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  1. Zinchenko should have had a red card in the first half. To compound this he was guilty of so many fouls afterwards. Luiz first challenge and he saw yellow. The officiating was very poor today and I don’t understand why VAR is used for some things and not others. loved our second half performance and thought Sarri got it spot on. Very proud of the team tonight. Now let’s go on a run starting with the Spuds!
  2. Get Frank as the Manager. Blood Mount, CHO and Ampadu Bring in JT and Didier as coaches and we will start to feel the same pride again as Man U are feeling now. We need that injection. What have we got to lose now?
  3. I keep hearing that we have to give Sarri more time, but ALL good managers have a plan B. Sarri has had a transfer window (and a million and one loan players) to bring in more than Higuain. He must have seen that the three in the centre of the park were too passive. They have more square passes in them than forward. Years ago, I used to hear people say that about Ray (God rest his soul) but to play 3 similar players with no imagination is just ridiculous. There is sometimes a borderline between stubbornness, genius and stupidity and Sarri is most definitely falling into the latter now. The premier league is the hardest league to win and because of the quality you will get found out if you don’t adapt. He is not adapting at all and what’s most disappointing is that we are going to miss out on the top 4, not win a cup (unless he tries something different - he’s not going to) and miss out on Champs league because one of the clever European sides will see how the other teams have done it and stop us from scoring. Give us a plan B and something to look forward to Maurizio or get your coat. I couldn’t fault the players efforts but I can see major flaws in your management. Show us that the supposed 9 million pounds we had to pay Napoli to get you wasn’t a waste of money!

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