations, and the defense is just appaling.
  18. It's not just the attacking, the defending is awful, full of mediocre players with no defensive, positioning or technical ability.
  19. Best career moment of Higuain: Insigne, Mertens and Hamsik constantly seeking their striker, and creating spaces for him, all of this under Sarri of course.
  20. Great first 15 minutes of Hazard, the other 30 minutes were simply AWFUL
  21. I'm not buttering anything up, i'm just stating what i saw, of course he could've scored that one but it wasn't easy, i just think you are beeing too harsh on him in this particular situation.
  22. The previous control was magnifficent, it was very difficult to shoot well, he had very little time and space and he had Mina and Pickford already blocking him.

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